Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to move for the brave man's sleep.

Hypnosis treatment for Yuga that seemed to go well.

I don't think I have to worry anymore, I was going to chat with Guy until Yuga woke up...

Suddenly Yuga did it, why?

"Hey, Guy. The Yuga one, isn't your expression getting painful? Take control of your dreams."

"What, my brother should have done a good job... hmm?"

"What's the matter, you look strange"

"That's crazy, kid. My magic is solved. Now I'm just normally asleep. I haven't been subjected to the dream manipulation that we did."

I mean, Yuga is just sleeping right now.

Are you saying this painful look is because you're having your usual nightmares?

"No, no, why is Nightmare Sleep solved? I'm just sleeping normally..."

Fu, his eyes turned to the holy sword around Yuga's waist.

The power of love for Mikana allowed Yuga to grow wings and fly.

If the power of the Awakened Holy Sword wasn't just that, what do you think?

For example, magic resistance and abnormal state resistance are increased...

"Hey, call me back, call me back. You're still not awake."

"Yeah, I know. Hold on, hold on."

When Guy rushed back to magic, Yuga's expression calmed down.

But also, over time, we have to rework the magic.

This is troublesome.

"Hey, kid. I'm not gonna tell you to keep putting on Nightmare Sleep until this guy can sleep well."

"... if you did that, what would you do to Teal for having monopolized Guy"

At night, I can easily imagine a future in which Teal, who glanced at me, would appear in search of Guy.

"Um, that's... right. The possibilities can be ample. Teal... oh, you can't deny it."

"Because you're morbidly loved. Have you seen anything lately?"

"It's normal these days. My friends and Teal have work to do. It's good to work, ha-ha."

"... that's creepy"

I didn't know that Teal was going to do anything.

Ambush, is it possible not to act on anything while you continue with your pushy wife?

Looks like you should be concerned about the trend, but now it's yuga more than that.

What's the matter...... you just dream about Mikana leaving.

Hmmm...... ok, shall we try?

"So you don't just rely on magic to solve it. Why don't you make a move for me?"

"I guess it's okay. My lord, I don't know the details of this man, but I feel sorry for him."

"Well, I'll take care of it. Instead of having nightmares, Yuga will be able to have good dreams every day."

Rough maneuvers are set in my head, and then I need a collaborator.

"Let's take one skin off so Yuga can relax and sleep."

Guy, who's gonna look worried next door, has to work with us on an inexorable level.

... If you don't add or subtract, Teal will attack, so come to me.

"… so, what do we do"

"In the meantime, let's wake Yuga"

Nightmare Sleep works well, bad where you sleep with a relief look, but there are policies for the future.

My daughter-in-law is the only one who keeps me awake gently, I'll go in Spartan form.

"Hey, get up."

"Munyamunya...... hmm"

"Guy, ask for a jumping nightmare"

"Is that good?"

"Do it."

Guy hands Yuga to activate magic.

I suddenly jumped out of bed when I thought I had a bluished look from a calm expression.

"Ha-ha-ha... What the hell is that?"

"Is it finally happening? I won't wake you up. I had Guy imply a little bit of a bad dream."

Yuga stares at me with a sneaky face.

No, no, you had a terrible dream that far.

"It was a good dream at first. I was on a date with Mikana. But suddenly he turned dark and disappeared from before me. If I was desperate to find it, I would have been able to find it and continued my date!

"... what happened to Othi"

"Youki-kun, all of a sudden he showed up... and he shook Mikana's hand and ran away. Ooh!?"

"I wonder!

You're dreaming, that's not how you grab people's chests.

Mostly, that's never going to happen, so I'm a Cecilian.

When I was rambling on Bubble and Guy's bed, things I was afraid of......

"Guardian, please wait for lunch..."

Oh, it's over.

Teal with a lunch basket came into the room like a wolf.

Me and Yuga's situation, working on the bed.

Girls can sometimes imagine guys like that......

But Teal's not.

"What does the Patronus do on the bed he usually sleeps in? You're doing something even I'm afraid of, aren't you? I envy you. By the way, I, by chance, have something like this."

What Teal took out of her nostalgia...... Meriken.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

He sends his gaze straight to Guy, and he also shakes his neck to the side when he tries to ask for help.

Guy said it was impossible to stop him.

"Hey Yoki, we need to get out of here. She's approaching me with a demon-like aura!

"Uh, Teal, when that happens, 'cause I can't do it anymore. Because I have to give up. Don't worry, we won't be seeing Mikana forever."

"Oh, I'm not at all relieved to hear you say that. Mikana, help..."

Me totally accepting destiny as opposed to the crying yuga.

Well, Guy was at the scene, too, and he was able to survive... but he didn't make it.

I'm the one who wore it down, but you can't break what you promised once.

For a gift from me to Yuga... I need your help.

"... so I'd like to ask Cecilia."

First, do Cecilia a favor.

I pushed him to the mansion and explained the situation, but he doesn't have a very good look.

"Do you really need that? I don't think what Mr. Yowki is looking for will help."

"You'll never get it from me. That's why I can only ask Cecilia.... I know that Micana will do bad things. I just really need it for Yuga."

Cecilia agreed with me reluctantly that my desperation had been conveyed.

I wonder if I'll speak up to Seek next.

Tell Cecilia I say hello and head to the garden where Seek would be

Discover how to mess around with a mixed nose.

"Ooh, Seek."

"Ah, it's the captain. Long time."

That feels as loose as ever, looks nagging, but Seek's knowledge of herbs is amazing.

I have something I don't have, so you want me to work with you.

"Actually, it calms my mind... it's a sedative herb. What do you say?"

"I do. Wait a minute."

Seek stopped teasing and stood up, walking inside the mansion.

I guess I went to get a backpack or something that preserves the herbs.

Sitting and waiting for temperament until Seek arrives, I hear footsteps from behind


When I looked back, I thought Seek was here, no, it was Fiora.

Hello, there.

"Ah, oh. Hello."

Childish greetings...... I'm on a tough beast ceremony god.

Are you here to see Mr. Sophia?

"Is Seek-kun gone?"

"Oh. If you're Seek, I'll ask you to run errands. I just went to the mansion to pick up some herbs, so I'll be right back."

Well, wait.

The beast on board disappears and returns to the doll's paper, and Fiora sits on the spot.

I thought you were going to sleep, and he seemed eager for Seek to come over and plump his legs and look at the mansion again and again.

... What if I'm playing quite a bit?

"Are you always playing with Seek?"

"Seek-kun is funny. You know what I don't know, so it's fun to be together."

"Right. Stay tuned for Seek. I can only play with him once in a while."

It's good for Seek to have friends his age.

"Captain. I brought it."

Fiora, I was talking properly, and Seek came back.

"Thank you, Seek. I'll buy you something next time to thank you. And you have a customer."

"Who are you visiting me... Ah, Fiora?"

"Hello, what is it? Seek-kun, we're gonna have a lot of conversations today."

You got your arms tangled up by Fiora, anti-escape, or do you go from time to time?

Well, you got what you were looking for from Seek, and are you going to negotiate your next request for cooperation?