"I'm sorry you took the trouble to get together today. But I really need your help. Actually, my friend is about to develop into a triangle... but what should I do?"

Raven received a love letter from the mermaid Shike, three men, a few days after he was shocked.

I took it sincerely on these agendas and asked two of my acquaintances who seemed to give me an even better opinion.

There's no Raven in the vortex of the problem, though.

Three people in the inn room, sit in a chair and start discussing.

"Ha ha, if that's the case, I'll take care of it. I am also open to consultation on the aftermath of fruitful love. Let me give you some advice so you can make a choice without regret."

"... who is it"

The Cupid of Love that Me and Yuga took pretty good care of, Caius.

Barely blurry, an extraordinary sense of stability dusted Saint...... a woman and my lover Cecilia.

Duke is a little upset, and I'm not joining him this time because I feel like I'm back in those challenging days.

With this formation, I feel like Raven is going to guide me through what to do in a good way.

Well, I guess Cecilia and Caius introduced themselves first before that.

"Cecilia, it's Caius. Brying is doing a love cupid in town."

"Of love, cupid......?"

"I'm just pushing gently and sometimes hard on the back of the lost. I wish I had been given the courage to just a few of them who suffer from love, and have been consulted"

"Ha, ha, you're famous. My name is Cecilia Aqualein. Um... I was wondering if Mr. Youki might have taken care of you."

Getting to know the Cupid of Love means that Cecilia seems to have realized something like...

You even talked to me about it in a one-sided time, or what you think.

I guess that's what you mean when you look at my face and smile just a little gently.

... Shall we talk about that next time?

"He was also one man troubled by love...... but. Now he says he can afford it enough to worry about his friend. Well, it seems your thoughts have been rewarded. He's the brave one too..."

Did Yuga also create an incentive to make up with Mikana with Caius's efforts?

"He's running wild there now, though. It's extreme. I'm flying around in the sky with no consideration, and I'm thinking about Mikana..."

When I tried to say it out, I had eyes with Cecilia by chance.

In his eyes, Mr. Youki tells me about the brave man.

... you need to be considerate, yeah, you do.

"Um, Mr. Caius, do you have something to ask me?"

"Something, blue-haired monk. Don't worry, I'm open to women. Don't hesitate to ask what you want to hear"

"What the hell is in the coffin standing on the wall? Sometimes I hear noises."

Nothing from me can answer Cecilia's question.

Caius, who doesn't want to leave for a moment with his beloved lover, is a vampire who puts her in a coffin and goes out.

I understand why, but I don't understand where I'm overdoing a lot of things.

Even though there was suspicion from the introduction, the look on Cecilia's face makes me suspicious.

"Some of them are my loved ones. A loved one who couldn't protect me once, lately, finally forgive me. When we go out like this, we try to hang out together."


Without choosing a casual word, he said his own suspicion of lover restraint.

Cecilia's expression is dead, and now the spear is on me.

I wonder why you wouldn't stop if you knew.

You don't have to put it into words to tell... does this mean you have a mind?

"Mr. Yowki, I'm somewhat guessing that you're a friend. I'm sorry, Mr. Raven, but we have to correct this man's inhumane behavior first, so I'm going to need a moment."

Cecilia would have only shown me and Yuga, activating the Virgin's smile.

Face to face. It hasn't been five minutes.

Caius is just grinning somewhere he can afford to... Shit, these two were mismatches.

"Well, do you know who he really is?"

I don't know if I'm a demon, but I didn't tell Caius that I was Cecilia.

"About Mr. Yowki... I understand. Understood, Mr. Yowki and I are socializing. Who does Mr. Kaius know who Mr. Yowki is? It's not a Cupid of Love, is it? There's going to be other faces."

I'm so glad Cecilia said it out so completely like that...... what is this tingly air?

Is it my fault that I didn't elaborate on Cecilia?

If any more weird misunderstandings arose, I would never be able to get to the point, so I explained Caius.

Caius was a vampire, his lover slept for nearly two hundred years, the Cupid of Love is true, now also on the support of Yuga's friends, etc.

When I finished talking about everything, Cecilia was somewhat convinced that there seemed to be something to think about but no harm.

"... Really? But to look at the act of shoving it into a coffin..."

"Sure enough, I had trouble communicating, even as I was pushing her into the coffin. Though to protect her, I wonder what it's like to remain in captivity and not be able to hear opinions."

Hold on to my forehead. I made a distressed appeal, but from the mouthfeel it sounds like I found a solution.

Cecilia will also have some sympathy for Caius' condition, if the impression is restored......

"I made a modification so that I could make a hole in the coffin and put out a bill with Mal and Batu on it at her will. Now I can tell you where you are, if you're not hungry, if you're not shaking hard."


I held my head down and collapsed.

I don't have to look at Cecilia's expression, I can imagine what she thinks.

Because the thoughts are right...... yeah.

"... are you kidding me"

"Cecilia, calm down. Caius is serious, I've been thinking too much about her and she's just a little off."

"There is a limit…"

Cecilia can't stop, what am I going to do?

It's a double, triple-headed result, but I can't go talk about Raven at all.

"... she is vulnerable to sunlight"

"I heard that earlier. Said he was putting it in a coffin for safety. I heard you're trying to keep your voice out of it."

"I have trouble being informed of her existence. Maybe things are wrong to let you out when you're really nagging. I just don't want to leave her, and I want to spend time with her when we go away like this. Food, scenery, people I meet... I want to share, that's all it's been for 200 years. I know it's selfish..."

Caius' thoughts apparently reached her, and Mal's written bill came out of the coffin at modest speed.

She has tolerated, and Cecilia too if this...

"If we're convinced of each other, we shouldn't allow third parties to interfere any more."

"You mean there are a lot of couples in the world who have a lot of relationships."

I put it together beautifully, and now I'm finally going to get to the point.

"Oh, and there's also a reason that the air purified by sunlight is poisonous to her. I just thought her beautiful voice would blur, so much so that my chest was about to rip..."

A bill came out of the coffin pretty soon that said "bat," hey, Caius, you're lying.

In the end, Cecilia became the Virgin.

Even though this is a meeting we had for Raven... we're not moving on.