Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went to the house of the brave and the girl wizard.

My lover Cecilia, with her strongest companion named Raven, whose life has been designed and is in excellent shape, I embark on the love nest of Mikana and Yuga.

I'm worried about not keeping up with the early developments...... hey.

Isn't it the one called Marriage Blue, the one that will be before marriage?

With that in mind, I take a serious look up at the house where the two of them are living together.

I was expecting a stupid big mansion... it was a common house with a secluded garden upstairs.

Those two would be making a lot of money, so you could live in a bigger mansion.

I guess because we're both not from aristocracy, we're more used to living in a house like this.

I guess the scale doesn't change the fact that the two of us live together in Love Love.

Raven is better off lying around than I am, and I'm thinking about it.

Occasionally, I snort, I see, no, but I hear not a word of it.

... Let's keep it calm.

"Mikana, are you there? Cecilia."

Cecilia hits the door of the house on behalf of him and calls Mikana.

I heard a running noise from inside the house shortly after, and the door opened.

"I'm sorry, you have to come..." Why are you here?... Yeah, there's even a swordsman. What a breeze. "

"Would it be inconvenient if I were here? Don't worry, I'm usually on your side today."

"... I'm worried too. I asked Yoki and Cecilia to accompany me."

"... yes, I get it. Well, come in."

It seemed unexpected for Mikana that me and Raven would be here.

While confused, he seems to have been forced to convince me if the scratch is troublesome.

We walked into the love nest between the two of us, wondering if we were okay.

When you enter the house, you can see where you can feel the sense of life between them.

The sofa has two different colored pillows, two identical dishes, and different colors of pyjamas......

Unsurprisingly few pieces of furniture...... I'm not even using luxury items, but affordable items.

Raven is moving his gaze the most and restless...... no, you're not.

You're also wondering if this is the house where a couple living together live.

... What the hell are you doing here?

"Hey, don't look too giddy."

"Ho. I mean, you can interpret it as having trouble being seen."

"... Cecilia, I'll bring Atashi tea. You're Cecilia's dog, so keep an eye on the house."

That's what Mikana left out and disappeared into the kitchen, the dog... dude.

"Shall I fish the dog like a dog, for real"

No, sir.


Quickly, I was stopped like a dog.

No, I'm not even serious about fishing.

If I saw something I shouldn't have seen, it would taste bad.

It's a house for a couple living together, so there's definitely something about it.

... because I'm really scared, because I don't know what it is.

But today, the curious Raven can't seem to stop moving his gaze...

"Hey, Raven. Not much to look at."

"... Yowki, I wonder what that is"

Raven's fingertips were in a room with a half-opened door.

I wonder if it's the bedroom, I can see the bed...... only one.

And when I finally see it, I have two pillows in one bed...... eh?

Raven seems to have noticed that, and he's been looking at me.

No, even if you look at me like that, I don't know how to react.

You noticed us staring into the room, closing the door where Cecilia was silently half-opened.

"Mr. Yowki, Mr. Raven. Not really, let's stop prying. Especially Mr. Raven... it doesn't seem like it."

"... sorry"

It's a very rare sight of Raven being scolded by Cecilia.

It's usually me... because I wasn't comfortable, the Raven one.

Mikana came back with tea as Raven reflected.

"Sorry to keep you waiting... what is this? How can a swordsman be scolded by Cecilia? If I were to make fun of you, it wouldn't be you."

"... I saw something Raven shouldn't have taken the initiative to look at."

"I don't suppose there's anything at home that's bothering me when I'm seen. What the hell did you see?"

Hey, can I say this?

Raven is completely silent, did you even put a chuck on his mouth?

Looks like you're back in your old raven.

Cecilia is also silent, Mikana is in the position where she asked the question, so she awaits an answer.

Thus, the inside of the room becomes a scene.

Raven took out a notebook of nostalgia and a pen while everyone kept their mouth open.

What I wrote in the quick brush was, I'm sorry, I saw the bedroom...

It's already late, but when Cecilia notices the content, she rips off the note and instantly turns it into a chest pocket.

"... Mr. Raven, you don't seem to be doing very well today"

"... Sounds like it. I'm sorry, Cecilia."

"Hey, if you want to apologize, why don't you give it to Atashi!?"

Is this the link to the brave party?

I feel like it's an area I can't get in, I'd like to join in but why don't we just shut up and see how it goes?

"... right. Micah, should I give you something to celebrate?"

"What a celebration. Just looking in the bedroom brought me to what idea. Swordsman, maybe you should give something to celebrate. I'm not in a good position to have flowers in my hands."

Raven is totally vegan, but Mikana seems upset that she thought he was saying it on purpose.

You mean Shike in both hands... Mikana is fast on information too.

Nothing. I've solved the case, so I haven't fallen for Raven.

"... Mikana, I only have flowers in one hand that I love. Even if it turns out to grieve the kid who favored me, my feelings don't shake."

"Ugh... you've really changed. You didn't have the character to say that. Cecilia, what's going on?"

"Mikana, Mr. Raven found it. Be like a brave man to Mikana."

That's what Cecilia says, so you can't explain it any better.

Raven hasn't blushed either, he's grand... seriously, you're evolving every day.

"... Phew, I know about the swordsman. If you've also been seen about the bedroom, you can't help it. But don't pursue it deeply. You know what I mean. If you have a lover, there's one or two things you don't want to be pryed into."

"... I do agree"

"I don't have one."

No, no... Cecilia, what are you talking about?

Me, Mikana and Raven are surprised and their gaze concentrates all at once on Cecilia.

"Hey Cecilia...... that would be a lie. It's this guy, this guy. Obviously not with all sorts of revelations. That's about as much as Cecilia doesn't want to get involved and tell people!

"Hey, here! What do you think I am?"

"I'm not trying Atashi's information network. Sometimes, weird remarks, strange strengths, and connections. I know there's a lot of problem behavior for that matter. You've really pissed off Cecilia."

"... excuse me"

When the facts are mixed up, there is no room for a counterattack.

Anyway, I'm an eternal cook with a lot of problematic behavior.

"... Is Cecilia really going to have trouble with Yoki and her, being asked?"

"Yes, because me and Mr. Youki have a normal relationship. Right, Mr. Yowki?"

"Oh, yeah..."

If I could smile naturally like that, I'd only say yes.

Well, you must actually be in a clean relationship.

"Right. Right. Yowki......"

I don't know why you have to look at me like this from Raven, okay? I didn't do anything wrong.

Now Micah has been sneaking in my ears so that Cecilia doesn't hear me.

"You, make one or two things to hide with your lover. I can't believe it's just the two of us... it's not something I admire. There's something you can't even tell a swordsman, absolutely."

Is that what it is?

Raven told me he was talking to me about all that, but he said there was something he hadn't noticed.

Of course, Mikana also has secrets with Yuga that people can't tell you, because that's all you're telling people.

But it's just me and Cecilia's secret... yeah, you don't.

The one who knows I'm a demon, and there he is.

"Mikana, what's wrong?"

"Yeah, it's nothing.... Stay with me."

Finally, he was whispered and softly advised.

I'm going to hold on to it for me.

No, I've been in trouble lately with my unconsciousness.

Yeah, I talked to Cecilia and decided not to lose it.

Hmm, a secret... let's remember it for the future.

"... to sum up, we didn't see anything."

"Yes! Because you don't have to think deeply."

"Hey, Cecilia's in an orphanage. Some toddlers."

"Yes, I am... is that it?"

"No, take Mikana and practice how to snuggle and yawn inside now... stay!?"

Cecilia and Mikana, chops flew in from the two of us.

"Why would you do that?!

"That's right, Mr. Yowki. It's still early for Mikana."

"What... Cecilia, what the hell?"

"Isn't that natural? You should start by learning from what happened while you were caging your child. I was wondering if we should encourage the brave men to study together so that they can assist Mikana as well. I'm not that familiar with it, so ask Sophia, who has experience in childbirth..."

Micah's face is dyeing red gradually, but Cecilia won't stop talking.

I'm not after you, I'm vegan, in Cecilia's case.

I can't really get to Raven and I in the content of the story... so I'm curious about Raven's note.

... or Mikana, how are you?