"Even if they tell you not to change too much. I was trying to keep myself out of Cecilia's trouble. If my actions are directly linked to Cecilia's affair, I..."

"... I thought I'd change for Happiness too. But that's only for the two of us. Yolki would be different. Am I supposed to kill your personality?"

My personality...... you mean Kitchen II, who cares if he sticks his neck in the problem, or if he's always getting Cecilia into trouble with the case?

... I can't narrow it down because there are so many improvements.

"There's too much, there's something that needs to change. Will reversing everything you think make you serious, passive, and difficult"

"... is Cecilia having fun with such an unusual yoke?"

"That... will be for Cecilia to decide"

Isn't it a good thing Cecilia doesn't have any more trouble, fewer seeds bothering her head?

And, as usual, you two are gonna be in Cecilia's room making a joke.

I'll take the front seat, laugh and jump out the window, talk to you...

I have so many memories in that room.

... the memories I couldn't have done without me now.

"... you look like you've noticed something. No more worries?"

"Hey, I wasn't worried. Yes, I drive normally. Reflect, but be responsible for your actions. So don't let Cecilia bother you.... hey, if I'm serious, it's easy."

"... I think you should weigh in a little bit around there."

"Let's do good!

Without this, it wouldn't be me, that's what it would be.

This time, what I've done is a policy that I'm going to salvage.

If something strange happens to Cecilia because of me... I'll deal with it myself.

"Thanks for the help, Raven. The stray disappeared. I'm gonna pierce me."

"... well. If you can help me, it's better than that."

Raven inspired me. I'm switched on and in a good mood.

Did Awakening bring me a big meal, rice in, in.

After a series of changes, I finished my last plate and stroked my swollen belly.


"... hey, aren't you eating too much"

"As soon as the stray disappeared, I was hungry"

"... I guess the yoke is still good as it is. I can't even think about what happens if I can't."

"Well, I don't know how to stop. Yes, that's appetite too..."

"... sounds painful for that."

Raven's right, maybe I ate a little too much, no, I ate too much.

I feel like exercising after a meal. Shall we go and take the Alliance's request?

That day, Raven and I broke up. Was I some kind of stopper off... entering the guild, making a request, making a request, making a request.

It doesn't matter if Clayman tells me I have more work to do.

I worked desperately with the thought of putting out all the power I had, until my guild was too closed.

Clayman was reluctant to hang out with me until halfway through, but you got a bad tone when the time passed.

You think I spilled my stupidity back home that the only thing I have to do for work tomorrow is get the paperwork done?

I'm so tired, I slept well that day.

"I've been shaken."

The next day, it was Shike who visited the room.

Report a heartbreak with a smile that doesn't give in... It looks radiant not to make you feel regretted or untrained.

"Oh well."

"Yes. I thought it was okay to report it. 'Cause I owe it to Mr. Yowki to hold me back."

"No, no, it must be Shike who made the decision. I just listened. And thanks to Shike, I've noticed something."

"Really? I did something bad to Mr. Yowki. When I told Misaki what Mr. Youki encouraged me to do, I apologized for being so angry that she had it and didn't want to be alone."

Even if they apologize, I don't realize it's all my fault.

I don't need Shike to feel sorry for me.

"It was an act that did not take account of Cecilia. But I didn't have a choice to abandon Shike over there. Because Yogi is the kind of person who has moderate cooking ailments. You know, Cecilia, who accepted me, she really can't get her head up. Whatever, Cecilia will fly and fix the orbit as soon as I do it..."

Shike dated me without making an unpleasant face to the love story I suddenly started.

At this point, I should have noticed, again, I made fun of it.

Shike has just made a confession and shattered her balls.

How about being heard bragging about her while her heart is not calm?

Yes... I should have noticed sooner.

Put it up in the room and serve tea and sweets, before you do a hot valve!

And the reason my head got cold was because further visitors showed up.

When I was talking about my feelings for Cecilia, the door was knocked, so I opened it.

"Good morning, Mr. Yowki. … Are you okay now"

There was Cecilia, there was Shike inside, and the story is yesterday, so something's already out...

"I'm sorry."

I sat down on the spot.

"Eh, does that mean you're busy"

"... hey, it feels like we have visitors now"

"That's right. Then I'll come back in time. Are you free today?"

As I sat down, talking to Cecilia, I heard footsteps.

"Mr. Yowki, if a customer comes, it's time for me to go home...?"

Shike's here to see how you're doing, yeah, what am I gonna do with this.

"Mr. Yowki, I want to talk to you, so I figured you could let me go up there"

My reply was no choice but yes.

And Shike goes inside the room without going home, either.




Nobody opens their mouth, I don't know what to tell you.

Cecilia's errands are well...... that's it, absolutely.

Will the parties talk while they are in place, what do you think?

"Mr. Yowki, your mother tells me what's going on"

It was Cecilia who cut the fire.

"Cecilia, I..."

"Um, it's my fault. My identity is a mermaid. I'm not used to acting on land without water. I was just being nice to Mr. Yowki who came by. Sorry for the misleading behavior."

Shike told me everything instead before I explained.

Until I tell Cecilia who she is... I know about it because I'm talking to her.

Shike's not bad, I need to tell Cecilia what I've decided.

"Cecilia, I..."

"Rest assured, that, Cesi... Mr. Youki likes you from the bottom of his heart. I was still just talking about Mr. Cecilia until Mr. Cecilia arrived. It's always been, with a face that looks so fun, I've been hissing that I'm really... happy. Please don't hate me about Mr. Yowki. This guy... because he loves Mr. Cecilia"


I fell off the chair, what a shame to play.

Looks like my execution has started, turning away from the seriousness.

Shike, I'm really sorry, but could you shut your mouth right now?

Cecilia's reaction is... unnecessarily embarrassing that it's not even full.

... Not even full?

"Why do you have a decent look, Mr. Yowki?"

"No, no, no, no."

"I don't think my girlfriend would be happy to think of me."

Cecilia, don't say that in the light, I'll die of boredom.

I don't mind if they think I'm coming, but I want to tell Cecilia.

"Cecilia, I like it"

"Me, too."

All right, that solves it, you're holding hands naturally, and you've solved the misunderstanding.

"Oh, um... me, you should go home, right? It's definitely better to be gone right now."

I'm doing that at first sike, I didn't take it into account enough.

Me and Cecilia turn their faces bright red, but keep the hand they were holding apart and distance themselves.

But it was Shike who created the trigger...?

"Yes, no, excuse me. So, Shike-chan is as explained earlier."

"Yes. Okay."

Neither me nor Cecilia can calm down, it's not that easy to change your mind.



I have no idea what you liked about this situation, neither me nor Cecilia.

Leaning her neck amicably, Shike started talking with a little smile on her face.

"When I was looking at Mr. Yowki and Mr. Cecilia, I was envious. Me too... I can make such a wonderful future."


"I, I don't regret liking Raven. I'm heartbroken... but I've learned so many things. So I... I don't regret it."

It's a strength to be smiling, I can see it, tears streaming from Shike's eyes.

I have no regrets for Shike-chan, even if there are tears and voices plundering.

I gave Cecilia my eye and then I left the room.

I don't need a man there.