I'm totally myself, I have a girlfriend. Raven made a statement.

I've asked for help on how to get back before. [M]

Micah seems surprised, too, because Raven admitted it so lightly.

But I'm sure the admission will lead to further pursuits.

"... Hmm, that daughter is a maid at Cecilia's, right? Atashi, I've seen you several times. There seems to be something missing, but you were a pretty girl."

"... Happiness is solid. He seems to be doing his job right, and he tells me to hold hands so that when we're together, we don't leave. He seems to be keeping it properly without losing the gift I gave him, or delivering a handmade lunch box these days..."

Raven's grand love story begins, and Mikana is circling her eyes.

It wasn't such a hot, talkative character about her, in Mikana.

Unfortunately, I know an unusual Raven, so reactive enough to arm and snort, even when I'm listening.

"... Swordsman, I wonder what you've come to do. I'm here to brag about my happiness."

"... No, the reason I'm here is to talk about Mikana"

"Huh, yeah. I wonder what a gladiator would think of listening to Atashi."

Don't give me the scratch that you won't be able to talk about people either.

I'm interested in how Raven will answer, so I don't want to interrupt the conversation by saying anything extra.

"... that's tough"

"I don't need that feeling!

"When is the child due?"

"You shut up!

You know, turning your face bright red and angry means you're somewhat aware.

Raven has a serious look on his face if he's in a slight mockery mood.

"... Mikana, no way, no more"

"Don't make a weird misunderstanding. Not yet, not yet!

You look too desperate and deceitful because of your impatience.

"Not yet, that means one day..."

"You really have to shut up!

You don't like the topic of this hand, you're both smoking out of your head.

Whatever Raven is, I think Mikana can be a little bit more conscious if she goes as far as to live together.

"... Mikana, we're here for you"

"Don't speak kindly, I'm telling you it's not"

"Each face of the brave party that saved the world thus walks towards happiness..."

"What are you doing?"

Mikana calling me Gyagi, I'm laughing, but I realize I'm forgetting the point.

In the end, could you cut off Raven's anxiety?

"Hey, Raven, what do you say? You have a couple around you with distinctive characteristics. Everyone is their own.... me and Cecilia, well, yeah"

"... oh yeah"

Something's wrong with my teeth, no, I haven't solved it.

I don't have a scratch about me and Cecilia.

Mikana feels pretty with a bright red face because of the overcrowding, and let's keep Raven here.

"Okay, let's disperse. If this happens, we'll have to use the final weapon. For Raven to recover."

"Oh, looks like there's something going on, it doesn't look interesting. You came here suddenly for a reason, after all. If you're going somewhere, I'm tired, but I think I'll follow you."


I'm gonna look at this one with a smile and a smile. Mikana, Raven feels like whatever you want, and as far as I'm concerned...

Thus Mikana became one of them and left the house.

"So, what the hell happened to the swordsman? I was happily appealing to you until just now. I can't believe I made you cry."

"... there's no way I'm going to do that. I don't want to see Happiness crying."

If you think you're depressed, now you have a temperamental look, Raven, you're busy.

What's wrong with Mikana's reluctant look when she bows her head?

"Surprisingly, you pulled right off. Usually, we're about to have a battle here."

"No expression, no voice, get as far away from others as you can... when you were traveling, Atashi had seen such a swordsman many times. If my expression changed from time to time so far and I could talk normally and show myself thinking of one girl, hey?"

You can ask me for my consent with a bitter look on your face.

I've been watching Raven gradually change, so I'm not.

If it's a good change, you can accept it.

By and large, Mikana shouldn't be able to talk about people either.

When you're appropriately related, you hear cheers coming from the front, mainly from women.

I can see the light when I look up into the sky, thinking I have a feeling.

I'm surprised Raven doesn't know, but Mikana and I have no expression.

Don't really show up at weird times, every time.

Ignoring the women, we... Yuga stepped down before Mikana to be exact.

"Hi, Mikana. I'm here to pick you up because I'm done carrying my stuff. Some household items are missing, so let's go buy them."

Dear refreshing brave man, I don't mind showing off your smile, but look around.

Jealous gaze is concentrating on Mikana, dude.

Was this the cause of the murderous atmosphere I felt today...?

"Chi, hey, yuga, idiot. I've told you many times to avoid prominent behavior."

"... it could indeed be. But, Mikana. I'm so happy right now. I'm not even doing anything nasty...... I don't want to hide it when I say it"

Me and Mikana are mouthing, what are you talking about in front of this guy's public?

"Oh, I'm not a child, I won't tell you!

"To Mikana. That's why you're telling me everything!

"I wonder if you're your mother or something."

"No, Mikana is my loved one."

We heated each other up, but Mikana sank into Yuga's words.

People around me, including Raven, are opening their eyes.

I'm surprised at this too, Yuga is definitely handsome right now...... stupid though.

"No, you can't... say that in front of all these people."

"... okay, then, it would be good if we were alone, wouldn't it? Let's go, Mikana. Oh, you had a raven too, Yoki."

Did you finally realize that Yuga's eyes didn't show anything other than Mikana?

I'll say hello gently, before I get into trouble.

I'm not willing to prolong the conversation.

"... I can't believe Yuga was going that far"

"Oh, Raven, I'm sorry about last time. Because I'm going out with Mikana today. Let's talk slowly next time. I have so much to talk about."

Then Yuga took Micana and left a light trajectory and flew away.

The women go after the Yuga, not only Yuga fans... but also those who support Yuga and Mikana.

"... I had heard just a few rumors about the two of them, but it was more than I imagined. Especially Yuga. What happened to him?"

"Well, there was a lot... no, look, there was a time when Happiness and Raven met me and Yuga on a date. When Happiness punched Yuga without question."

"... oh, that happened too"

"That's when Yuga said she was envious of Raven. So much so that Raven and Happiness seemed happy."

So I want to tell you to be confident, but that won't solve it, will it?

Yeah, that's why I want to make it feel like there's nothing wrong with it.

Actually, soon, I'll be joining Happiness.

Maybe on the way to buyout or something.

If it's bad for Raven but he's bothered that much, it's quicker for us to settle for each other.

If we make out, I'll run away.

Sometimes I'm scared of Raven, but when we develop into a discussion, it means I don't need to be an outsider.

The distance is steadily packed so that Raven can't sprinkle it while we're having a conversation.

"... on a date?"


Well, Happiness is a normal driver from where we met.

I don't know about Raven next to me.

"... Happiness, if your luggage seems heavy, I'll help you. I'm off duty today."

I was treating him normally... why not!