"Yoki, I'm sorry, but I need to talk to you..."

"... what?"

If I thought someone was here, there was Yuga who was supposed to be at the top of his happiness.

You said you were packing in your new home... how do you know the house you live in when you moved in the first place.

Only Cecilia should know yet... I've been trying to pack my stuff and then go tell her.

"How do you know my house?"

"When I went to the inn, I bought a house, so I heard you moved. She told me she didn't know where to move, so I asked Cecilia. There's no way Yogi-kun hasn't notified Cecilia."

You went directly to Cecilia, well, to let her know, because we were there together.

"Hmm, I see.... So, what's a consultation? You're gonna blow up till the wedding. You won't have a problem. Is that it, the drawer? Discuss what to do with a drawer?"

"Chi, no! Because the drawer will be decided after thorough consultation with Mikana. I'm not gonna talk to Yoki about that."

"Well, Yuga has Micana. Then what can I only talk to a man about? Exactly. That's all I know..."

"It's more different! What are you imagining?"

"What, when we get married, we'll be a couple. It will carry the corresponding one. Isn't that what you think?"

I'm not married, so I don't know anything about it.

"Youki-kun... that's a lie, isn't it? I don't know what I know."

"No, well, I just messed around"

I just deliberately put it in a meaningful way.

However, given the seriousness with which the prank is taken, the consultation may be a heavy story.

"I'm serious...?"

"I get it. It's close to the wedding. I'll listen to you.... What happened?"

"... recently."


"I started dreaming scared, and I couldn't sleep."

I closed the door.

"Hey, you said you'd listen. Listen to me till the end!

"Come here. What is it, that? You just don't sleep well with scary dreams. Talk to your mother. Or ask your wife Micah."

I can't be that nice either.

While I'm busy organizing my new home, I can't sleep because I'm afraid of dreams, what am I gonna do... No.

I don't have enough furniture, so I guess I'll have to go buy it, and I need to contact the Dukes about the move.

Savings have also collapsed, so I can't be playing.

You can't sleep in a scary dream with me in this situation, even if you ask me to do something about it.

But he didn't seem to give up his consultations, and Yuga started talking about his dreams through the door.

"... dreaming about that day. It's raining heavily and Mikana looks so sad she looks at me and leaves. I don't chase after him. Reaching out won't reach it.... I dream about it every night."

"... it's a dream. In reality, we're getting married now. Don't worry about it."

"I care!... Isn't it weird to dream like this every night? It's like you're implying that Mikana's going a long way. I also know that you might think too much, that it's a childish consultation. But..."

Apparently, he's pretty troubled.

This keeps me from sleeping, and if it affects or leaves the wedding, that stinks.

I still have work to do...... I have no choice.

I opened the door.

"The point is, you should get some sleep. It feels like I don't have a scary dream. I'll talk to someone I know."

"Ho, true!?"

"Oh, he should be able to do something about it"

I have trouble getting a pungent face forever.

I'm going to be my husband, so I need you to be sure.

I headed somewhere with Yuga.

"... so, Guy, do something about it"

"... if you think you've suddenly come to visit, what are you talking about, kid"

Guy was the one I visited.

I don't know why...

"If you were a sleeping guy, think you're familiar with how to sleep"

"Can I accept that as a provocation to my life?"

Why are you suddenly here? You look angry.

Um, I'm not making a fool of myself... about half.

"No, no, no, no. Serious story."

"... if you're serious about that, it would still be a provocation!

"Be angry. The counselor is already waiting outside the room. Guy's an adventurer I know. Because I'm going to do hypnotherapy on the side. Put on Nightmare Sleep and show him some good dreams there and we'll work it out."

If I let him sleep in bed, close his eyes, or loosen his powers, he'll magically go to the world of his dreams.

Guy can manipulate his dreams to a certain extent, so you don't have to let him have bad dreams.

"I don't know if it's going to work that way... but I can't help it. I owe the kid. Let's take it."

"All right, please."

After a light meeting, I invite in Yuga, who was waiting outside the room.

"It's Yuga. Today, please. That... you've seen him before."

A ghost mask on a messy piece of gear to hide his whole body.

You won't be able to forget it once you see it.

I was deluded then, but I'll tell you about Guy's episode this time.

"I know. No matter how brave you are, you'll want to scratch this guy's outfit.... There's a deep reason, listen to me."

I told Yuga about Guy.

Of course, it's not a true story, but a lie I told you when I signed up for Adventurer in the Alliance.

At first I was listening suspiciously, but I was a little tearful as to whether I had sympathy for Guy within listening.

And when I'm done with my story, gently slap Guy on the shoulder.

"You had a hard time...... I thought you were the one who looked suspicious to Mr. Guy. This body, you're working out pretty good, you struggled, didn't you?... Excuse me, me"

"No, I don't care that much."

Guy's gonna look at me, and I didn't even think Yuga would react like this.

Don't get to the point. If I let you go home with all this futile talk, you wouldn't have nightmares.

"I'm sorry, but I, I want to sleep well without having nightmares. Nice to meet you today."

I've asked you to bow your head politely.

This is it, that's it, I just have to get Guy to do his best.

I can't fit in, have them lie on the bed and close their eyes.

What do we do with the rest......

"All right, Guy. Nightmare Sleep. It's just that all of a sudden I feel like I'm doing too much to have a good dream. It's not a nightmare, but it's not too much fun. Show him a normal dream."

"Um, okay.... or the kid will be able to use Nightmare Sleep as well. Why are we…"

"It would be suspicious if someone I know suddenly hypnotherapy. Look, Guy. If the normal one did something suspicious, it would be weird. But when the dubiously dressed one does something dubious, it's not that noticeable. It's a matter of persuasion."

"I don't think it's going to change because the kid is dressed strangely enough..."

Guy's whining aside, Yuga fell asleep by Nightmare Sleep.

You don't look painful, you sleep easily with a calm look, you're a success.

"Okay, that's good"

"Uhm. And then... right. Wouldn't it be nice if we could sleep in a comfortable space? It wouldn't be a good idea to have a hard time sleeping. We have to watch out for noise."

"Whoa. I'll tell Yuga when he wakes up"

I talked to Guy and decided what advice I would give Yuga when she woke up.

It's so easy to solve... there was no way.