Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I climbed the mountain with my girlfriend.

We're climbing the mountain.

Of course I'm walking, but one of them is on my back and one of them is on top of Golem's hand.

"I wonder if we can't go out normally. What is this unusual sight, determined?"

"Mr. Yowki, it's a continuum of things you don't imagine in your life. Look, enjoy the mountain views and the air. It's not a request, it's a normal outing, so let's get our shoulders out of here."

"Now, if I pull out my shoulder, this guy sleeping in swallows will fall on the ground..."

Seek to sleep easy on my shoulder, no sign of waking up.

I can't believe I'm actually awake in raccoon sleep. If I were you, I'd skip lunch.

I'm only getting a little black emotion, but Cecilia sees me and Seek, and she's smiling so much, why?

"Seek and Yoki, Duke and Happiness, too... they're all very close, aren't they?"

"Mm-hmm, well, the one with the rotten edge. No, the feeling is family."

"What, were you Mr. Yowki and Mr. Happiness and your family? Seek-kun... brothers!?"

"No, no, no! I've only known him for a long time."

Quinn begins to make weird mistakes, so I'll deny it with all my might.

Seek treats Duke as his brother and Happiness as his sister, but I'm the captain and I'm no different.

It could be a past story or a Cecilia... but it's not even an interesting story.

Duke used to be a cold-blooded one, and now he's a dependable brother.

Happiness wasn't open minded at all when we met, but she gradually grew in her mouth and now works fine as a maid, and some boyfriends understand.

I'm not worried about these two anymore.

I'm sorry to gaze from the top, but you're my ex-boss for once, me.

I don't know about Seek... because this guy has complicated circumstances, but Celia is doing something for me.

And Quinn has a great appetite for Happiness, isn't he in his hot season?

... I've heard women get prettier when they fall in love, but that's why?

Those two are LOVE LOVE... LOVE LOVE LOVE, though I don't know what kind of date you're on.

Raven has changed too, so I guess he's leading, the old Raven is familiar.

Quinn would be an admirer too...... hmm, should I be honest?

"Old-fashioned dating...... may I ask what kind of relationship it is if you don't mind?"

"Ooh... well, just a little bit"

I told Quinn as I walked, mixing facts with lies.

I was originally partying as a gathering adventurer, and when I got to Minerva, I knew each other more and to this day.

Seems like Cecilia, who was listening on the side, was laughing unnoticed and checking my story for boredom.

Gu-suka, the pair were still gu-suka, what brings you to the mountains?

The air is delicious and the view is good... but I'm not enjoying it at all.

In the end, you reach the middle belly point of the mountain, your destination, without waking up.

Put Seek to sleep in the lush natural grass bed and spread out the sheets he was bringing.

"No, you're finally here."

Stretch out lightly and take a breath.

Cecilia puts out the teapots and lunchboxes she brings with her and gets ready steadily.

"Huh. Ah."

"Oh, you're finally up, Suzuke."

Rubbing his eyes, Seek rises gently.

"Ah, I slept well. I wasn't comfortable sleeping, but, uh, where am I? Forest? Ah, captain."

"You... I told you before that I was going out. I could have taken care of you while you were asleep! It's only natural that I didn't feel comfortable sleeping."

I couldn't be comfortable sleeping because I held onto my shoulder in a kidnapping style and walked down a mountain path.

"Mmmm... darsh!

"Whoa, whoa... you're awake and you're fine, that guy"

Seek got tired of talking to me or ran into the woods.

He was the earliest wild child to scaffold the trees and Seek's cheerful voice gradually went far.

"What the hell does Seek usually do? No, such a move. In what you live and acquire in a normal environment... it's like you used to live in the woods. The line of tribes living in the woods is thick..."

Quinn is whining about the bump and the discussion about Seek.

I won't spare him unless he tells me so......

Sophia seems to inherit the sharpness of her exploration, which is thrilling on the inside.

Seek disappears into the woods, and Quinn helps prepare Cecilia well.

And as for Fiora, she was running around and playing.

No, it's Ceremony God's cat ear golem running around.

What a run around of Zushin, Zushin and a heavy looking giant in this beautiful mountain view......

Is it good because it sounds fun?

"Captain, I found a lot of them."

"Oh, good for you"

Waving his arm, he grips the herb that would be the harvest, and Seek runs this way.

You just walked into the woods earlier, but you're early.

"What kind of herbs have you found?"

"I found all kinds - This is for the captain"

Receive and observe medicinal herbs handed in as Yes.

It doesn't look like normal grass, weird colors, or characteristic of leaves and stems.

For me... is it healing or something?

"It helps calm the mind."

"Hey, what do you think of me!?"

"Fair enough, Mr. Yowki. It's usually similar to the herbal tea I serve. You're going to fry it and make it tea, right, Seek-kun?"

"Yeah, this herb is the ingredient for the potent medicine used to make the rampant livestock look good."

"Oh, really? With that powerful effect, it might be tough to fry and drink..."

The look on Cecilia's face is tight, you can't follow her,

Me, you can be angry, right?

I'll give it to my sister Happiness.

"To Happiness?"

Seek doesn't play with me, but I don't play with Happiness like that.

I don't think we've ever seen much of each other joke about how you two work together to mess with me.

"What kind of herb is it?"

"It's antipyretic. Sister Happiness, go out on your day off, when you come back, because your face is red with wonder. I have a fever and I can't do it."


I accidentally blew it.

Speaking of which, Seek doesn't know that Happiness hangs out with Raven... and has a girlfriend.

When Happiness went to the woods to stretch his feathers, I dropped him off, but he didn't say why.

My face is red... let's ask Raven next time.

"I don't need an antipyretic effect because I don't have a fever"

"Uh, why?"

"The time has come for Seek to know..."

I tried to play a grown man with a little snuggle on.

I can't believe it's too early for Seek, and I can't think of a vision that this guy would be interested in romance.

Disciples forever...... I don't know if it's going to happen.

"Mr. Yowki, you know..."

"What's up, Cecilia?"



Quinn, more adult than Seek, seemed to have guessed what it was about Happiness's face being red... with a complicated look on his face.

"Munya... smells good. Go, let's go."

Did you get caught in the scent of lunch and tea, Fiora stormed without reading the air.

Quinn, who was flabbergasted, was about to be jeopardized by the ceremonial god.

It was safe because Quinn, who returned to sanity, dodged it slightly, and the ceremonial god stopped in a critical position.

"... are you going to kill me, Fiora"

If they had pulled it off, me, Cecilia, and Seek would have hit the cure, and Quinn can't even complain.

"Usually, Quinn, something to avoid. Angry?"

"No, nothing..."

"It's a lie, it's frustrating. Rarely."

"... ha, you're a little more disturbed than usual. Absolutely, as embarrassing as you can be."

You mean Happiness, I'm so sorry about Quinn.

Seek seems to be watching the two of them alternate, but once, calm down.

"Well, it dissipates."

"Right, I didn't know Fiora would be willing...... rare. My mother would love to hear it."

"We're rare to each other. Something's wrong."

That's how they started the fight...... does it feel like Fiora is dating Quinn for you?

I'm dealing with that ceremonial god opponent with martial arts, I guess the master is Mr. Sophia.

"Captain, I'm getting mixed up."

"Hey, Seek"

Even though I stopped it, I entered and it became a triple battle.

If I get hurt, well, I'll medicate and treat myself.

"You don't have to stop."

"Right. Looks like we'll all have fun, and if you play to a point where you won't get hurt badly"

"If you think it's dangerous, you can stop it. You won't have to."

There is Cecilia on the side, a little further away, the figure of three children.

I feel peaceful looking up at the cloudless sky.

"... shall we come together now"

"Don't tell the children."

I held hands so that I could not see them, and decided to wait until the three of them came back tired.