"Oh, uh, Mr. Duke, Mr. Duke!

"Wow, okay, will you just get in the room for now? I want you to calm down. So stop shaking me. Yeah."

It's just sunrise and usually still, visitors in their sleeping hours.

I woke up to the sound of knocking on the door many times, and when I opened the door in a slumber mood, there was Mr. Irene, a junior of Duke.

He checked my face and said he grabbed my collar and rocked it without even knowing it.

I understand that there are circumstances, so I ask you to wait until I get my face washed and in shape.

There must have been quite a few things going on in the meantime because I was softly restless.

I've shouted Duke's name many times, so I know he has something to do with it.

"... so, anything early this morning?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, all of a sudden, you didn't even make a promise... did you bother"


I have trouble getting promised this kind of morning.

Desperately rotate your sleepy, non-fully operational head.

Duke tease, Duke tease, I'm sure Duke tease.

Then it's his endeavor as captain to ask him to stay sleepy and gloomy.

By and large I don't think Duke would do that many stupid things.

I just don't see how Mr. Irene looks in front of me... you can't afford it.

Hat on the helmet, arm cover on the gauntlet...... Looks like I'm also wearing a piece in my armor, too confused.

"Just go inside. Talk in the room."

"Oh, no, I'll do my best to talk about the requirements, so I'll be fine here"

"I don't care if they say good luck talking..."

It's a question of whether or not what I want to tell you will be conveyed to me.

"I saw Mr. Duke flirting with a beautiful woman, loving her."

"That wasn't as complicated as trying to talk. But I thought I knew about Duke's friendship, but no way..."

"If you're the captain, I thought you knew something."

Mr. Irene approaches with a single word but a desperate shape.

Was this guy thinking so much about Duke?

"... ok. Mr. Irene can't forgive his lover for cheating on him, either. But listen to me. He's the one Duke would never cheat on. I can't imagine flirting or loving a woman other than Mr. Irene."

I assured you Mr. Irene would calm down, but Mr. Irene puts a question mark on his head.

"Is it me and Mr. Duke? I'm not a lover, seniors, juniors."



I have a question mark on my head, too.

Question marks float further in my reaction like that, and you two are in a state of confusion.

No, no... you guys weren't dating?

Tail dating, triple dating, work will always be with you.

I'm still curious that Duke was flirting with a girl, loving her, and she's been visiting me at this hour.

And yet I'm not dating, I'm not a lover...... so.

"What is Duke like to Mr. Irene? Like a senior you can count on."

"Captain, I'm more senior than Mr. Duke."


You seem a little angry at me for being rude, but as far as I'm concerned, I can't say anything.

I've run into Duke and Mr. Irene several times at work, but mostly, wasn't Duke pulling it?

I remember Raven telling me not to make a look judgment on her, who is an elf... as it looks or as it is.

Even though I know it's rude, I think about it.

"Mr. Duke is a junior, but he's someone I can rely on... and he understands my tastes and goes on holidays with me. I'm a person who doesn't forget to care while I'm at work. You're better at swordsmanship than I am, smarter, more social, and you follow me...... that? I'm a senior, Captain."

"You can only tell me to work hard. Um, if you want to look like a senior, it's about being stronger than Duke. Think of him as a wall, and it feels like getting over it. Mr. Irene can do it!

Don't forget to say it in a hot mood.

Create a grip, you can do it, you can do it, don't give up, the limit isn't there, I encourage you that it's still coming.

"Oh, right. Me, one day, maybe it was a habit to rely on Mr. Duke. He looks like a senior, and I need to pull Mr. Duke. Quickly, I'll be training. Thank you, Captain!

The door closed in momentum, and I heard a doozy run away.

I feel kind of different, but is it good because I'm sleepy?

"... Let's go to sleep"

Get in bed to fall, yet, it's time to sleep, it's not time to wake up.

Naturally, but I slept twice.

The reason I woke up that day was the sound of a strong knock on the door.

Excuse me, Captain.

"No, no, it's good. It's good. You didn't give me any good advice because I was asleep. I'm also concerned about Duke's flirting, loving opponent."

Walk with Mr. Irene, the destination is where Duke would be.

Duke's guy, Mr. Irene told me so strongly today that he suddenly took a vacation because of all the suspicious elements.

She's coming from somewhere. I thought I'd hang out with her motivation. This is how I work together.

"It's fine if Mr. Duke flirts with someone else who's beautiful and loves you. Just a little... a little. I'm lonely, I'm sad, I'm restless, my chest hurts."

"Well, you think it's never good."

If you're getting so emotional, you're sure you're jealous of the other woman.

Good for you, Duke, you're a fine rear charger too.

Bless in your heart, but instead head to where Duke is.

Mr. Irene shouldn't be distracted from my sensory enhancement, so I'm just saying what's appropriate is that this is a date spot around here that's going to be Duke's.

"Oh, I was there. That full body armor helmet is Mr. Duke."

As soon as he finds it, Mr. Irene rushes over to Duke.

I was fine yesterday, but I guess this time I'm serious about the training ground.

Thoughts, as we approach, next to Duke is the figure of a woman other than Mr. Irene.

It's just that I knew her.

"Aren't you Irene or what?"

"Oh, that Mr. Duke flirted, love love love..."

"Is that about Atashi? Atashi is here for sightseeing and is only being guided."

It was Shike's mermaid friend Misaki...... do you want to go home.

I don't need to worry about anything anymore. I'll turn right and go back the way I came.

"Ah, Captain!

But what I heard from behind was a former subordinate, Duke's voice.

Because there were few people, or they discovered it.

It gets crowded around here after noon, there's not that much in the morning.

"You look like the captain who brought Irene here. I don't know why I took you."

"I came at a time when the sun wasn't up. I fell asleep and missed advice. So I decided to follow you properly, that's it."

"Explain it properly."

I was going to explain it to you in my own time.

Then it's easy to tell whether to go with a straight ball or not.

"Mr. Irene is worried you've got a woman. So come to me first thing in the morning. She has a big panic, and I have a small panic, too. Look, that sight."

Mr. Irene is approaching Misaki wondering what the relationship is with turning his face bright red.

That's why I say I'm not in love with Duke, so it's weird.

You should confess and just be with me.

"No, it's my fault. I'm sorry."

"I don't know if it's convenient, Mr. Irene's ability to behave... no, that's unreadable behavior ahead. You better not taste it. That's my advice. Look, it's in a slightly gazed gap."

In the direction I point my finger at, Mr. Irene chasing Misaki around.

I was just talking to you earlier, how did we get through this?

"Uh... I'm coming"

"What the hell is that accustomed feeling..."

"That's what you're used to, cleaning up these sudden developments. Thanks to the captain."

"... unsightly"

"Mm-hmm. I'll do it now. I don't think this is going to change, so it's important to reopen it. Well, thank you for Irene."

Wave gently. Duke went after the two of them, that's tough. And Duke.

I'm sorry because it's one of the reasons I'm making you feel so bad, too.

Seeing you running at all costs on such a sunny day......

"Well, now we've got business to run and we're going home."

"Oh, um..."


They're not done with the errands yet, it was the constant sickening of breath that called out.