"Well, should we get down to business where we calm down? Is Cecilia good enough?"

"Right. The rest will be their problem, so I won't say anything. She's in the coffin. She seems to tolerate it to some extent too..."

When I look at the coffin properly, Mal's bill comes out of the gap.

I suppose she likes Caius, too, and maybe she feels burdened with keeping him waiting for two hundred years.

Still, I thought it was too much at first.

I can hear the groans. I'm carrying a coffin, so I was surprised.

Caius, who made such a move, is seated directly in front of him.

I had Cecilia tell me a mild and thankful story, and I hope her response changes in the future.

"I didn't expect this guy to preach about how I was going out with her. Nearly two hundred years, I've said I've been a Cupid of Love... utterly, Demonic Boy, your lover is a powerful man inside."

"You will, you will. Cecilia is the saint of all who are indivisible and gentle from children to the elderly…"

"Mr. Yowki."

"... Yes"

As a result of getting on track, there's pressure from Cecilia!

I don't know what it is. Caius is leaning his neck, it's better for him not to know.

I'm not saying anything about Cecilia's nickname.

"Well, finally, let's talk about the fact that my friend is about to develop into a triangle."

I can finally get to the main point.

Cecilia and Caius don't seem to be compatible, but I trust them in their individual abilities.

I'm less experienced and more likely to have a decent opinion than I am to leave it to momentum.

"Mr. Yowki's friend, Mr. Raven...?"

"Correct, Raven"

"What the hell, why? It's incredible to me. You care very much about Happiness, don't you? I don't think I have anything to do with other women."

That's right, you've only been with me longer than I have, and you seem to know about Raven, and you don't believe me.

"Well... I wonder who that Raven is for this consultation."

Does Caius need an explanation because he doesn't know Raven?

It's personal information, so I'll explain it to Nori, like Raven from me.

Knights captain, I used to worry about geography and write, I hope my love skills are on par with mine......

And then there's the fact that Harpy's Happiness is her.

I'm done explaining to Caius, and I'll tell him what happened to me the other day.

"So I got a love letter from a mermaid..."

"... Mr. Yowki, things can only go in. Why did Mr. Raven receive a love letter from a mermaid?"

"What, it's a simple story. Races are different. Love is what comes into being.

Like us. He also just gave birth to love... "

"Excuse me, may I have a moment of silence?"

The compatibility between Cecilia and Caius... is already...

When I look at the coffin properly, I see a bumpy bill in my face.

I appreciate you agreeing with me.

"I'm just stating the facts."

I didn't know you wouldn't stop at Cecilia's words, even though I just got a sermon.

"Aha, haha, well, I'm going to talk about helping the mermaid now too, sorry but listen to me..."

All sorts of things overlap and pull. It's on your hips, but let's do it, we're both smiling, so let's do it...

Worried about Cecilia, he talked about Shike, a mermaid who put out a love letter to Raven.

Help me with a request I used to make, Raven got kissed by Shike, Misaki, I got hit by Happiness, and Happiness did something, but I don't know.

"Well, that's what it was like"

"Is that what you mean?... Mr. Yowki, you're worried too much. At that stage, I don't even know if Mr. Raven is going to see him."

"Already gone"


A few days after the letter arrived, we left for audit reasons.

"Well, Happiness knows that, right?"

"Happiness has arrived too"

"Oh... speaking of which, I haven't seen him since he came back to the Mansion."

Actually, Cecilia, she was away from the mansion for ten days, work, and it can be yesterday that she came back.

So when I sent Raven and Happiness the other day, they weren't there.

I feel very sorry for letting you hang out with me even though I just got back.

"Mermaid... I'm Shike, but Happiness and I had a good feeling about it. I'm scared it's not going to be some kind of drooling training ground."

"... as far as I'm concerned, I'd like Mr. Raven to see a decent response. Why did you go to see him in the first place?"

"Ha ha. I wonder if he's the kind of guy who gets a letter that says he's waiting and ignores it. I don't think I heard about him."

"So is that. So, Happiness..."

"She trusts him. I guess I missed the mermaid girl as a friend for a little while to worry about getting there. As far as I'm concerned, I'd recommend why I want to be with someone I think of."

Caius smiled lightly at the coffin she was in when he finished saying it.

Is this margin the weight of two hundred years?

"Hey, I wonder what happens where I go to see you"

"You can clearly communicate your intentions there. Vague replies are not good. It's rude to make expectations, and sometimes it creates tragedies. I don't want you to go down that road."

Serious look, I guess you mean it.

I guess you don't want others to fail you back in the day.

I don't know what she thinks in the coffin. She hasn't even turned a blind eye or answered both the mare and bat bills.

You can't tell me all this yes or no, can you?

"... Mr. Youki, I too would like Happiness and Raven to get along in a clean relationship. A drool is that..."

Cecilia is also very worried, well, there's been a familiar and drooling triangle.

"If I cry Happiness, I'll have Raven with Duke... huh?"

"Mr. Yowki, you have an evil look on your face."

Whoa, was it on your face, why don't you?

I guess that was a look I shouldn't have shown in front of Cecilia.

But Happiness is like a family to us.

You can't let it develop into a dreary, messy love affair.

It would be bad for Seek's education, too, yeah.

"Well, shall we sneak out to see Raven and Happiness soon? I'm supposed to be back today."

"... it's very convenient again."

"As a result of Cecilia's brilliant match."

"So shall we go? Show me."

Caius says so, while carrying a coffin and preparing to go out.

Remarkable, I knew it.

Cecilia has no expression either, I guess it's still complicated to think there's a girl inside.

She herself, with her consent, shouldn't say much.

There's also the possibility that I like that...... Ah, there's a bill for the bat.

While I was worried I could do this kind of teamwork, I started moving.

Though disguised, Cecilia's healing aura, the coffin behind Caius, was noticeably noticeable and had gathered his gaze all over the city.

Still, it was salvation that never made a scene, and the Ravens would arrive, arriving at the carriage station.

"Ahhh, because I went too far to avoid getting attention, after the carriage had already arrived"

"It's the result of avoiding noise."

"I don't have a choice."

"Well, I have tracking skills. This is the best place to show off."

And I don't think there's any other showcase for me today than this.

Come on, enhance your senses and start investigating.

"Oh, there was Happiness."

Announcement of the end of my show.

It's okay, Cecilia is the Virgin who can see around...

I'm a bit of a bully. I move my back in a way that Caius pushes.

At the end of his tail was Raven's figure, as was Shike's.