Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked the girl wizard what she really meant.

"Talk to the priest you know. I've heard there's a lecture for pregnant women before childbirth. There will also be convenience for Micana, so think about the dates..."

Cecilia, maybe it's time to forgive Micana.

Maybe you haven't noticed how Mikana is.

... It sounds like Cecilia, doesn't it?

Raven's listening more seriously to Cecilia... and what are you doing here?

The derailment from the main muscle is also a good place, so should we go back to the route?

"Cecilia, Cecilia. It's time to get down to business."

"Ah... right, excuse me. We'll turn this story around later. So... Mikana. Are you okay?"

"... Cecilia has caused me more trouble. Well, leave that alone. Atashi, I'm anxious to see if it's okay."

"But nothing bad?"

All you have to do is goal-in, what's the problem?

The outer moat should be completely landfilled by Yuga, so there shouldn't be any major obstacles.

"The environment surrounding the sea urchin is changing too quickly. 'Cause think about it. I've had days to update my one-sided history until a while ago... suddenly I'm engaged, cohabiting, married!? Maybe Yuga can't."

"You didn't."

"... you wouldn't"

"I thought you didn't."

Me, Raven, Cecilia, the three of us were in perfect agreement.

It's not eye-catching or doing anything, it's an inevitable match.

I can't think of anything he can't do.

"Hey, don't all say the same thing. Even Yuga is human. It's possible that you're too sick to accept your feelings."

"You mean sick... hey?"

Yuga's feelings for Mikana seem high enough to be pathological.

As much as I drew the power of the Holy Sword that I couldn't put out in the battle against the Demon King.

What face are you hiding behind such a refreshingly handsome man...... no, there is no back.

It's too straight, because some faces are as sharp as needles, so I can't stop.

Just sending my gaze. You two guessed my thoughts, yeah. Nodding.

I guess that's what you both think.

"I wonder if Atashi thinks too much. You're really going to think about it. I don't like it if you're burdening Yuga..."

"What do you want to do with Mikana? Don't you feel comfortable marrying a brave man?"

"Oh, that's not true. Well, I'm glad you decided..."

Cecilia cut deep into it, and Mikana was in a bit of a state for you.

But if you want to keep fluttering like this, you should ask directly how Mikana feels.

"That's how Mikana feels, isn't it? I think it's good that you care about the brave. Just don't let that ruin your feelings.... Micana has always supported the brave, so could we be more selfish?"

"... I'm not good at this stuff, so I can't say it well, but Mikana will be the only one who can support me about Yuga now and in the past.... shoulder-to-shoulder support isn't bad."

Both Cecilia and Raven are saying things that will hold up marriage.

I don't know what to do... just the two words seem to impress Mikana enough.

I'm worried if I say it will be snakefoot, but I'll tell you what I think for once.

"He's glad his eyes are glittering that he can marry Mikana.... you really know because we've been dating for the longest time, don't you?"

"Ugh... what are you talking about from above?"

"No, seriously. I'm the shortest person in the world. That's why I've seen Yuga and Mikana interact in that short period of time... well, that was thick. You look good, you look good."

"That's right, Mikana. It goes very well with the brave. I'm sure it's okay. The brave will make Mikana happy."

"... don't get anxious. I worry a lot about whether I'm right or not. I just don't think there's room for trouble marrying Yuga."

Micana exhaled loudly as she tapped from the three again.

Have you made up your mind, slap the table and get up in momentum.

"Ah, well, I get it. I'm getting married.... No, that's not how you put it."

"Yes. And shouldn't we speak properly to the brave, too? Well... it's not clear from Mikana's mouth."

"It feels like Yuga snorted at me."

"It is. I was so rude to Yuga for being halfway through it, I sucked. You have to say it right, right?... Atashi wants to marry Yuga and be happy together"

"... true!?"

Suddenly, the window of the house opens.

I knew it, saying something delicious to him like this... there's no way he wouldn't show up.

That's why the three of you are surprised, but I still have the look on my face.

It's no use telling this guy it's too good a time.

"Actually, I was just a little anxious because I didn't get a clear response from Mikana about the marriage.... Good."

"Yuga, I'm sorry. Atashi, I think I made you nervous..."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Because I believed in Mikana."

Can't you see we're here, or is this tense knowing we're here?

If it feels lovely, we should go home right away.

... But it's Yuga who won't let you act in such common sense.

"Sorry, Mikana. I have to apologize."

"What, I'll forgive you some things because I feel good today. Say it. Because I'm not angry."

"Thanks. Actually... it's a dress to wear to a wedding. I'm thinking of making it custom-made, I guess."

"Fine. That's what we're talking about. You don't have to apologize..."

"Yay, thanks. Mikana! Well, come on in."

Yuga, who held up Mikana in a quick move, goes out the window.

We ran to the window where Yuga left us.

There was a strange carriage parked outside, and Micana seemed to have been thrown into the carrier.

That carriage looks expensive when I see it... it's for nobles.

Yuga is closing the door of the carrier with a finished look.

"I wanted to be with Mikana too... the store... said it was closed to men. The clerk told me I shouldn't be here because I'm trying to size it."

I can hear Mikana's best opinion that it would be obvious from the carrier.

What does that have to do with this carriage?

"I really can't, so if you ask me if I can measure now, I'll talk to you about doing it. I asked someone I knew to arrange a carriage."

Isn't it strange that you arranged a carriage, or Yuga could fly away, so it would be faster that way.

Mikana asks Yuga a similar question from the carrier.

"Then why don't you just let Yuga send you away!

"Because I wanted to pick up Mikana. And... I'd like to see the dress for the first time on the same day."

Cecilia is stunned by Yuga's words, me and Raven are well, I don't even know... No, are you crazy?

I'm not gonna do this far, aren't you two choosing a normal dress?

It's bespoke, so I wonder if there's something like this... Raven, you make notes here, too.

"My hopes are communicated to the store... Nice to meet you. I'll pick you up by the end of the day."

"Hey...... yuuger!

The carriage departed and Mikana's voice became inaudible step by step.

... I knew it would be the same.