Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to finish babysitting with my lover.

Shoulder car, it's not like that.

This would be like me wearing a doll's hat.

Seek is making a fuss about eating sweets under the right circumstances, come on down.

Fiora and Quinn, who had asked for an explanation, told me they had gone to slap off the annoying fly that was flying around.

Neither of us can be convinced by that...

"I was worried. Suddenly he's gone... something must have happened to that panic! Now, don't delude me."

Seek is over my head, so I'm trying to convince him to do something with his gaze from the bottom.

"Tell me - I was worried."

Meanwhile, Fiora seems to have found a space on my shoulder, riding and approaching Seek by physical means.

... so don't play on me.

"Phew, Mr. Yowki, that's very popular."

"No, no, no, I'm already screwed up,"

Parallax and Seek's sweet eating cuss are falling off, and I'm getting a lot of aftermath from the two of us working on it.

Somebody stop, seriously.

"If you don't want to talk, get some sweets."

"No, Fiora ate it while I was gone ~. I'll give you this instead ~"

The Seek one, he looked at the gap and put something in Fiora's mouth.

... I don't know what you fed me, I wish I had some nuts falling around there.

"What... I drank it"

"Oh, hey, Seek!?"

"hahaha ~"

Well, Seek misled through like this.

Apparently, the stuff you released to Fiora was a gastrointestinal drug formulated by Seek.

I wish I were, but did you pull the crap right before you drove back to Minerva and disbanded it?

Fiora's been in the carriage asking me what I drank.

I spilled my stupidity and went home with Quinn because I couldn't sleep.

Seek looked very good and... No way, you haven't woken up to those hobbies.

I'm worried about the future to remember that in this year, Captain.

... Cecilia and I were too bulky to get a dating feeling... No, you can't. Reflect with me.

Cecilia has plans, too, and I was willing to make a request and headed to the guild.

"Clayman... normally works...!?"


Clayman doing serious paperwork at the counter.

It's full of auras, like there's no usual auras, but people who can work.

The outfit is also wearing a tight tie and a wrinkle-free jacket... What the hell happened?

"Oh, speaking of, before this"

Did Mr. Sophia run away when he took Quinn and Fiora to Cecilia?

"Oh, my God, the usual"

"I don't know what you imagined, but, well, that fits."

"As a result, what it looks like."

"... they'll face it with an occasional pluck next time"

"Whoa, seriously"

That's tough, Mr. Sophia is the maid chief, and if lunch breaks were in alternate shifts, time would shift somewhat.

We don't know when we're coming, so we have to stick together.

"... I wouldn't bother going back and forth from the mansion to the guild during lunch break. I'm gonna work real hard. I don't want to burden Sophia."

"I see.... Well, good luck"

"Oh, man, it's not like I haven't done my job before, I've done my norm, and I've been doing my job to such an extent that I'm not inclined to run my guild. What happens if I get serious... so now this guild..."

"Oh, I see. So, who is this guy?"

Though it sounds good to say that the guild is busy many times as usual......

Yeah, looks like you're very busy, a real training ground.

Mr. Sierra, you're tear-eyed and adventurous, and it's a battlefield, this.

"Totally, you usually tell me to do it. I want you to stick with me."

"Mm-hmm. So many guild employees and jobs? There was a time when Clayman was the only one guilding around. If Clayman is serious, he'll have less work to do..."

"... Demon ecosystem survey around Minerva, exchange information on working with each guild, acquire requests, arrange for a failed request butt wipe, and organize the paperwork of the adventurer you hold. If you do it, it's profitable, as much as it takes. It's about finishing the day somehow, I'm good enough alone. It's just that if we're gonna do the whole guild thing, we're not gonna talk about it."

He cleans up a huge amount of paperwork with a cool face even as he talks to me.

Also, Mr. Sierra and the staff seem to be checking for movement.

It would be to give the instructions accurately, don't even know that Mr. Sierra will be in tears when he's finished and waiting for his next job.

"Hey, Sierra. Do your paperwork while you do your reception. Yeah, when the adventurer's available, go outside. Ask the Chamber Guild if they have any requests for escorts or pick-ups."

"... Yes, Deputy Alliance Master"


I can't say anything to what it almost feels like.

Clayman seems to be mobilizing the ceremonial gods as well, so it's just a real mode.

That clayman... that's rude, but I can't believe that clayman or he works so much.

Mr. Sophia, what the hell did you say?

"What, those eyes? Me, too. Sometimes, very rarely, I mean it."

"Don't say it yourself..."

"Uuch.... Well, leave the ones you're serious about. The day I left Quinn and Fiora to you, Sophia told me everything.... I was forcefully told to read the air, what does that mean?"

"Read the air..."

Take the kids to Cecilia, take the kids to the mountains for a picnic, have fun with the noise... like nothing in particular.

"Have you changed anything recently?"

"Change, change."

There's something I can think of... but it seems surprisingly embarrassing to say it from myself.

... No, I'd be rude to Cecilia if I thought about that.

Cecilia is important to me so... I don't know how to talk too much around her, but Clayman would.

... I shouldn't have told Mr. Sophia, but he still seems to be noticing.

"If you don't want to tell me, I don't mind."

"No, it's good if you keep it to yourself. I have a lover. I had a loved one."

"... well. Was it bad?"

"No, I'm not, but I am."

"The other guy... well, I don't have to tell you. I don't know where or who's listening. Wouldn't that have been nice?"

"Oh, haha..."

I accidentally slipped my gaze from Clayman.

Speaking of which, Cecilia's impression of Clayman is that she likes cat ear made clothes, something she doesn't quite understand.

I'm sorry that Clayman cares.

I don't know how to tell Cecilia about Clayman, but it's all a misunderstanding.

"If you said you had someone important, I'd have to work hard. Look, come on."

I was thrown a few requisitions.

I haven't even looked at the contents, but they've decided to order it, and hey.

"Whoa, there's still work to be done -"

"I'm going to get busy..."

After hearing Mr. Sierra moan, I left the guild to make the request I was given.

After a few days, his motivation broke off and he returned to his usual clayman.

The vast majority of guild staff relieved me or something like that. Sierra told me and I thought.

The only thing that makes Clayman serious is Mr. Sophia...... and vice versa.

The reason I lost my motivation comes from Sophia's words of labor that she hasn't been working a little too hard lately... Apparently.

Conclusion, Clayman is switched by Mr. Sophia.