Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been thinking about you as a friend.

"Something's killing me..."

Walking around town has the look of different people and cafe clerks...

What happened when a man was an eye for prey, or a woman was more blinded?

Of course, not all of them, but there are many of them.

I wonder what, was there a serious incident or something?

Thanks to Clayman's seriousness here these days, the request has arrived.

I have a request in Minerva, but I also have a request to travel... I don't know.

"Even in this, there's always a place like this."

That's a cafe space where some young people gather.

There's a table and chairs, so it can be a hoarding area, and there's a sweet shop nearby.

Minerva relaxing place...... whatever.

"Hmm, it's still a place for the challenged..."

I'm Kitchen Two, but not like that again.

You can make all the jokes you want... even though I think it's a lawless zone.

"... out of place, why are you here?"

One of the young people, one with suspicious behavior moves.

It's fashion like I don't normally do, so I was uncomfortable and I guessed.

Get close from behind so they don't notice, and speak up.

"What are you doing, Raven? Here."

"... Yowki"

Shit, Raven solidifies with such expressions as found.

A place for charming young people to gather, a place you can't bring to Napa, a place you can also take home if you want to.

There was a Raven in a place like that, even in disguise.

And when you're showing me a lot of haste to find it, I see.

"Are you ready...?"

"... wait, this has a reason!

"Don't think I'll ever see Happiness's face again."

"Youki, hey!

"... well, that's about it for the joke"

I unlock the intermediate magic of the lightning attribute, Lightning Arm.

I was in a punching position, but I put my arm down.

"I trust you. There must be some reason. … talk, is that the usual pattern?"

"... Gu, that's why I wanted to fix it myself"

"... run like this, run into Happiness and go to a hell of a training ground if you can find out who you are"

"... let's move the place"

Looks like my persuasion made sense, and we moved shoulder to shoulder.

Sometimes I think it's important to have something nori.

"Here comes the usual cake shop"

"... who are you explaining to, Yowki"

"Somehow, I tried to get into this tone.... and now what? Sorry about that place, but I don't think it suits Raven."

Raven doesn't have a challenging image, not at all.

I won't forget every promise or anniversary, I'm a man of integrity.

Think back to dating Happiness.

I've seen it go through all sorts of ordeals.

"... thanks to Youki, the disturbance caused by the steel arm of the ethereal flame also subsided, and work within the Knights returned to normal. Thanks to you I have more time to meet with Happiness...... I noticed it in retrospect. … that we are always seeing each other these days when our time is right"

"Heh, it's love love love"

"... I'm the one asking you out at the end of the date. Am I not a heavy boyfriend to Happiness?"

"... what?"

"So I was wondering if I should also ask for a little lightness, for research, over there"


Something's wrong with the thought circuit, how does that happen?

I let go of my forbidden right arm and greeted Raven with a fervent penetration.

"Even Happiness likes Raven, so maybe he feels the same way about you. Make up your mind and don't act weird."

"... ask Happiness if I'm heavy."

"That's not what I meant."

When you accepted Happiness, I thought these two were fine now.

I drink tea and think.

Honestly, I think it's better for me and Raven to talk to each other and be graduated.

We've come to this point with each other, and I wonder what it's like to rely on someone.

"... pathetic story, I'm anxious. Happiness hates me, too, but above all... I don't want to be the shackle of Happiness"

"If that's what you think..."

"If I could do that, I wouldn't be bothered this way!

"So is that. As far as I'm concerned, I think Raven should stay like this. Happiness will be weird if you change it all of a sudden. Don't be a light man, never."

If you do, me and Duke will fly away and force Happiness to take you.

I take three days to comfort you that a bad man would have caught you and scared you... well, the day you do that won't come forever, for sure.

"... right. I don't want to make Happiness sad. I guess I was wrong."

"All right, that settles it"

"... but I still don't know if my actions are heavy"

Raven shakes his head and I hit my head on the table.

The underlying problem has not been solved.

Hmm, it seems serious that you're worried, and you can't help it.

Shall I show you something really heavy called love?

"You're going to someone I know now."

"... what, what do you mean"

"Raven, I'll show you the depth and weight of love!

Bishi proclaims in a decision pose.

... I'm not the only one who shows it.

We have the right couple, so let's go check it out, and let's go talk.

So I took Raven and headed to Guy's Inn.

"I'll get in your way."

"Mm... what, aren't you a kid? What happened suddenly? And who is that man?"

Knock tight, get permission from the person, and then enter the room.

There he sat in a chair, looking like Guy relaxing.

"This is Raven, my friend and head of the Knights."

"Well, I'm Guy. Nice to meet you. You'll be swinging at each other by this kid, I'll go out with you if you're a short fool."

"Hey, here."

The joke is there too, me and Guy are talking, but Raven won't open his mouth.

Is it tough to talk to the first person...... no.

"... my name is Raven. As Youki introduced, he is the Knight Commander. Call me if you get in any trouble in town, I'll rush."

Raven was fine with his voice.

Thanks to Happiness for this too...... oh my god.

"Hmm... Got it. … So, what are you up to today?"

"Actually, I'm having a little trouble with this guy."

"... Hey, Youki!

Raven is roughing up his voice from the side, but he doesn't care, he doesn't care.

Guy didn't seem to have slept today either, so he seems to be willing to cooperate, we can't miss this opportunity.

"So, I want you to tell me about Guy."

"Hmmm... are you talking about me? Even if they say so. There will be a limit to what we can talk about."

How to say it with inclusions...... I mean about who you are.

Hmm, Raven is accepting about Happiness, me, Duke and Seek.

You'll tolerate Guy, too, yeah.

"What's up, Guy on Yowki. You two stay together."

"Raven, I'll trust you to talk. Guy, okay?"

"Hmm... do as you please. I don't mind my life. Worst of all, it was all a dream."

I was wondering what you were thinking, and I told Raven about Guy.

About Guy being a gargoyle, hiding who he is and living in Minerva, about Teal, about Loricon.

... Yeah, Guy pissed me off about the last thing.

I feel like it's been a long time, and I'm reflecting.

"... I see, patron saint. Oh, my God, with all that."

"Hmm... not really. It's just funnier now than in the days of just sleeping"

"No, you were a hippo at first."

Because Teal's salary was almost used as Guy's demon ore bill.

I remember clearly how the unbearable Guy said he wanted to work...

"Shut up!"

As for Guy, it's disgraceful, so he doesn't seem to want to talk about it.

I hear Raven doesn't know what hippo means, and he's interested, though.

"... hippo. What do you mean?"

"Yeah, you don't have to show interest. Let's get down to business. You must have come for something."

"... right. Youki, please."

"Oh, okay."