Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked a friend and his ex-boyfriend for a future forecast.

A few days later, Shike went back to the sea with Misaki.

Spiritually grown Shike, Misaki, who fully toured and bought souvenirs, including Minerva attractions, restaurants and souvenir shops.

I think it was a good sightseeing because both had a lot to gain.

Shike was smiling and waving as he rode the carriage home.

Even with two Ravens and Happiness who were here to drop me off, I felt chested and grand and untrained.

... No, I can't say for sure because I only know who I actually am.

I just... I want to believe that there's no back of that smile.

"That's how I solved what I was afraid of."

"... well, good for you"

"And even though you two are on a date today for the holiday because of it, I'm also present. I'm very sorry, but I want you to accept it with a generous heart."

"... in the way"

Happiness is as tough as ever.

Well, it looks like it's raining raw hatred outside and unsuitable for a date.

In this way, isn't it good to get neat while drinking tea at the cake shop once in a while?

... Even if it's good, I guess it doesn't change that I'm in the way.

"Happiness, I'm really sorry, but I need to talk to you. Take a look."

"... cheating"

"I didn't. You know that's a misunderstanding!

"… two shares"

"He said he didn't!

"... female enemy"

"No, no, I rather helped."

Me and Happiness making our usual arguments over the table.

Happiness and I are messed up every time we meet, so today is not the day to break it.

Regarding this matter... although I do have a problem with it, there have been strange rumors, but Celia summoned me.

He enjoys the subtlety of the laughter and the fact that I'm troubled.

"... falsehood"

"... by the way, Raven, have you solved your problem by meeting Shike?"

If I keep talking to Happiness, the conversation won't go on forever.

But you don't know this topic Happiness, you look like you don't understand.

You must be the person at the center of the conversation... but let's move on without explaining.

"Oh. I saw Shike, and he noticed something. And I made up my mind."


"I don't know when... but when I can succeed you in charge of the Knights, I'm going to get out of the captain's seat."


"And I'm thinking about setting up a house in the woods with Happiness to live with"

I'm not kidding, it seems to be a real future forecast.

Happiness seems surprised too, so it looks like the first ear.

Yuga followed by you, too, Raven, will you live with us?

"No, no, what kind of change of heart made that happen!?"

"Happiness told me, Yoki. I heard you were sightseeing Minerva, and you were feeling sick, and you were hugging me through the shequet."

"Mm, oh, well... na"

I get a bad tooth cut reply because of the stuffiness caused by the act.

"I have also heard that Yoki has been very difficult. Instead, you were more detailed by Happiness. What rumors the servant was making and sending a gaze of suspicion"

"Yeah, I finally know. They actually looked at me like that."

"... I hear your suspicions are clear."

"Oh, seriously!? Did Mr. Sophia try her best?"

He's the strongest maid chief, and he probably defended me because he knows me well.

I can't easily take a bad image of a person, and I don't think so.

"... well, you ask Cecilia how that happened. That would be better. Now you ask me about the future of me and Happiness!

"Ooh. All right, but... is Happiness in the mood? It's not the usual Raven character."

Happiness is still confused, mind not here.

Future projections include myself, I'm sure.

Are you too steep to keep up with the expansion?

"I know. However, Shike is difficult to live without a water field. After all, the right living environment for me is also important. It's a forest for Happiness. Living in nature is good for Happiness..."

"… Rejected"

"Well, you'd say so."

As far as I'm concerned, you don't want to think about moving or anything like that.

You wouldn't like to act like you're not thinking about Raven himself just for Happiness's sake.

"Happiness... why not"

"… Rejected"

"I didn't say right now. I have a life and a position in Happiness, too. I'm sorry to surprise you for saying this on your own. I just want you to know. He said I was serious about my future with Happiness."

"... cowardly"

Happiness punching Bebe and Raven's shoulders, I see things I'm not serious about, I'm just twitching.

The two of us are turning bright red on our faces, and I'm nodding because I feel like I'm going to be.

I thought you made a blown up statement like Yuga, but it didn't seem like it.

Only execution means we're going to take our hands together and think about it.

Are you two going to start living together, or what an early day - I feel like thinking like other HRs and wanting to escape reality.

On the other hand, even though my suspicion of cheating and suspicion from my servants cleared up... you can't.

All right, much regret and reflection, and fortunately, forgiveness is out of Cecilia.

But I haven't told you a proper story because I left Cecilia with Shike.

"Out of the way is gone."

"... extinguish"

"That's not how you disappear. It means you'll be gone from this place with care. Guess what's going on."

I shouldn't be in this lovely, flirtatious atmosphere.

I feel a gaze at him from the table around me why he's in my seat......

"... first"

"Oh, you advised me, didn't you? I didn't ask. It was my fault. Sorry about that!

I put the amount of my account on the table and run out of the store.

To those who have light... I don't care if the gaze pierces me about what he was doing.

"Wait, Yoki. I thought you wanted to talk to me!?"

I can hear Raven from behind.

You can't send Raven a glance at you for flirting with her, not worrying about a man.

I was wondering if it wasn't unfair at all, but I turned around and said something.

"Thanks for the help. Thanks to Raven. That's all!

Yes, I just wanted to say thank you.

I'm so sorry because we both knew we were in the way of our date.

"Sorry to keep you waiting"

I was on my way to a certain place when I left the store... yes, a meeting place with Cecilia.

I came earlier than I had promised, Cecilia was already there.

"No, because I've just come too.... you've been in a hurry again."

"Yes, no. I was in a bit of a hurry to make the bug a little too long..."

Would they have thought I couldn't afford a man, whether it's a bitter laugh to be laughing?

Oh, I want to be Cecilia......

"I don't know, it hasn't bothered anyone again, has it?"

"Ha ha, isn't that right? … and again."

Me, so every time, is someone annoying me?

"Mr. Yowki doesn't know what he's going to do."

"... excuse me"

My conversation with her... you know me... yeah.

"Why, do you apologize?... No way, you didn't really bother anyone, did you?"

"Yes, no, I didn't...?"

Does that get annoying?

I interrupted your date, so it's annoying, but you disappeared right away, but I don't know.

I can't escape Cecilia's suspicious gaze because of her vague reply and her swimming eyes.

"... Raven and Happiness were on a date."


"Talk about how I sat there with no food on my face."

"Really? Mr. Yowki, Mr. Raven is busy, and Happiness is inside, so I can't see him."

"But I had some errands, too. Minimally to talk about... it's disappearing"

"... you had a reason to be Mr. Yowki"

They looked at my face and guessed, that's Cecilia.

"That's right. To Raven......"

"Don't I have one?"


"Don't you have anything to tell me?"

"… Yes"

What's the matter, Yoki, are you shivering with Cecilia in front of you?

Is it that I see something aura?

"That's right. When I returned to the mansion, my servant gave me a sympathetic gaze, and my mother told me that Cecilia was not in trouble either..."

"Ahhh...... I'm so sorry"

"That's good. Mr. Youki didn't do anything wrong, and I knew what was going on with Mr. Shike, so I immediately convinced him."

"Oh, well. Yeah, right. Cecilia would understand."

The words came out of Cecilia's mouth while she was relieved.

This is, after all... a sermon pattern, or I'm ready.

"Mr. Yowki, please stop putting restrictions on your actions because of me. Mr. Raven told me that Mr. Youki can stay with Mr. Youki."

The Raven one, you told Cecilia what I was worried about.

... There's something in your heart when you say it from Cecilia's mouth.

"Oh, but think properly where you should refrain. … you know what I mean."

"Hey, because you're not a yogi..."

"Overdo it, too, please."

"... Yes"

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, like I haven't been active lately.

Well, maybe you're okay because you don't show your face for the time being.

"That, but how did you solve the servant's suspicions?"

"That's Mr. Sophia's persuasion.... At first, Mr. Sophia also meant that Mr. Yowki deserved it, which moved to the point where he wouldn't spread the rumors. Mr. Yowki, you've taken a lot of Alliance requests, haven't you, in a day?"

"Oh, you already worked that day. Get Clayman involved."

"That's it. Sophia was in a good mood, so when she asked, she seemed happy that Clayman had been working overtime for the first time."

Are you happy about that, Mr. Sophia?

What do you mean, Clayman, you're a deputy guild master, but you don't do any overtime?

There would have been a day when I cut it up by myself...... no, it's about Clayman.

I guess I closed it on time or something.

"He also heard from Clayman that it was thanks to Mr. Yowki, who worked so hard on the request, that he did everything he could to erase the rumors."

I see. I have to thank Sophia.

"Mr. Sophia said it, too. I must thank Master Youki."

"No, no, I just did my job."

"Hehe, right. So shall we go? I'm tired of standing up all the time. I'll entertain Mr. Yowki today."

Cecilia smiles and walks out of my hand.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the hell you're taking me to.

Thus, the suspected triangle case between Shike, Raven and Happiness closed the curtain...... though.

Captain, I need your help.

"What's up, what happened? Just say the requirements. I want to be immersed in the aftermath of yesterday's date with Cecilia."

"I'll give you Irene in the Knights, Raven... there's been a black rumor that I got into a muddy triangle with the Knights chief's guests too"

"Ask Raven, bye!

I kicked Duke out and shut the door.

Is Mr. Irene's rampage and Misaki's frank attitude toward Duke the cause of the mistake?

Either way, let's not make any more noise in triangles.

Duke would be fine, there's Raven, and Mr. Irene would solve the misunderstanding.

But I hear Mr. Irene has caused a further outburst, but I don't know.