Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked my lover to talk to me about the request.

The moon flows after seeing Yuga grow unexpectedly...... no, isn't it flowing that far?

I went on trips and other things to encourage them. It turned out that we were having problems...

I was wondering if I could call myself Cecilia's boyfriend.

While I think about travel, I also have to think about the house.

Something happens around me that will chase me into a hi-hi state...

"Cecilia, please repeat your story now"

All of a sudden Cecilia came and got tense, but I was flabbergasted to hear what the story I had brought.

Cecilia also has a tired look... well, I don't know what the story is about.

"Yes, it's a request from the king. It's about... ending Mikana's wedding with the brave safely."

"Why do you get requests from kings straight away? Plus, content!

Will you say something will happen to those two weddings?

"Don't you remember Mr. Yowki... when the brave man went to ask Mikana to marry him"

"Uh, that's it. The one where Yuga's thoughts unleashed the power of the Holy Sword and flew away with wings, to the College of Women, and made a proposal"

It was hard for the two of us to make a difference then.

So when I made Yuga's push, you were surprised with Cecilia because she filled the outer moat and then went to propose.

"At that time, the brave man carefully prepared himself downstairs before pressing Mikana into an engagement. … as a result"

"The result?"

"There has been a suspicion in every country that the marriage of the brave to Mikana is a political marriage that the Kingdom of Clarines has set up to surround the two of us."

"No, why would you do that!

There's something wrong with the story, how can it lead to inter-state problems from Yuga's scary tale of behavior?

"Before the brave man got engaged to Mikana... you had a crush on me, didn't you?"

"Oh, yeah, you are"

You can't help but say one thing, Cecilia doesn't like to say these things clearly.

"Even if I had a favor, the brave man would not treat me without a favor that could be directed at him, and he was smiling"

"You're in harem. It's a good memory now that I went shopping for accessories and his fans pushed me over to the store. I think I heard that the princess of this country likes yuga too..."

"Yes, because people like royalty, nobility... seemed to force me to get engaged as well. I pretended all of that without any foretaste. And we have the king's help. And then... because my voice has been up for a long time that I'm unlikely to socialize with Mikana."

I guess we all thought childhood familiarity wouldn't develop any further in relation to childhood familiarity.

I thought they said Cecilia was more likely or something.

Maybe, I'm sure, I won't check with Cecilia, but I definitely will.

"As a result of the unexpected marriage of everyone, the unusual motivation of the brave, the help of the king, etc. … there are those who suspect that there is a back to this marriage"

"Back and nothing, just a smooth romantic marriage."

What happened is, well... it feels like Yuga's been working too hard.

Because there's a position problem, if you say you don't have a choice, yes.

"It seems that the wedding of the brave and Mikana will take place in large measure, with royalty, royalty and nobility from all countries to be invited. I wish the wedding was over without a thing, just in case..."

"Well, I know. Isn't that Raven's job?"

It's the Knights of the Kingdom, so guard me.

"Of course, we're talking about the Knights being on security at the ceremony that day, mainly Mr. Raven. But he wants us to move in secret in the form of insurance."

"Hmm. Not only Cecilia, but I..."

"Perhaps Mr. Yowki is liked by the King"

I only met him once, did you do something that you could see that far?

I remember doing something very stupid, I'm really sorry, I swear I'll never say or do anything naughty like that again.

Cecilia smiling in front of me doesn't touch on my black history.

Let's not talk about it, that's the right answer.

"... but it would be nice to have someone like me at a wedding with so many great people."

Cecilia is one of the former brave parties and two buddies, and she's noble, and it would be good because she's cute.

I'm a B-rank adventurer on Guild Street, I feel like floating even if I went in a friend frame.

A gaze that looks down, a whisper that obviously speaks in a voice that can be heard here, things that have happened since you came all the way here.

I think there will be a lot of those things and they won't be where I asked them to be.

"Right...... how about joining as my entourage"

"No, that's also going to fly the gaze of jealousy, and it's going to be noticeable that a man is an entourage.... I don't have a choice, I'm not taking part."

"What, you mean decline the request"

"Well, shall I say I had business and went out? So let's talk about a trustworthy surrogate."

I fish the tans, take out what I need, and get dressed in a quick move.

Yes... Youki will not attend the wedding of the two of us.

"Cecilia attends the wedding to find out if anyone is making any suspicious moves at the ceremony. I'll be in charge of something else. If you are a Guild A-ranked Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you also have the credibility of the Knights. It should be okay to move in the back."

"... are you serious"

"Oh, even so. I mean it all the time. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman ensures that the request is fulfilled.... we hung out scattered by the time those two stuck together. Goal, we're not letting any extra tea in here right now."

"Sure, it might be easier to move that way... but it's okay, right?"

Apparently, my lover is pretty worried.

There are no words of defeat, failure or retreat for the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

I will do everything in my power to support the two weddings from behind.

"Don't worry... I won't cause any problems."

"I'm worried that getting out will cause problems..."

Problem solved safely, absolutely.

"Well, it's Cecilia. Do you want to make a decision about the request in your current plan?"

"Mr. Youki won't stop in this state anymore... and the proposal isn't bad. I will speak well to the King, Mr. Raven and myself."

"Phew, a safe decision? So, are you free for today?"

"Uh, yes. I have to work with Mr. Raven on my current story, and I'm already here today..."

"All right, we're going out"

Cecilia's arm grabs him tightly.

Maybe a little strong, but there's a place I need you to hang out.

I have to solve some of my problems.

I'm the only one who has the potential to make a mistake.

I want Cecilia's help.

"Please wait. Even if Mr. Yoki dresses like that, I'm only lightly dressed."

Sure, it's a rough outfit today with just glasses and a hat, this could get you off your identity.

You can't be publicly informed about the relationship between the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Cecilia...... BUT!

"With this, you'll be relieved"

It was the Cecily disguise set that was removed from the Tans.

I have them with clothes, glasses and magic books that I used to wear as Cecily.

"Why do you have this stuff!?"

"The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman means he's looking one step or two ahead."

I thought you might need it someday, and you were right to buy it.

This is the combined resurrection of Cecily, the demon swordsman of Black Thunder and the guide of mercy.

"Isn't it faster for Mr. Yowki to take it off than I do?"

"That's the best opinion. But once you're dressed like this, you have to accomplish something!

If I take it off like this, I'm going to lose track of it due to incomplete combustion.

I felt the strength of my push. Cecilia accepted that Cecilia would be Cecily in the form of a break.

Of course, I can't peek into dressing, so I blindfold myself and put on Nightmare Sleep and travel to the world of my dreams.

With a high laugh, he was drawn back to reality as he dreamed of chopping up countless enemies.

"I'm ready... what were you dreaming about? I have no enemies, everything is in my hands, I dream of eternity, but it's good... I suspect you're awake."

"Goddamn it, I was the strongest of dreams."

"... By the way, what kind of request do you get today"

Subtle through, that's Cecily, you know how I treat her.

"I'm sorry...... I'm not going to take the request today"

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm looking for a home!