"... it's okay"

"Don't hesitate...... no, you do. It's not sneaky to take away Happiness's job.... Have you taken your lunch break yet?"

"... not yet"

"… then why don't we have lunch now… I hope Happiness is convenient"

"... yeah, I'm fine"

"... well, let's go"

That's how a subtle Happiness takes the luggage he had, Raven.

"... alarmed"

Happiness walks next to Raven with a happy look on his face somewhere, even though he's giving me words of regret... can I go home?

Well, what, you don't have a problem, it's usually the rear charging.

You two look very warm.

Happiness smiles more than anything... I've never seen you laugh like that, even with a long relationship.

Is that the one called the girl's face that only shows to the person you like?

... Raven, I'm worried about you, absolutely.

If I thought it was heavy or something, I wouldn't look like that with you.

"... what the hell is wrong with you? Stop. Let's go, Yoki. Happiness is a lunch break, it doesn't taste good after a long time."

"Am I going too..."

It would be nothing but a disturbing bug.

Raven, look at Happiness's face next door, not mine.

He said he's definitely looking grumpy...

"... come, then, come!

"Why are you such a prick?"

Eventually, we got to the two of us, I...

You two walk side by side, and I walk a little back.

You said Raven knew a good restaurant, so I headed there.

I didn't go into any conversation until I got there.

For example, look at the parents and children walking hand in hand.

"... parents and children"

"Oh, yeah"

What the two of them were looking at was the family with the child.

Father, the way the mother is walking with her hands clasped between her sons.

It would be a common family portrait, which seems to be everywhere.

In my case, I'd smile if I watched it, like that.

They don't know what they thought, it's just that the distance between the two people who were walking side by side was somehow closer.

Also, there was a bard in the square.

You're traveling around and singing, there's a crowd there in the square.

... well looked at female poets with good styles, there are a lot of guys in the crowd.

Perhaps one end of the cause that the men were floating on is on her.

"... beautiful"

"... right"

Happiness only slightly swells cheeks against the lightly affirmed Raven.

Jealous I guess...... if I thought it, Raven would crush Happiness's cheek with both hands.

"... don't worry. My best is Happiness."

He said such a dialogue, bent to fit Happiness's gaze, and stroked his head with a pong.

Pretend to be someone else by accident...... because if I were you, I'd be sure to interrupt bugs.

Happiness was trying so hard to pretend not to, pretend, pretend.

I felt so sweet when I saw you really desperate to be happy.

Also, when we get to the restaurant, we get there and it's tough.

Hell even just sitting at the table...... the two of them are next to each other.

By contrast, I'm alone, across the street.

"… split"

"... No, I'm coming out"

"... no"

"... okay?"

"... acknowledge"


While they were flirting like that, I was eating the ice cream I ordered with my little one.

Ooh, just order it, I just wanted to say that Happiness holidays will be gone... ahem you won't.

And we finally get to Cecilia's mansion.

Raven is handing Happiness the luggage he had instead.

"... see you then. Good luck with your work."

"... thanks"

"... oh"

Even when I'm sparing my goodbyes, I stand faceless.

It's also a lifetime goodbye, and you don't have to tangle your hands and stare at each other.

"... Raven, again. And the captain."

For once, you said hello to me, too, so I waved gently.

Happiness, with her luggage, went into the mansion in heavy footsteps.

"... how'd it go"

Raven sweats cold, moves his neck like a machine and asks me.

The voice was also turned upside down and even the high voice sounded even more treble.

Oh, speaking of which, you were worried, yes, you were.

... Phew, you totally forgot.

"Stay happy and flirting forever. Because we'll live together like Yuga and Mikana, and we won't have a problem."

"Wait, why are we talking about this?"

"Happiness has Sophia working out her numbness, so she can do all the chores. Good for you. Yeah, we can stay together from morning to rest, and you're all hail. Ha ha."

"... you can give that word back to Yoki."

My face freezes as I laughed sparingly at Raven's unexpected counterattack.

Yeah, not some other HR, that's where I stand, too.

Look at me. I'm scared of Raven's eyes.

Those are scattered eyes.

I turn my gaze toward the mansion so as to divert my attention from such a raven.

If you look around Cecilia's room, the windows are closed and there's no sign of people inside.

You don't seem to be here today, too bad.

Well, I'm talking about whether or not to push it all of a sudden, and I'd like to see you.

I don't have any more errands at the mansion, and if I'm there for nothing, I'm going to get in the way.

"Well. Happiness has been delivered, too. Do you want to go home? Did you serve your purpose?"

"... hey, the purpose of today is to worry about me"

"No, even if they say so. All I can say is, if they let me look at that one, I'll be fine. Happiness smiled at me and Duke like I'd never seen him before."

What do you need to worry about?

I'd rather worry about myself, let's do that, yeah.

"... Youki has the most to say. But I often act naturally when I'm with Happiness. I'm happy to do what I want. I'm afraid that's what's bothering Happiness."


I gently place my right hand on Raven's shoulder with Pong.

And with a full smile, he put words out of his mouth that briefly summed up my emotions.


I think I could say with a good smile.

The end of the story would have been marked with notes.

My left hand was empty, so I put my thumb up... downward, of course.

"Why not, Youki? I'm seriously worried..."

"Your troubles are too luxurious!

Trouble with being unconscious and loving your lover too much, or you, all the single men in Minerva.

I regret being a lover before me... no, the month doesn't matter.

Me and Cecilia are not bonded up and down, they're bonded up.

"Apprentice me and Cecilia!

"... Yoki and Cecilia? You two do keep a certain distance, don't you? We seem to be aware of each other so that we don't cross the line. Sometimes dating can be convenient, or you think Yoki is suddenly coming to ask you out? And what the two of you liked the most was to have a cup of tea in Cecilia's room and collude, right? An honest, clean relationship... you're keeping moderation. The team wants you to learn how to yoke."

Yeah, nagging Raven, but not from me.

It's usually embarrassing to be calmly analyzed for your romantic circumstances.

"Who is the source of the information…"

"Happiness. The captain recently tells me what's going on... Apparently, there's been a lot of conversation here lately with Cecilia."

"You're saying we're not the only ones consulting like this."

Women talk to each other, men talk to each other.

Even if we're lovers, we're still going through the fun, the hard things together... we're going to grow up.

"Raven, let's do our best!


"All right, dissolve"

Thus did Raven's troubles disappear, and we grew one and took a new step.

"... don't end it on your own"

"After all, no. Summarize it in a good way, done!

"... it wouldn't be complete. Yowki."

"Ok, ok. Don't be angry, please, don't hold your hand in the sword pattern, because pulling a knife in front of the mansion doesn't taste good"

As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to end with the happy Raven Knights Commander.

Mostly, my last resort is to ask Happiness the truth.

I tried to ask, but it was hard to get in between us and I missed the timing.

Absolutely, it's quicker to ask.

I spent a lot of time on lunch break, so I guess I'm already at work, but it's a simple question and I can answer it.

Just ask if Raven's love is heavy.

Without explaining it to Raven, I thought I'd go inside the mansion and get in the way.

I can hear you calling Raven from behind.

When you two turn around, you make a gushing noise, and you see a knight running.

That's Duke because he cares about his neck and if he does.

What's the matter with you so much?

"Write to Raven."

Duke is shouting as he waves.

He came to tell Raven that a letter had arrived.

... No, no, I wouldn't bother to come looking for you with about that letter.

The letter must have something to do with it at last.

Is that what Raven thinks, he approaches Duke with a work mode look.

"Ha, ha.... Raven, what are you going to do with this?"

"What's going on, what's going on..."

Raven saw something and it solidified.

I also rush over to Duke to see what caused Raven to harden up.

The letter caused it, it wasn't just a letter, it was a love sentence.

I don't know what the letter is about, but if it had a heart mark on the envelope in it and it said something about it so that you could get my thoughts, it would be almost certain.

"Raven, I'm telling you, this isn't the letter Happiness wrote. I've known each other a long time, you know. This is not a Happiness word. I don't know, someone's, write..."

"Duke. You're too confused. Chill your head."

I took the letter from Duke and put a relentless kick in it.

It's not the Duke character that upsets me, I just put in the meaning of coming back.

Leaving Duke alone, who rolled off the mess, gives the letter to Raven.

I can't help what I got, I just need Raven to handle it, is there anything to rush about?

I'm thinking of Happiness so much that I'm worried that it might be a burden of Happiness.

Only such a raven doesn't make me look like another woman...

"I'm sorry, but I have Happiness. Any opponent will not change my mind. But throwing them away without reading means trampling their feelings."

If Happiness sees me like that, she's sad, and Raven bumps and opens the envelope.

I wondered what it would be about, so I asked Raven for permission to read it.

"How many times...... thank you for helping me where I was in danger the other day. Thanks to you I am able to live my life in good health. So much so that I won't even thank you...?

From what I've read along the way, you're from someone who owes Raven a debt of duty.

When I suppressed the troubles I was looking around.

"Since then, I can't forget about you. You're an idiot. I know it can only be your trouble."

Even though you know your relationship with Happiness, did you put out a love sentence?

... You've been in love with Raven for a long time.

"But I can't hold my feelings back. I want to see you, again, waiting in that place where you and I met."

Fine, I mean it, I can't read it and it's going to fall behind.

Duke was also resurrected, Raven remained silent, the first sheet of the letter ended here, and the letter moved on to the second.

"I asked the sailors to do their best not to be suspicious. Hopefully it will reach you. If you can come to that place, call me by my name."

The name says it's better than a creature swimming in the ocean.

... Yeah, somehow I know why you didn't write your real name, so leave it.

This is a letter from me and Raven, Shike-chan, who helped me when I went to make a request at Happiness.