"This is... a beautiful place. You're not that far from town, are you? I can't believe there's a place like this in such a big town."

"Ooh. Not many people come here, and I keep an eye on them. Don't hesitate to take a bath."

Actually, it's the water bath I use here, the muscle pastry chef, and after the muscle workout that Mr. Andrei uses.

He bought an empty house and remodeled it in an era where he was brushing his muscles, not a pastry chef's arm.

It's away from the city centre of Minerva, and there's a bad location, but you think the few residents who were around because they could hear the temper of hum, hum, hum... regardless of day or night moved out?

I still use Mr. Andrei, but as a pastry chef, I work with Mr. Ami.

It's an emergency, and you'll be fine if I let you use it.

The place where men sweat is now Shike's healing.

... Something's wrong, Shike.

I apologize in my heart, forgive me for keeping an eye on no one coming outside.

Without the power of the Yuga class to watch a girl shower scene...... well, I'm not willing to see it.

It's not that I like Shike's charm, it's that I have someone I like.

"... is this situation okay?"

The two of us go to an unpopular building, and a girl is taking a water bath.

... No, there's no explanation, you can't believe me if I say something wrong.

It's okay because the other guy is Shike... I don't know how it works.

Cecilia would forgive me, that's sweet.

If you're aware that you're dating, you shouldn't act alone with other women.

"Mr. Yowki...? Oh, I'm up"

"Yeah, oh, yeah"

When I was thinking, I didn't notice Shike coming out.

Her complexion is back too, looks like she's really recovered.

"Sorry, thank you. I knew I wasn't used to living in the water."

"Oh well. You're right."

I'm usually free to swim and live in the ocean.

My legs are magically deceptive, too, and it's not real.

I guess there are a lot of inconveniences, you're having a hard time just sightseeing.

"Misaki says I'm getting used to it gradually, but I'm not used to it at all... and I don't know why. Because of this, I've come this far. It just makes me sick to run. You can't do this..."


"I, the note swordsman, couldn't forget, I wrote a letter. At first I took the brush just to write a thank you...... but when I noticed it felt hot in my chest and it made me bitter. Now that's good, I... suck, I know Mr. Happiness."

You mean you can't hold back your feelings because you know the relationship between you two?

Well, the atmosphere has been nice since those two helped Shike.

I was talking to Happiness when we broke up, and I guess I heard something there as well.

You mean you feel guilty about falling in love with Raven?

"Is it such a bad thing that Shike liked Raven? I don't think so."

I can't help but like it.

If Cecilia had a lover, would I have given up... complicated though.

Maybe if you really like them, you should support the choice that makes them happy.

But not if you say you can suppress your feelings with such reasoning.

"You don't have to worry, Shike makes the choices you think you should make... even if you don't know what to do, talk to yourself and decide..."

I'm talking like this. What am I like?

I'm talking about something great, but you must have been troubled, too.

Well, in my words like this, Shike looks at you and thinks something.

How the triangle between Raven and Happiness and Shike falls, what the hell does this action of mine bring?

"... thank you. A little easier. I'll think about it, me. What do I want to do?"

"Oh well."

"Thank you, Mr. Yowki"

When I thanked her, Shike left.

Your troubles wouldn't have gone away, but you just lost a little stray, your spine was stretching perfectly.

I feel like I've pushed my back as a result.

What I meant by consulting Caius and Cecilia. Now... I guess my actions were superfluous.

"Hey, Youki-kun"

It was the Cupid of Love with the coffin on his back that called out to me as I was dropping my shoulders.

Nice timing...... could it have been followed?

"Ha ha. Don't look so anxious. It just so happens that you guys walked into an unpopular place. I thought it might taste bad, so I followed you."

"What do you mean it's not good?"

"Oh no... you will have an important lover. Yet you walk in town alone with a woman and enter a building where no one else is. This is not good."


I think Caius told me, I sure do.

Me and Cecilia are no longer close friends.

Because there's a reason why you shouldn't be left alone, you should be allowed to act like you're mistaken.

"If you act for a reason, you have no choice. However, Youki-kun should be aware. If I thought about extending my friend's presence as a lover..."

"Or if you're thinking?"

Tell me quickly what's going to happen, don't stop.

"Well, Youki-kun won't be thinking about that, so I guess it's okay"

I've been doing this for a long time.

Rolling to the ground, I see a bill from the coffin.

You're Caius's girlfriend...... it's a butt stamp bill.

Caius also noticed the bill, I wonder what this is a bump against.

"Oh, no, unfortunately, Youki-kun. Looks like my lover wants to give you a bat stamp."

"What, me!? I know it didn't taste good to be alone with Shike..."

My response to that statement is still a butt stamp bill.

What do you mean, did you behave in any other way that wasn't good?

Caius is speaking toward the coffin, he seems to be talking to her, as usual he can only hear Caius slightly.

"Hmm, I see.... Youki, keep up the good work. My beloved lover seems to be underrated."

"What, so why..."

"I hear you're asking me to think for myself there. Well, if you have any troubles, come to me. The Cupid of Love is on the side of the lost like Yoki."

"Ha ha... keep it up"

I'm sorry to hear that, but I still think I have a challenge.

"Oh, the mermaid's advice to her was accurate. I agree with Yoki. I've been listening, and I've been thinking that Yoki could be the second generation of Cupid in Love."

"Well, I guess so."

I didn't know you could say that much to the Cupid of Love, which is even an urban legend.

If you're having trouble with the streets, you might want to stay in one of the options for a change of profession......

But if you really have the strength to say so.

"Why can't my love work when I can advise you so far..."

I know I can't talk to myself.

"Oh no... will it connect there? Then you can't be a second generation. Think carefully. Yogi-kun is still young."

My question is, if it's the Cupid of First Love, do you know?

I don't have plans to be a second generation at the moment, but I guess it's something to think about.

I can see what to do with my future life thanks to the discovery of problems, such as my consciousness and behavior.

... Me, I'm not mentally young.

"Well, I guess it's time to go home to my castle. Maybe someone who's lost in love is coming to the castle for me."

"Oh, right. Caius is busy, too. Thanks for your help this time. I still don't know how to fall."

Honestly, I was hoping you could count on Caius to stay until it was resolved.

There are a lot of people who want to talk to Caius, and by way of example, I'm one of them.

"If you need anything, contact me immediately. Travel Love Counseling, Anytime. Goodbye, boy!

"He said he wasn't a boy..."

My voice didn't sound like Caius going down.

The next time I see you, you're calling me back, this...

Thus, the vampire carrying the coffin and cupid caius of love left.

The next day, I can't believe things are happening so fast, like I'm going to need Caius' help...