Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked him about the Patronus and the Girl Wizard.

Explain the main thrust of this time to Guy.

About the weight of love...

"The weight of love...? Isn't it suitable for my life? Talk to a human about that. I'm a monster. About human love, etc…"

"No, no, this problem is best with Guy, the right material. There's no one but you, I assure you."

I was wondering if these two are the best couples I know who think of each other.

Put your thoughts and weight on it...... let's stop saying this.

"Mm... well, it's true that I'm being looked after. If there's anything I can do, I won't spare your cooperation. I don't know if I can help myself."

"... annoying, sorry"

"Never mind."

"Man, Guy's saying this to me, too, and maybe, let's just make it easier"

I'm not taking it lightly, but it won't be a more atmospheric consultation.

It's like talking in love, and I'm going to do it a little bright.

"So kid, what am I supposed to talk about? I tell you, I've spent most of my life in dark ruins and village companies. It's only recently that I started engaging with people."

"It's okay, it's okay. I wish Guy could talk about his days with Teal."

"Right... right. Okay, let's just say we talk."

That's very normal...... not normal or talking about a gargoyle working with a maid.

Guy also worked for the guild, started earning money, and succeeded in escaping from Himo.

I bought Demon Ore and it was Teal who carried it to Guy and used his salary.

"Teal, my life is fine now. I'll buy the Demon Ore with the money I earned myself. Teal should also spend his salary for himself"

Guy, who had hindsight, relieved himself, apparently explained to Teal.


You think Teal had the look on her face at that time as if the end of the world had come?

Guy wondered, why...

"Look, it's Teal. I couldn't move my whole life to take care of you... no, it's because you didn't move, sorry. From now on..."

Guy tried to keep the words going, but I looked at the color of Teal's eyes and he seemed to realize it sucked.

The result of a gentle concession there.

"Ugh, um. Yeah, I've been taking care of him, and he's suddenly going to be independent. Let's use Teal's help when I'm in a crisis."

So the story came together...... a few days later.

I finished processing my request at the guild and stopped by the Chamber of Commerce on my way back to the Inn.

The reason is to buy Demon Ore.

Even though he dresses prominently, the Chamber of Commerce cares about customers, gold and merchandise.

Guy, who was becoming a regular, tried to buy Demon Ore as usual.

"Guardian God, that's a coincidence"

"Mm, teal, yeah"

"Shopping, I paid for this place"


Looks like Guy already bought the demon ore he was trying to buy.

Well, I guess I was ahead of schedule when I saw Guy.

But then it was the beginning of a day that haunted Guy's head.

Guy encounters Teal every time he goes to buy demon ore.

Whether you changed the Chamber of Commerce or the time to go shopping, Teal seems to have shown up.

And Teal says... it's a coincidence, Patronus, that.

"No, this is a scary story"

You're talking about Teal, who really happened.

"I guess the kid told you to talk!

"I was surprised as expected, so this one's confused too!

Teal seems the same, she's better at detecting than I am.

You specialize in Guy only, absolutely.

At the earliest, I'd say it's not a coincidence, it's an inevitability.

"... Yowki, in retrospect, I feel like I've met Happiness a lot of times by chance. No way, I'm unconscious..."

"You think too much!

Regardless, Teal, Raven's not gonna be the same, he's not after me, and he's not showing his mysterious ability to detect.

But I see Raven's anxiety has not yet been taken.

I don't have a choice, shall we go under the next collaborator?

Don't be sneaky to be in Guy and Teal's love nest forever.

"Okay, Raven, we're going to the next place. Next time I should be able to remove your anxiety. Bye, Guy. You're interrupting. Teal be happy properly. Be careful not to get caught."

"You've got a lot to say!

"That's a word."

The moment I left the room, I was clearly upset when I said it with a laugh.

"... so, did you find anything helpful, Raven"

"Ah, oh. Well, people have their own way of sticking together."

If I told you that, you would too.

I'd like to put a penetration in it, but yeah, it's hard to bump a word of denial into Raven who's snorting.

... Aren't you really just tired and lost?

No, there's a chance I'm lost, too.

"All right, I'll go next."


"Don't worry. The next person I'm going to see is the one you know. He's supposed to be happy, Aura. Just talk to the public and you'll see how much they love you. Identify it."

"... even if they say so"

"All right, let's go!

I dragged Raven, and I headed under the person I was looking for.

"Come visit me suddenly... what can I do for you"

"... Hey, Youki. Was it Mikana who said to visit?"

"Oh, would that be appropriate?"

You were unappointed, but miraculously stayed home, so you're lucky.

But unlike I expected, Mikana was in a happy floating mode.

The neighborhood of eyes, the tired look on the good room clothes...... is it hard to work?

"... well, good. Come in. There must be something we need to talk about."

"Oh, that helps. Look, let's go, Raven."

"Ah. Oh..."

When I entered the house I was prompted to sit on the couch, so I would try to sit alongside Raven.

You were nice in your room, but you're neat in the house.

The cleaning was clean, the furniture wasn't clean... Hmm?

"Oh, man. What is this room that feels like we're moving soon?"

"... you're moving, Atashi"

"Heh. Pretty much. Well, that's sudden. You're not harassing me by Yuga fans."

Yuga said the women's issues around her have been solved, but he's a brave man, a hero who defeated the Demon King.

Like that, but the popularity from the girls should have been pretty good.


"No, I'm not. I'm going to live with Yuga."

"Cohabitation," he said.

"... is it true, Mikana"

Raven is stuffed more than I am, I'm sensitive to stories like this.

Micah seems tired already.

"Yeah, we decided yesterday."

"What, yesterday!?"

"Yuga came to visit Atashi's house. I came home after work. That was a slow arrow tip. Open the door, open it first."

Mikana, let's live together, it seems, the lack of clapping is amazing.

Me and Raven are mouth-watering......

"I was delighted, too, when I unconsciously turned my face bright red and nodded tiny and vertical. Then."

So, let's go, they went to a contract for a house they've been eyeing for a long time.

No, you're planning it.

"I thought Atashi was still ahead of us.... so I was scraping my sleep and cleaning up my room yesterday. Yuga carried all the furniture you could."

"His behavior, it's amazing."

"As it were, well, I'm happy to live with Atashi, and we sleep together, we eat dinner, like we used to..."

I don't think it's gonna feel like it used to, but there it is.

Speaking of which, it's like Mikana said she's not confident in cooking... now it doesn't matter, let's not touch it.

I'm more worried about Raven, who is living next door, living together and repeating himself.

"... hey Youki. Why don't you go home now?"

"Ha, ha."

I just got here, what are you talking about?

"Oh, speaking of which, swordsman. I hear you've been working a lot lately. I heard rumors. The Knights have a lot of trust... and above all, they talk normally."

"... oh, well, yeah"

"That's why I heard these rumors. The swordsman said he was seeing the same girl on his day off."

Hey, Raven, don't look away... 'Cause I'm not.

"Truth. It wasn't about hiding it, but I just kept quiet because I didn't want to make any extra noise"