Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked him what the brave man really meant.

Yuga didn't try to move off the spot until she couldn't see Mikana's carriage.

... even if they give me that vibe like a raw goodbye.

Should I scratch that you sent it out half the time? [M]

... Ask Cecilia for her opinion, or leave the Knights leader with a pen tip in his notebook alone.

"Cecilia, I wonder if Yuga needs a scratch"

"... first I thought I'd tell you that I'm letting you go up to the house. We'll talk later."

Me and Cecilia were cool there, are we used to it already?

Or if you try these situations from a couple before marriage, is it normal, it's a mystery.

Ask Raven, who is currently working on a cohabitation plan next door, if you know a little bit about it.

"That, how come all three of us are at home...... Ah, Cecilia and Raven. It was just fine. Actually, it's a wedding invitation I gave you both, but it looks like you had a flaw."

"Is that it now..."

My head was full of weddings. I explained to Yuga why I came to the house.

Micah or anxious, he explains with force that he was worried that Yuga might be forcing him.

"... and well, that's how I was grinding for Mikana"

"I can't believe Mikana was so worried! I have to apologize immediately..."

"Raven. Don't let Yuga use the Holy Sword!

Quickly, you tried to fly away or put your hand on the Holy Sword, so I'll have Raven stop you.

You're forbidden to men, you're measuring, you're looking forward to it, be patient.

Even if the wings are tightened by Raven, they are twitchy.

This is Cecilia's turn.

"Cecilia, nice to meet you"

"Yes.... Dear brave man, Mikana has just finally made up her mind. It's an act that doesn't seem too good to be the same woman who struggles when she finally sorts out her feelings."


"... you better take care of your lover"

"Until Raven......"

"Not particularly from me."

"That's not terrible!?"

No, 'cause the words of the people we traveled with would suffice.

Married people are one of them, and you don't need my word there.

"But I can't believe Mikana was so worried... I did something I'm really sorry about. We need to do something for Mikana."

"Shouldn't we put it down softly? Micah will be tired."

"It's all right. I'm just going to get some of Mikana's favorite trinkets. Because the last time I was on a date, I was about to want it."

"Oh, really? You're looking at Mikana when you're looking at her..."

I don't know, I think Cecilia saw me for a second.

I wasn't paying attention to the details like that.

... I also feel like I didn't do it consciously, it doesn't taste good.

"... Yuga, what were you doing dating Mikana? I haven't seen you try."

"Yeah. Micana would be tired if people surrounded you. Because I realized that Micah was in a tough spot for me. I often go fishing in the river or go to the mountains and observe animals when I go on dates. I guess I'll go to the border town after that. Because it doesn't make more noise than Minerva. Of course, I'm going to tend to stay. We're busy together. We have plans."

"Travel with a stay, alone..."

My hand holding Raven's pen is shaking.

Speaking of which, haven't Raven and Happiness ever been on a trip together?

There's me, there's the Knights face.

"I'm ah... hmm"

"Do you have yolks too?!?"

"No, is that a good number...?"

The two of us made a request and went to explore the ruins, but that was as the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

No count... I was shaking my neck sideways when I pointed my gaze at Cecilia, no count.

"No, you don't."

"... that thinking about it meant that we both did something close to traveling. Sorry, Happiness..."

Raven fell apart disappointed.

... I didn't know Yuga was evolving so far.

Given the gaze I felt from Cecilia, my position is also at stake.

"I wonder what happened to Raven and Cecilia, Youki-kun. Did I say something weird?"

"No... everyone is just amazed at your growth. And I feel like I'm in danger."

"What's the crisis... Yoki's not enough to worry me, is she? Looks like I was the one who was always worried. If I look like I've grown up... thanks to Mikana."

"I think there's a part of me that feels grown..."

The same is true of the liberation of the hidden power of the Holy Sword.

"Um, what do you think? Now if you have time to feel like you're growing up, you want to move. It's a pile of things to do. With Mikana......"

"All right, Cecilia, Raven, let's go home. These guys don't have to worry about anything anymore. No!

If there is no more, it is over when people ask me about my love.

Originally, Mikana said she was anxious about marriage, so the purpose was to come and listen.

Instead of clearing up anxiety now, you'd be thinking about bright red faces and bridesmaid costumes, a total, crowded couple.

I head to the front door without getting to the arms of the two people who are still thinking with a bump.

"We're leaving now, see you later, Youki-kun, Cecilia, Raven. When the date and time are set, I'll send you another invitation."

"It's just an invitation, just to make sure you don't have to come either."

That's all I'm saying. We got out of Yuga, Mikana's love nest.

"... I don't think we had to go"

"Right. The brave man now seems to be thinking and acting about Mikana. It looks like we're going to run wild, but we're going to get to our destination eventually."

"You're right, you're a brave man, and you have what you originally had. Run over thinking about yourself and Mikana's happiness...... engagement, cohabitation, marriage. And then what?"

Does Yuga also have a post-marriage plan?

Though I don't think that fever will cool off because I'm married...... I'm going to do a week in the world or something on my honeymoon.

Should I hope the wedding ends safely now?

I also have an immediate problem, the note swordsman next door.

"Hey, there's smoke coming out of your head. Be decent!"

"... oh, I'm sorry. I wondered what a cold man I was to my lover. That's what the two names looked like... the public's eyes are right. Close your eyes and you will find yourself in a warm home, but in a cold life..."

"Because I'm not here! Don't worry, Raven's working hard enough. Happiness is happiness."

"… I can't even plan my trip satisfactorily, like finally realizing when I see my people?"

If you think Mikana solved it, now it's Raven.

Happiness has a small mouth count but feelings on his face and words.

As far as recent developments are concerned, there are no verses that make me dissatisfied, I think too much.

People are people, so you should take your time making plans from now on.

I was wondering if Cecilia could say a word to Raven as well, give him a signal on the side for a moment...

"It's okay, Mr. Raven"

That's Cecilia, my thoughts seem to have been conveyed.

Encourage Raven with a gentle smile like a goddess.

"Neither have I... because I have never traveled outside of the Alliance's request in the form of being alone with Mr. Yowki"

An arrow flew in on me, and it went deep and deep, and it was devastating.

Mostly, there's always someone out there.

Lately, the three kids had a picnic, and now we talked about coming together.

I wonder when next time, you're not willing to make plans from me, you can afford to be encouraging about Raven, hey.

... They should have gone to encourage Mikana, but the three of us got more anxious.

How did this happen?