"Sure... Mr. Yowki, wasn't it"

"Yeah. It fits. It fits. You're not with Raven today."

I remember exactly, but does Shike remember me?

Well, I don't need a different man in my memory of meeting a favored man...

"Yes, note Mr. Swordsman is at work...... oh, uh, you kinda didn't seem to remember his name, sorry. You're rude for getting help."

I think you've got me on the look on your face, or you've got me worried.

"No, no, 'cause it's okay. Who were you when we met last time? I wasn't responding like this. So you're alone today?"

"Thank you. Yes, because this is how I come to town, I want to sightsee. Note Mr. Swordsman was worried, but I'm fine with one."

Now he's transformed and he looks like a person, no one will think he's a mermaid.

But just in case.

Well, Minerva's got the Knights looking around, and security is good.

It seems like you'll get into a fight or something, but you won't get kidnapped.

"Speaking of which, I was wrong about Masaki earlier."

"Misaki has arrived on his own. I was actually the only one who was supposed to come. When I heard the story, I didn't ask him to arrive... note that both Mr. Swordsman and Mr. Happiness would be fine by themselves."

"But in fact, Misaki is not alone... but she says she's acting apart from Shike"

"Note Mr. Swordsman said he would have his trusted and understood men arrived as escorts and guides. I wonder if you're okay, Misaki. I hope I'm not bothering you."

Not that Misaki is bad, but Duke is in a training ground there.

If I tell him that, he's going to get to Misaki, and I'll stop him.

"I know those men, too. I can take care of most of the trouble, he's a very dependable guy, so you don't have to worry."

"Oh, but... it's Misaki"

"It's okay, 'cause I'm counting on you, too. It's firmer than me at all, it's got a quorum, it's applied..."

There's so much difference that if you said it yourself, you'd be sad, at all.

I wonder what he does all the time.

"... Oh, you know, Mr. Yowki. Though it's gradually farsighted....... wah, do you hear me -?"

"Wow, I'm sorry. I thought about it."

These are my things to improve... not if I'm saying so.

As loud as it sounded, if I did it and my breathing is getting rough, but Shike, it's okay.

I feel bad, like my face is turning blue.

Huh... is this my fault?

"Shh, sorry. Something offends me..."

"No, it's not. I was just wondering... is there any place around here where I can drink water?"

"If it's water, it's near here... right there. I'll show you."


Take Shike to where I was headed.

"Thank you for waiting. Go ahead."

"This is also our service…"

It was Ami who came...... and Macho pastry chef, Andrei's cake shop.

Is the service okay even though I only asked for water yet?

You don't have anything but a pretentious white apron.

Mr. Amy's in trouble, too, and it's like he's watching his brother while he serves customers.

As for Andrei disappearing into the kitchen, the problem is Shike in front of you.

"Have you recovered?"

"Yes. Drinking water made it easier. So, this is..."

What Shike is staring at is the cake that Mr. Andrei left behind at the service.

I guess they're handing out prototypes again.

"Oh, eat in peace. I regret it, but it's delicious..."

"Well, I didn't even pay for that..."

Did you hear the reluctant Shike, Mr. Andrei came with his eyes gleaming with Kieran?

"Customer, I was still in training and I'm not ashamed enough to put a price on my cookies. So we study treats every day that make customers smile."

I'm talking hot, pretentious white apron......

Mr. Ami can't afford to come over here in customer service.

I'm not doing anything wrong, so I don't have to stop it.

"If this sweet doesn't seem to be served every other time, there are several other prototype sweets available."

"Yes, no, I'll eat this. Sorry, that was rude."

Peppered and bowed his head, Shike. Oh, my God, he ate the cake in one bite.

He moves his mouth with a full grin when it tastes good and is snoozed.

Oh...... if I did that before Mr. Andrei was here......

"Please, this is also a prototype. Enjoy it."

"Uh... but"

"Because it's a service"

If they show me the sales smile that made my white teeth shine with Kieran, can't Shike turn it down, too, cheeks the cake that was served?

On the other hand, I'm just getting out of my seat and inquisiting the cake that's being sold.

I knew it would happen.

"My brother loves to see customers eating cakes he makes that look delicious..."

Speaking to Mr. Ami, I'll watch the two of you go down.

Don't eat like Shike looks delicious enough, you've never had a cake.

It's a girl, and sweet things don't have eyes... but they don't even say service.

I'm already flattening the fifth one, even though water was the only purpose.

"Mr. Ami, accounting please. I'll take care of the cake over there..."

That is clearly beyond the realm of service.

I don't know how it's free of charge for anything.

"No, it's fine. My brother gave it to the customer because he said it was a service, so I can't accept the price."

"No, but that amount..."

"I'll make sure I pull it off my brother's salary"

"Oh, yeah..."

I couldn't say any more because they said it clearly with a cute sales smile.

Well, if the person is good, is it good?

When I looked at the table properly, there was still Shike eating... let's not shy away for a second.

And there was Andrei bringing more and more prototypes... prototypes, aren't they too much?

I'm not the only one who went to the scratch, Mr. Ami's with me.

Shike finally returned to her sanity when she dropped off Mr. Andrei, who disappeared into the kitchen.

"Ah, I... you eat too much, don't you? I don't know what to do, it's delicious, it's on."

"As it were, well, you never had sweets or anything. Girls like sweets."

But I won't tell you not to worry about it.

"Oh, you have to pay, don't you? I ate a lot."

"Oh, it's okay, it's okay. It's a service. And Shike, do you have the money?"

I was just wondering, maybe Raven gave it to me.

Shike took her purse out of the porch when I was wondering.

"You don't have to worry. You have money. I earned it for this day."


"Mi, there's a misaki..."

I can't help but think the end of the story is getting smaller.

Put aside the scratch that you didn't earn yourself.

"Even Misaki is surprised... what are you doing?"

He said he was about to be kidnapped... and that he was working without trauma as a thing.

Sneak a conversation so no one can ask you where you're doing or what's going on.

Surprisingly, there was a case. He works at that port town of Frimail.

I thought you were even doing waitresses at the tavern, what a help for sailors.

He mingles with a tough sailor with his brightness in front of him, and he works in a good mood and enjoys himself.

Something about working to compete with seafarers who talk about the ocean...

Maybe I feel like I know your face.

"Misaki, you're powerful. It would be nice if he enjoyed himself."

"Yes. I'm so worried. Looks like he's working hard, and I thought he might get hurt... already."

"It's a friend thought, Shike"

"I'm no match for Misaki. He lent me money like this, and he pushed me on the back. My dear and beloved best friend......"

"Looks like you were angry when it came to getting here."

"'Cause that's..."

It could have been mean to stick it in there.

I guess there's a reason I didn't want Misaki to arrive.

I can't believe you're angry because you're here on your own, I don't know what you're talking about right now.

"Don't you have a problem?"

I just keep telling my brother to talk to me.

It's hard to support, but I'll talk to you about it.

I came all the way to Minerva to leave my lump behind.

But the response from Shike is rejection with a very sinking look.

"... Mr. Yowki doesn't get it. My troubles."

Apparently, Shike's troubles are beyond my imagination.

I'm hesitant to pull here, maybe I don't want to be touched.

Some things just weren't resolved just because I was pushing them inside me.

I don't have that right... but you can't leave me alone.

"I don't know if I can understand this story until we talk about it. Well, if you don't want to talk about it, fine. Eat the cake, drink the water and dissolve. Minerva sightseeing. So is it good?"

"... I don't think it's a good idea"

"Just think?"

"... it's not good"

"Well, then, what are we gonna do?"

"Excuse me, after all, would you mind listening to me? Please in an unpopular place if you can. It's good to have water."

Copy that.

I left the store with the cake I bought for the takeaway.

I wonder where there was unpopular water......