"I'm relieved, and I've got feelings... why is this happening"

"... I did it"

Though it was good to express my determination, I kept the momentum going, princess.

Normally, I would hold my hand or hold it tight... but it had a kitchen two switch on, so strange tension was disastrous.

Well, this is who I am, and Cecilia doesn't seem to like it, okay?

"This situation would be a little embarrassing if Seekers were here."

"Hmmm, sure...... embarrassing to be aware of that. How far did you go, those three? I don't suppose you've made it to the back of the mountain."

I can search with my senses if I have to, but I don't want us to take the lead and go to dangerous places.

Seek is worried because he doesn't seem to know.

Regardless, Fiora is relieved that some people have a firm name, Quinn.

If those three are attacked by demons, most of their opponents will be able to cut through them, and if there are such high-risk demons in this mountain, don't even notice me.

"You're worried. Walking down the mountain path at night is dangerous, let's go find it"

"Um, right. Let's go."

Leave the sheet there and search for the three of you with Cecilia.

Well, with my sensory enhancement, it's not that hard to find.

"Yeah? There's something around Seek. And Fiora and Quinn aren't acting like Seeks. Looks like you two are together."

"Seek-kun is acting separately from you..."

"Hmm, it's about him, so did you jump around the trees and run away? It's possible."

Because it's polished with lumpiness, Seek one.

Besides, the woods and mountains are his specialty.

It would be easy to disappear from the two of us.

"... So what is it that you are around Seek-kun?"

"Wait, I'll concentrate and listen to the conversation."

It only sounds fragmentary, but I can tell if it's friendly or not.

What you hear is a child's voice, a laughing voice that also scorns.

It's probably... Seek.

"Cecilia, first, I'm going to Quinn and Fiora's now. When we rendezvous, take the two of us back first. I'll pick up Seek."

"... something bad happened to you."

"Oh, it looks like those pixies in his family are making fun of me"

I explained the situation to Cecilia. I quickly rendezvoused with Quinn and Fiora.

They were looking for Seek, who was gone.

Apparently, a child's voice was suddenly heard.

He said Seek reacted to it and ran away from that voice... the voice of a child.

Maybe my people gave me a little bite.

Seek's situation is complicated and he doesn't have a very good relationship with his people.

This means that Seek is in an unsavory situation right now.

I'm the only one who can help Seek like that.

I also need to keep an eye on doing aftercare with Duke and Happiness.

"Then Cecilia asks for the two of you"

"Okay. Be careful. Seek-kun, please."

"We're leaving messages, aren't we?"

Quinn seems only a little uncomfortable, I can't take him because there's something about Seek's identity.

Besides, I probably don't see the Seek in good shape right now.

You don't want to look sorry for your friends your age who could blame Seek.

"Oh, I'll pick up Seek, so you two can just relax and wait while you eat some sweets."

"Nemu Nemu.... Yet worried. I can't sleep, so I need you to come back soon."

I didn't know you'd bring him back just now because you couldn't sleep... you're in there.

Fiora seems to be worried too.

Seek, we've gotten along pretty well in this short period of time.

"I'm coming. Soya."

I ran to Seek with all my might.

Seek can be seen walking all the way through the woods.

He's nodding with his ears blocked, and there's a lot of pixies around.

"Oh! You're abusing the Seek of the House!

I go forward with an anger and intimidate the pixies.

When I approached them with threats and complaints, the pixies screamed and left Seek.

"Wow, that's frightening. Side of the heretic child"

"Who's the heretic, here!

Then the pixies point to Seek simultaneously with him, as shown.

... I see, I finally know what these guys are all about.

"Do you want to discriminate because we're a little different?"

"Because he's a heretic. We're not this big, and we can fly with our wings."

That's right, that's right - and the pixies roll together.

Seek stays down all the time and says nothing.

... take me back or these guys are annoying so you can sleep with my magic.

"Seek, we're leaving. You're annoying. I'll shut you up."

The moment I stroked Seek's head with a pomp, I realized.

From the diving seek...... sounds like a mess.

I thought it was bad. I flew away from Seek.

And as I thought, Seek jumped straight up and sprinkled something around.

I avoided it, but the Pixies couldn't.

"My eyes, my eyes itch."

"My nose... my nose is hot -"

"Hakushin, Hakushin, Hakushin!

The Pixies are in a hell of a picture state of suffering from eye itching, nose heat, and unstoppable sneezing.

And Seek, the killer who created the situation.

"hahaha, good feeling"

It's the usual naughty boy Seek, sitting on a tree branch laughing.

The Pixies will hear you regret it, but Seek is just laughing.

"Hahaha ~. You don't have anything to do with heretics anymore. I have a family called Brother Duke and Sister Happiness, so I don't have to be lonely. Oh, and there was a captain."

"I'll take care of it."

When I put a scratch in the mix of laughter, Seek jumps off a branch of a tree and lands like it hits me.

"Yeah. The captain's family, too."

"Right, right. I love this mischievous, free-running son."

I was worried... Seek was growing up without my knowledge either.

I also met someone who would learn to inspire defeat and look at me, and I made friends.

This is a celebratory level, let's plan it.

"Well, let's go home. Cecilia and the others are worried. I told them to eat sweets, so they might even eat Seek and me."

"Eh - I want some sweets too. Captain, launch, full speed!"

"You're not coming down."

Eventually, with Seek on my head, I ran to Cecilia and the others.