The day after Caius left, I was in a training ground.

"Youki, I'm sorry I called you so suddenly."

"Yes, no, never mind, the appointment was vacant"

I gave Celia a sudden call, so I came to the mansion... my servant's gaze is so cold.

or the beginning and end of being whispered just walking down the hallway.

Plus the look on Celia's face...... not very nice.

I'm sitting in the front seat for now because I see something aura.

"Oh, yeah. Can I take it easy?"

"No, please stay..."

I can feel the hegemony in my words, wouldn't I die...

Celia's mouth opened when she felt her life was in danger.

"Actually, hey, someone said they saw Youki-kun go into an unpopular street with a girl and this went into an unpopular building again"

What does Celia smile and pale talk about...... yuck.

Cold sweat appeared while sitting in the front seat.

It's rare to be upset, but Celia leans her head on what's wrong.

"Oh, Youki-kun. I'm sweating, but I knew the front seat wasn't hard. Can I sit in a chair?"

"Yes, no, stay..."

"Well, let's keep talking. So it seems that only girls came out of the building. It's like I left after a bath, with a really refreshing look."

The amount of cold sweat increases even more, I don't know what's going on with Celia's expression.

I'm afraid I can't see my face, what can I do?

Where did the information leak from in the first place, I should have been on guard when I walked into the street.

I've been going on since I walked into the building, and there may have been times when I was obsessed with talking to Shike and I got off guard.

But I can't believe the one who approached the building at such a convenient time then...

"Did the person who carried the coffin tell me all this information fit?"

Kaiusssssssssssssss, what are you doing to me?

If I thought I'd left refreshed to say goodbye to him or something, I'd drop a hell of a bomb, dude.

You know how I acted like that, why did you imitate such a misunderstanding?

No, calm down, I'm pretty sure it's the only information Caius sees.

There must be absolutely no other means left to deceive, though unwillingly, than there are absolutely no other witnesses......

"I thought I'd be lying, but yesterday, a servant on vacation said he saw Yogi-kun walking with a strange girl in a cafe."

At the earliest, we have enough evidence that the deception won't work.

Is it because the servant's gaze was cold?

Shit, that sucks...... this situation is so bad.

You won't be able to do it unless you talk about it under the assumption that Shike is a mermaid, both to explain the situation and in the circumstances.

Pulling out even mermaids... I took them to a place where I could take a bath in the water to give them a rest because I didn't know them well.

He said he was just walking into an unpopular building on an unpopular street and hearing the troubles of someone he knew... No, I can't, I can't.

"Oh, yeah. Cecilia also knew the child. If you ask Cecilia, she and I will prove that we have no such relationship..."

"Alas, it's possible that the lover I just dated is in that relationship with another girl.... you and Cecilia and me and Youki-kun are going to talk about that? In this room?"

Me whitening all kinds of things into Mr. Celia's words.

Yes, you're right, I can't call you, but it's not really that kind of relationship, and I haven't done anything.

But to prove my innocence, call Cecilia or tell the truth.

Do you have the option of calling Shike... no, the story just gets more complicated and the rumors just expand.

Oh, seriously, what am I going to do, there's going to be smoke coming out of my head.

"hehe, maybe it's time to stop being mean"


Look at my mindless voice and dumb face, plus Mr. Celia is laughing hehe.

... How far, how mean is that?

I was panicking that nothing could be done because of the fact that I couldn't resist being thrown in.

"Everything we were talking about right now is true, there are sightings, and I'm pretty sure it'll include Yoki's reaction. … but is that all?"

"Well, that's all..."

"Oh, me, I guess I'll have to say it to the end."

"Yes, no, I understand. I'm sorry, that's all. All I had to do was talk to him."

I feel overwhelmed and grounded, ugly or something... too desperate.

But there's something about sincerity that we should all show, even if we're forgiven.

"My daughter chose someone. I'm not worried. Besides... I kind of know who does that. You did this when we first met."

I'm rubbing my index finger and thumb on top of each other... I see, you mean crush it.

Shortly after he was relieved, Mr. Celia continued to talk to me blue-faced at once.

"By and large, you'll love Yoki and Cecilia"


"There's no way that Yogi-kun could have cheated on you, is there? I can't wait to hear that you like Cecilia..."

"Oh, you know, I'm sorry, Celia..."

I'm so sorry I acted like I was really mistaken... but can you forgive me?

"What's the matter, Youki-kun, you like Cecilia?"

"Yes. I like it!"

"Do you love me?"

"I love you!

I wonder what you're saying with your breasts up against your lover's mother.

But it's a fact, it's not a lie, it's my honest feelings... I'm getting embarrassed.

"I'll talk to you when I've reconfirmed your feelings about Yoki. Because I know about Yoki, I know. The servants don't either."

Even if they say they're sorry, the servants' anxiety is the best.

I can't argue, even if I didn't mean it...

"If you're going out with Cecilia, I want you to be prepared to be a rumor about even trivial things. It's famous, so it stands out for that matter... so is Yoki with you."

"You mean my Cecilian flair gets worse."

"I'm not saying that much. But be careful. Because I don't know where my eyes are."


I finished talking to Mr. Celia. I left the mansion.

Again, there was a servant's gaze and a whisper, but I pretended not to notice.

I had the feeling he was stabbing me in the back with a crumb, but I would have done anything to get it on my back.


Things I thought were good... No, I should have been just the way I always was.

Stick your neck in a story you know, get consulted or encouraged...... encouraged.

My usual behavior, and in some cases, Cecilia, could be in flames.

I... should I change...

"... Yowki"

"Ah, Raven..."

Looks like I've been walking around for a long time, but I didn't notice at all.

Because I was thinking... I can't.

"What's the matter, is something wrong? You have a dark look,... I was just about to go in for a lunch break. Hang out with me."

"Oh, thank you"

I'm going into a restaurant nearby, wondering if you cared.

It was noon so we were in on it, but I found an empty table and sat down and placed an order appropriately.

"... what's going on"

"Hey, I just didn't know where I was."

This alone is a lack of explanation, and Raven has a fit in his head.

But you don't want to tell me everything, in that mood.

So I'll ask the opposite question.

"Raven is very worried about Happiness."

"... oh. That's why you talked to Yoki."

"Right. Me..."

Thinking about whether he plans or not is not feeling ill is with him before dating...... Raven has had more worries since he went out with Happiness.

I wonder if I've changed anything, if I'm just having an unchanged routine.

I like it, I love you...... I have myself that I haven't been able to move into action with just words.

Now, you can't...

"Did something happen with Cecilia...?"

"There it is... no, there's nothing. I can't substitute for nothing. Yes, only mediocre things."

"... nothing? That's unusual. I always get the impression that Yoki is involved with Cecilia and doing something. I thought you touched Cecilia's scales because you failed or overdid it."

"My impression..."

You mean you're always putting Cecilia in trouble, that's...

I wonder if the area needs to be improved consciously as well.

"... Cecilia and Yoki would be like that. You're seeing me differently than Happiness."

"That's... before we dated. We're dating now. We need to change."

"... I was worried that I would be a heavy boyfriend to Happiness, and I thought I needed to change. But do we have to change because we've been dating?"

"Well, you have Cecilia's position too. Thinking about it... I don't deserve it either."

You have to be a man.

Seal Kitchen II, mind your eyes around you, and save more...

As I painted the ideal portrait of myself in my brain, an impact ran on my head.

I hear Raven chopped on me.


"... I got a lot of advice from Yoki. Let's start with me this time. Don't change yourself too much because of Cecilia."