Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I followed a mermaid with a friend and an ex-member.

"What, a training ground...?"

I thought you were talking to me, and you brought me here.

Is that good? I want to scream at the Knights Commander.

The atmosphere looks soothing, but you don't know what you're thinking in your belly.

I don't know what we talked about and how this turned out, but I don't think things are going to be good.

"Oh, my God, it was late."

"No, that's not true. We should also be clear for Happiness. Mr. Yowki and Mr. Caius please wait here. I'll pretend to be a coincidence and I'll go straight to trial."

"What, Cecilia!?"

Shortly after I stopped, I ran into a single raven.

You're acting a lot faster today, usually as careful as I am being stopped.

Sometimes it's Raven and Happiness that's involved.

He put his arms together, and Caius called out when he was worried.

"Something wrong, boy"

"That's why I'm not a boy. I told you before."

"This, excuse me. Shall I then call him who has wings?"

"Hey, that's how you call me. It's directly linked to who I am. It's usually good with yolks."

If someone with wings were called out in public, evil would stand out.

Bucket bills were sneaked out of the coffin, too, ask her for her opinion.

When he noticed the butt bill with my gaze, Caius slapped the coffin three times.

"Okay, I'll let you call me Youki-kun from now on"

"Oh. What was the point of slapping the coffin, by the way?"

"It's time to say thank you three times."

"... right"

I know there are other ways to communicate that I've decided with her, but I'll get more details later.

"By the way, your girlfriend is a lot of trouble. I didn't expect you to run without thinking deeply. When I read it, I thought she was going to stop Youki-kun from going ahead... I thought in my interactions, your girlfriend is very considerate of others, and there are many targeted remarks. Now, you calmly see what they're saying and doing, and you look like you're assembling a conversation from there."

"I wonder if Cecilia thinks that way and deals with people. I think that's vegan."

"... I wonder how your girlfriend behaves now if she's a vegetarian.

"Hmm, maybe a little different than usual"

"I wonder what caused the resemblance to her rush. Because it's something related to us, or out of anxiety that we might get down on ourselves... well, I think we should go in and stop it if it looks like that, see?"

Cecilia was already in contact with the three when she pointed her gaze at the Ravens.

Raven looks smaller when pushed by Cecilia's sword curtain.

It's like a man with three strands scattered and witnessed the scene of an affair by his fateful girlfriend and taking a sermon.

Looks that way... Cecilia is destined... no, no, no.

"I'm Cecilia's destiny. Ahhh."

"Yes, yes. Go ahead."

Caius dropped me off and I ran out.

I'm not running wild, I'm just acting the way I want.

I don't know what's waiting for me ahead... but follow my instincts.

"It's a drop kick!

"... Guuuuuuuuuu!?"

Raven blew lightly, Cecilia was circling her eyes, Shike was chasing the blew raven with her eyes, and Happiness had calmly punched me in the stomach.

As a result, the two men were able to have the sight of nodding on the spot.

I'm not sure this is what I wanted, but, well, I guess it's good.

"What, why is this happening? Note Mr. Swordsman was suddenly attacked... is that it? You helped me then, note, fellow swordsman."

"Mr. Youki..."

Because Shike isn't used to this vibe, or she's a little upset.

I'm sighing from Cecilia or if I've done it again.

I don't regret it, even the drop kick is ravenous right now.

"Ok, next time I'll decide on joint moves...... uuch!?"

With his fist pounding, he walked over to Raven and his stomach bread came off again, and two shots.

Looks like he even wielded his fist to Shike, who should have been upset.

Next to Raven, I'll be in the shape of a friendly sleep, too, silence.


"... what"

"The sky is blue."

"... oh"

"You can't let it wind beautifully together and try to force the place to fit in"

A merciless judgment from Cecilia has been made, it seems impossible.

"... lunch"

"... Speaking of which, is it past lunch already? Let's eat somewhere. Shike, Happiness, let's go. Are the yolks coming?"

"Mm-hmm. Cecilia's good too."

"Yeah, if the Ravens are good"

Everyone's convinced, so we're going out for dinner, and we're moving.

I let them decide where to go.

It is a restaurant for Micana.

Each took a seat and Raven opened his mouth as he took a breath.

"... who?"

At the end of Raven's eyes, he holds a coffin and heads to Caius, who sits next to me with a face he doesn't eat.

I've been worried about the back since I was heading to the restaurant.

Well, naturally, you wonder, because a stranger carrying a coffin is present as a matter of course.

"Ha ha. My name is Caius. I'm doing a love cupid in one town. If you have any problems in love, don't hesitate to talk to me."

"... Yowki, do you know him?"

"Well, because what Caius is saying is true. Me and Yuga took care of each other."

"... classmates"

I feel a little malicious about what Happiness said, but I'm not out of the picture.

Exactly, if that's what you mean, you're friends with Caius.

I wonder if you realize it or not, the latter if this is always Nori's way of saying it.

"Uh, what's in that sometimes moving coffin...?"

A painful question flew in from Shike.

I figured it would be nice if you cared or could avoid it.

Both Raven and Happiness are pointing their gaze of suspicion at the coffin.

"How do you feel about making excuses?"

Cecilia has been whispering to me, Caius would likely answer normally.

Then let me do something gorgeous.

"Actually, there's a lot of jelly in this"

"There are just some of my loved ones in there."

Caius answered normally, even though he said he made a good excuse because of it.

"Did you think that would convince the Ravens...?"

"No, here's the thing... I thought I'd soothe you"


I got a sharp glance from Cecilia.

And then when I check the perimeter, no one seems to care what I say.

"... healing magic, you won't do it"

"I don't think Mr. Yowki will have the effect he wants."

My heart wound doesn't seem magically healing.

"... I'm sorry, but could I ask you to accompany me to the Knights headquarters? Though I know Youki, you can't miss it"

As Raven's knight, a bat bill emerges from the coffin against the obvious judgment.

I'm hearing a conversation, and now I know her will.

"Raven, not for a couple. There are only a few couples, and there's a way to keep up with each other. So are the Ravens. Caius' girlfriend. I've agreed to this and I'm doing it."

Now Mal's bill came out of the coffin, her nice assist.

But Raven's expression isn't very good, you're about another push.

"Mr. Raven, when I met Mr. Caius, I was also surprised to hear about that...... a lot of things. I'm not convinced myself, but I don't think it's dangerous."

"... well, Cecilia's taken care of it. Can you feel safe then?"

When I was traveling, I could hear the high level of confidence in Cecilia, which had solved various problems.

Shall we stop and push?

"Me and Yuga are the ones who take care of us, too. I can't tell you the details, but Caius cares about her, and she's not doing anything weird."

When I sent Happiness an eye signal at this time, I grabbed Raven's clothes sleeve.

Raven reacts slightly and consciousness is geared towards Happiness.

Yeah, this looks okay.

I was a little anxious that Mal's bill wouldn't come out of the coffin.

Caius, usually, I don't know what you're doing, but keep it on track.

Then, about half the misunderstandings are solved, and we all get lunch.

Sometimes it's a public place, and the Ravens are modest on flirting, or none.

Me and Cecilia had enough to share our culinary sentiments, and nothing special happened.

Caius was the most flirtatious.

"Your meal with me is amazing."

"What good is a drink? Do you want the usual cup? Oh, I'm sorry, I guess that was just when we were alone."

"What shall we do with dessert after meals? As far as I'm concerned... Ha ha, don't be stubborn, I'm kidding."

They remodeled the coffin, or even made it possible for us to have a conversation.

I can hear Caius, but I can't hear her.

I could hear it if I audible enhancement, but it involves privacy there, so I stopped it.

Because I generally know what Caius is talking about just in his words.

In the meantime, that's what I'm gonna do, so he said Mal's bill didn't show up earlier.

... Couples have their own way of sticking together, so there's no choice.

I told myself what I said to Raven this time.

"... get out"

"... Ochi"

"It was delicious. It was just the first dish I ate, and I ate a lot. You usually eat stuff like this."

Raven pays, the three of them leave the store.

It's not all Raven's luxury, I'm in a position to pay for it, too.

I'll take Cecilia and Caius.

"Thank you, Mr. Yowki"

"We always treat Cecilia to tea. Look, let's go after the Ravens."

The Ravens were waiting for me when I left the store.

Now, do you want to act together like this... the trouble is.

I feel bad for the Ravens getting there any more.

I don't feel the atmosphere of triangulation, and Cecilia and Caius wouldn't feel those signs.

"Bye, Raven."

"... oh"

"... permanently"

"Don't take the liberty of saying goodbye to this life"

After all, is Happiness okay as usual?

I'm very reluctant to judge you by your attitude towards me, but this is the easiest thing to understand.

Look behind the three disappearing into the crowd.

"Weren't you worried too much, Mr. Yowki? After all, Mr. Raven is an honest man. Happiness was normal too, didn't she bring you here for sightseeing?"

"It didn't even feel like negative emotions were bumping into each other between Happiness and Shike. Hmmm......"

When you two think about it, the conclusion comes together that I was too worried.

It's just... while we were talking, Caius was staring at the Ravens as they left.

Was there something to hook up with in the Cupid of Love?

"Caius, what's wrong"


"Hey, don't say it in a meaningful way.... you're not, I knew it"

"No... it would be tourism, with us. Well, then I'll be excused. I want to buy you clothes that look good on her, somewhere, is there a good store?"

"Oh. Then..."

The clothes store I found on Duke's tail date would be good.

When I asked him if he wanted to show me to the store, he discouraged me.

I wanted to show you, including thanks for talking to me.

"Boy, it's time for you and your lover from here on out. Good luck with that."

Caius, carrying the coffin, said so and headed to the garment store.

"... what shall I do"

"Right. Would you like to join us lightly in the mansion yard?"


"It will be post-meal exercise and... did you have any plans"

"No, there isn't. Okay, I'll take care of it. It's my area of expertise, so I'm gonna hang out with Cecilia until she's ready."

"Please be gentle."

Thereafter, Cecilia hangs out and combines hands, tea time.

This calms me down the most...... it's just me and Cecilia dating