Me and Cecily walked dignified, feeling the gaze of the people going out.

It's bad for Cecily, but you have to think about different things to find a home, such as location, price, ease of life, etc.

No matter how many black thunder demon swordsmen, they cannot easily determine their dwellings.

With Cecily's help, you'll find a good home.

"Inn life is also long, so it does feel like it's about time, doesn't it? Yo... if you're a Demon Swordsman, you'll be making enough money in your guild."

"Oh, I don't waste much. I'm saving for when something happens. The time has come... to free that savings!

"... please be careful not to overuse it"

So far, Cecily's scratch is shallow.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has also been largely accepted... no, I just haven't shown my main command yet.

Releasing true power is still a long way off… I'd rather not strain Cecily.

Anyway, I just got into real estate with guidance from Cecily.

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, when you enter the store, please proceed to the reception normally"

"Hmm, I guess it's natural. I know the extent of it."

I opened the store door normally.

The momentum is normal, the power to close is normal, and the magic of light attributes is not activated in the back.

The clerk wasn't flashy enough either, so he should normally think a customer came in.

"Cecily, that would be normal so far"

"I'm sorry, but I need you to look around and make a decision."

Perimeter reactions, customers and clerks are turning a blind eye immediately after looking at this one.

And you're back to your routine... something like that.

"The clerk came in with a customer, the customer would have recognized a customer other than himself."

"I didn't know what would happen when I got involved, so it looked like I was trying not to gaze at you,"

"Don't think too much, Cecily."

"Mr. Devil Swordsman is overly optimistic."

Talking all the time at the entrance would also get in the way, so I sat at the reception, which was empty.

Young male employee, still working for less than five years, etc.

I hear the sales smile collapsed a little when we sat down, then we haven't had one yet.

"Yes, welcome, sir. Thank you for using our store. … what kind of home are you looking for"

You didn't really think about the terms of the house.

Well, why don't you narrow it down if you don't say some hope or thought?

If I don't, I'm going to see all the empty houses.

"Hmm... right. The brilliance that awakens my sleep is unobstructed..."


"Excuse me. In a sunny house, please. And, Mr. Demon Swordsman, talk to the store so they can see."

Apparently, he didn't understand my words.

Is it a hassle twice to have Cecily interpret all the time?

"I'm sorry, I'm going to pick a word. And then there's not as many people as possible, one or two floors, you don't have to think about the funds, but you don't have to be too expensive."

I want the size there because it's loud and hard to sleep in the middle of the night when there's a lot of traffic and it's likely to be a hoarding lot, I have money but I don't want Cecily to see me scatter too much.

Though necessary expenses, waste should be avoided.

I guess the clerk is also searching for a property that was in the criteria, which he started researching by putting out materials to say he hopes.

"Cecily, it's hard to find a home."

"No... it's just the beginning, what made you think it was difficult"

"Listening to a customer's request would make it extremely difficult to find a home as it was requested. I'm sure that some conditions were cancelled without meshing and ended up in jail. Another search for a new home to show you…"

"I see. Is that the clerk's point of view? I thought we should talk about that now."

With Cecily pointing out, I turn my gaze to the clerk in front of me.

The sales smile had collapsed a little and there was a bitter laugh.

Customer service seems to be a tough world, an area I can't handle.

As soon as the clerk had finished examining the materials, he was to be able to guide me as if there were several candidates.

They're not even in on it, so they'll take care of it right away, you're lucky.

That's why I'm going to visit the house where I'm a candidate for the male staff guide......

"This is..."

"There's a lot of buildings around, dismissed!

"Here's the price..."

"The roof is about to fall out, dismissed!

"This is about the fifth year of construction..."

"I am the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder...... Too Far to the Alliance Is tantamount to Influencing Life...... Rejected"

Let's just mourn the rejection like this.

They can't find a good place to live inside.

Male staff walking in front are also dropping their shoulders, unable to answer the customer's wishes, and there is no need to be depressed.

If I was wondering what the next house would look like, Cecily slapped me on the shoulder, what is it?

"Mr. Demon Swordsman, if we don't make some compromise, we won't decide."

"Hmm, that's true... but the residence won't be able to change to be so pompous. Where you live is important. Compromise affects my life. You have to be careful. I'm sorry, but there's something I can't give away either."

"Really? Still, I don't feel I can decide to stay like this, so please think about the compromise now. I don't have any hope of getting through."

"... ok. If Cecily says so, let's make a decision. Where to be my castle!

"My castle...... ah!?

I'm surprised that Cecily noticed something, and I hold her mouth.

What the hell is wrong with you?

"I've noticed something terrible. I can't believe you didn't notice this...... this time I have a downfall too. Excuse me, I'm unconscious."

"What's the matter, what's happened"

"... The Devil Swordsman is looking for a home, isn't he?"

"Exactly. Where we will be..."

"... you're not looking for Mr. Yowki's house, you're looking for Mr. Demon Swordsman's house, are you? If you're hiding who you are, you buy a house like this."


Me back in vegetables.

Yes, if I keep my contract, I'll be home to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Well, then, don't let it suck that you're misidentified or suspected of a relationship... yeah.

I speak to a male employee who is glittering with the materials as he walks.

"Uh, I'm sorry. Hey, okay?"

"Oh, how are you doing? Sorry, I need a little more time to show you the next property..."

"No, it's about that. Think the conditions were too tight for me. I'd like to think about it again, so would you mind changing the day?"

I can't tell you the real reason, so I just have to delude you.

I apologize for not coming as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman when it comes to changing the day.

"Yes, I did."

The male staff gave me their full consent.

I wonder if you're relieved inside, you would have been a troublesome and prominent guest.

He said he was looking forward to using it again, and the male staff went back to the store.

Cecily and I broke up on the spot, and I'm going back to the inn.

When I got back to Youki, I sat in the front seat even though no one was there and reflected on it by myself...... let's get it right next time.

Later, now it was time to head to real estate as a yoke.

Cecilia is with me. I think it's okay for me to be alone for the second time.

"In the first place, I wonder if I can get rid of it"

Cecilia's disguise, I don't think it would be a problem to walk around town.

Wouldn't people notice if they looked closely at their faces at the reception?

"... if it spreads, wouldn't that be good"


"I'm just kidding."

Cecilia laughing like a prank, I think that's sloppy.

I need to keep the dodgy things out of my face.

I change my mind because I arrived at the real estate of my destination, even though I did and behaved suspiciously.

I won't fail the other day, I'm not a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman right now, I'm a Yogi.

Something fateful, a male employee is available the other day, so speak up.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for a home"

"Welcome, sir. Thank you for using our store. What kind of home are you looking for?"

Totally different than the other day...... Something normal.

Was the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman still giving something like intimidation?

Well, if they normally serve customers, this one will help.

Looks like we'll be able to find a home smoothly today.

"Uh... I'm an adventurer at the guild, so close to the guild. And then..."

I won't say anything about sunshine because it could be suspicious that it is exactly the same conditions offered by the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Offer the middle that the funds are not luxurious either, but not so poor.

And then I added an important condition that I didn't mention the other day.

That's not too far from Cecilia's mansion.

Of course, I can't say it straight, so I just kind of indicated the area.

And then ask the male staff to guide you, just like the other day.

I was introduced to some of them, checked the house, and narrowed down my candidacy.

Of course, while consulting Cecilia.

"After all, isn't this a good place? The guild isn't that far away, either. I think it's just the right size."

"Well, I guess so."

"Yes. Ah... I'll see you upstairs because I care"

Cecilia went up the stairs and headed upstairs.

I don't know about two floors living alone, I wonder if I can spare a room.

Anyway, when I thought about becoming a hoarding area, I've never had many rooms.

"I recommend this property. I just canceled the other day. If it's a contract, it's the only time."

"Oh, right"

I don't remember you introducing me before.

Does that mean we were lucky?

"The security is also well done by the Knights, and I was wondering if it would be okay for her to go shopping alone"


I accidentally blew it out, her... you mean Cecilia.

"What's wrong, sir?"

"Yes, no... hey"

"Really? Actually, I had a wife, too, and the child was just born last year.... I'm also offered to say this, but I think the adventurer is a job that goes hand in hand with danger. Please, take care of her..."


He thinks me and Cecilia are going to live together.

No, it's natural that if these two people had an opinion and they were choosing a property, they would be mistaken.

"There doesn't seem to be any particular problem upstairs either.... Anything?"

"No, there's nothing. … Shall we do it here?"

"I think I'm good too"

"Yes, I did. Now let's go through the process…"

Procedures were made to return to the real estate to pay or write documents.

When I left, a male employee encouraged me to keep up the good work.

... We're not starting to live together, are we?

"Well, you're moving. I also don't have enough furniture, so I have to buy it. I'll be there, Mr. Yowki."

Cecilia pulls my hand and runs with it.

Thus, with the cooperation of Cecilia, the move was successfully completed.

Wouldn't Cecilia have enjoyed it more than I did?

Although I enjoyed shopping and deciding to install furniture for both of us.

And then later rumors spread that the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman stopped by Minerva real estate in search of my home and disappeared.

How he screwed it from there, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman did not have a home, nor made a place to go home, and it became a rumor that he was asking for it and helping people.

... Well, you'll be fine, rumors.