Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

Third Anniversary Special Outside I've been trying to uncover my feelings.

"It's a beautiful day."

With the windows open, a cool breeze enters the room.

You refresh your mind and body on days like this, and tea can feel delicious.

Well, what shall I do today, I worry because I don't have any plans.

That's when I heard knocking on the door.

Speak up and Sophia will come in to work as the maid chief of the house, is there something I can do for you?

"Excuse me. Ma'am, we have a visitor."

"To me...?"

"Yes, may I let you through"

"Yes, are you Mr. Youki?"

Mr. Youki, who has often come suddenly lately.

But since I visit during my holidays, it doesn't make much of a difference.

It's like you know my plans, I'm not supposed to be completely grasping them.

"No, not Master Youki. Happiness, Seek and Duke."

"... ok. It's okay, let me through to my room."

"Yes, sir."

Mr. Sophia left the room to guide Mr. Duke and the others.

It's unusual for Mr. Yowki and the Dukes to visit me in his absence.

Happiness and Seek-kun and I usually talk at the mansion, and does Mr. Duke have anything to talk about?

"… the customer has arrived, shall we prepare first"

I take out my favorite teapot and start getting ready.

Tea cups and teas for visitors are always available, as Mr. Youki has come to visit well.

And then you're ready for the tea treats, should I ask Mr. Sophia to make something for the kitchen?

"I'm used to someone visiting."

While we were getting ready, Mr. Duke and the others came.

"I'm sorry, Cecilia. I suddenly pushed him."

"Never mind, Mr. Duke. I was just wondering what to do today, too."

It is Mr. Duke, equipped with a helmet in full body armor, who bows his head sorry.

This may be the first time Mr. Youki has been absent and the three of us alone have visited me.

"Happiness is off today, so you don't have to."

Happiness left her hand in front of me on the wall, so say something.

I'd like you to treat me as a friend, not as a maid of honor to the mansion.

"... easygoing"


Happiness has a small mouth count, so you have to understand the meaning of words in depth.

I'm finally able to communicate well with Happiness, too.

Usually Mr. Yowki tells you how Happiness feels next door, doesn't he?

"Oh, Happiness is used to it, so it's better this way, so I'm telling you not to worry about it"

"Oh, really? Happiness, if you're tired, you can sit down."

"... acknowledge"

"Hehe, now that Mr. Duke and the others have come to visit, we have to treat them with hospitality."

I always prepare the deep pots and cups I use.

Happiness tried to help me, but this is my job, so I refused.

"Cecilia, you're used to it."


I'm not so hands-on and ready, but Mr. Duke and Seek seem intrigued.

Happiness usually sees where I'm prepared, so I'm not that surprised.

I'm still compared to Mr. Sophia, too.

"Thank you.... This is how Mr. Youki sits down and waits and talks. Tell me my tea is delicious."

"The captain just drinks delicious and delicious."

"Because you can bring me treats that go with tea. Mr. Duke, have you ever been to a store run by siblings?"

"Oh, you want to go over there? You've been there, with the captain."

"... alone"

"Hey, I hope you don't get me wrong. I'm just gonna go because the captain wants me to talk to him. I don't have a hobby of going to a cake shop with two guys like me."

"I think I'm good."

I think it's a good thing you and I have friends who can go out that way.

Mr. Yowki and Mr. Duke look like patterns while they trust each other.

"Oh, I see."

Take me with you next time.

"Yes, yes, I'll take you. Why don't you go too, Happiness? Both of us."

"... two?"

"Look, you're in Happiness, aren't you? I'm coming with you in arms."

"... Duke"

Happiness's eyes suddenly swam away.

The two of you, Mr. Duke, would mean... with Mr. Raven.

Mr. Raven found out about Mr. Yowki, too, didn't he?

Mr. Yowki was running for both of us, and we both seemed happy, so I congratulate him, too.

I think it would be nice if I started dating you because of this, but Mr. Raven got busy with his work, and I didn't seem to see him inside.

"Let's talk about Happiness. I have something to ask you today, Cecilia."

"Is it to me, it's good. If it's something you can answer to me, I'll answer anything. Go ahead."

Pass the tea and sweets to the three of you and I'll take a seat.

Happiness also sat down and drank tea.

While I drink my tea slowly, I prepare for Mr Duke's question, what would you like to hear?

"Then I want you to answer honestly. It's about the captain."

"Are you talking about Mr. Yowki?"

It's surprising because the three of us have known Mr. Yowki longer than I have.

"What do you think of the captain? I'm sorry, I know you're asking weird questions."

"... plea"

"I found out too."


All three of you must be worried about Mr. Yowki.

I'm a little embarrassed to talk about my feelings, too.

"Mr. Yowki is a fun guy to be with, isn't he? And then I act as best I can for someone...... I find it reliable. There are many things that go too far."

"Do you?... Um, can I ask where the captain likes it?"


Surprisingly, I get a voice.

I didn't expect to be asked those questions, straight balls, so I almost dropped the cup I had.

"... excuse me"

"Oh, that's right. Excuse me, Mr. Cecilia."

"Yes, no, I'm disturbed, it's me, I'm sorry. You liked Mr. Yowki."

"Oh, you're gonna answer me."

"Yes, it's good. My fondness for Mr. Youki is not something to hide, and it is rude of Mr. Youki not to be able to answer. Mr. Yowki will answer me when he asks me what I like about him."

"Mr. Cecilia, you're a man."

"... Captain, that's it"

I don't even think it's that strange.

The feeling I'm thinking is real... and it's not just a secret between Mr. Yowki and the two of us.

Because there will be more special for just those two people in the future.

"Hehe, thank you.... As I said earlier, it's fun to be with Mr. Youki. Speaking in this room, time is running out... and it's time for Mr. Yowki to go home when he finds out. And then, I guess I'm the only one who knows, Mr. Yowki's charm."

"… charm"

"Yeah, that's right. I was wondering if Happiness would have the charm of Mr. Raven, which Happiness only knows."

"As good as it gets, I don't know, Happiness."

"... Silence!

Happiness has missed her face a lot.

I'm sure you're embarrassed, I know.

I'm going to be talking normally too, because my face will probably just be a little red.

"For better or worse, Mr. Yowki kept turning a straight favor on me. I think they pulled me to those places."

"Uh... thank you. Mr. Cecilia, I, Happiness and Seek have taken care of the captain, or changed my way of life - what kind of existence would that be? Please continue to greet our captain."

"... pleading"

"Ask for the captain"

"So I'm sorry... but I need you to take it."


When I tried to ask what it was, Mr. Duke and the others left the room.

I came right back, but I'm in charge of something.

Is it a stone statue...... like I've seen.

"Mr. Yowki!?"

The stone statue is definitely Mr. Youki.

It seems to have been petrified, but how the hell did someone as powerful as Mr. Youki end up like this?

"Well, there's a bit of a lot going on here. Cecilia, can I ask you a favor?"

"Yes. Of course. Immediately release the petrification."

"Sort of. Well, excuse me. I'll take care of it."

"... thanks"

"haha ~"


Shortly after I stopped, Mr. Duke and the others left in a frenzied manner.

Did you have something to do... Mr. Yowki first rather than thinking about it?

I activate the Advanced Magic of Light, the Holy Core.

It is a magic that generates a vortex of light to restore those at the center of the vortex, but it also has the effect of curing poison, paralysis and petrification.

Eventually, as the swirl of light stopped, Mr. Yowki stood there looking decent.

"Is that Cecilia? Why?"

"I asked the Dukes to heal Mr. Youki from petrification."

"Yes, I remember. Those guys. Ahhh!

Mr. Yowki's eyes sharpen and he rushes to the window in his room.

You must be talking about Mr. Duke and the others.

... What happened?

"Mr. Yowki, please wait. Please explain the circumstances."

When I stopped, Mr. Yowki stopped and explained the situation to me.

The four of us went to the request and Mr. Youki made a request to see what Mr. Youki was capable of, and Mr. Youki agreed.

When you are defeating a crusading demon, you realize that only Mr. Duke and the others are making it easier, and develop into an argument.

Then, although it was good that a flock of cocatris showed up and almost knocked them down.

"So you've been used as a shield for the last single cocatrice attack."

"That's right. They'll never forgive me. Obviously, there were three of us who pushed me forward. I was willing to petrify you."

"Isn't that some kind of mistake?"

"No, no, no, no! Because there was malice, that. Besides, the Seek one, why don't you use herbs? He should be carrying some herbs to restore petrification."

Mr. Yowki is angry...... maybe the Dukes made Mr. Yowki inactive to talk to me.

The three of us may have wanted to make sure, also because we didn't want Mr. Yowki to know that the late......

"All right, when this happens, I'll chase you even to the end of the earth. Goddamn it, when I can get away from this serious trail of mine..."

"Mr. Yowki. Because of this, why don't you have some tea?"


"I also have sweets. I, in fact, don't have plans today. If you don't mind, can I stay with you?"

Am I cowardly enough to take the cup already and prepare Mr. Yowki's tea?

But as I told the Dukes earlier...... I like spending time in this room with Mr. Yowki, me.

"Seriously, then, it's a treat!

What shall we talk about today, Mr. Yowki, who will happily sit in a fixed position?

Oh, I like spending it, but I also like Mr. Yowki.

"hehe...... go ahead"

I gave Mr. Yowki a cup of tea.