Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've tried to get brave men to sleep better.

"Happiness. You're the last one. Please, help me."

Happiness is the most important part of the operation in my opinion.

If Happiness turns me down, it makes no sense that I've been moving.

I told him what I wanted him to do, sorry I was cleaning.

The reaction is subtle...... what do you think?

"... acknowledge"


I was able to get a light acknowledgement.

... Surprisingly, I thought it would take longer to convince you.

"... free?"

"Oh... I knew you would. You can't just do that."

I was going to buy Seek something.

I have to do something to Happiness, too.

But it doesn't seem like you have something you want.

You should go shopping with Raven.

… that is.

"Is there something wrong with Raven?"

"... off"

"Heh... then what?"

"... Phew."

You laughed at me with your nose because I made a dumb voice.

I used to almost chase him around, but Happiness is at work.

Hey, if you find the trigger, there's a sermon waiting for you from Mr. Sophia, including me, I don't like it.

"Yes, sir. I don't have one right now, so if you think about it, do you think it's a good idea to cooperate?"

"… Accepted"

"Bye, Ma. Good luck with your work."

Happiness and backhanded bye break up.

And then, let's leave it to the three of us who asked for help.

I'm sorry I didn't turn up.

I went back to my new home to pack things I hadn't finished...... I was glad.

"Youki, you can't. Mikana's going somewhere!

"You're talking in your dreams, calm down!

"You're not next to me. Whoa!?

"The reality is different, so think alone. Ooh!

Yuga came to her new home from time to time, so it didn't go very far.

It's good... because it's patience until the secret weapon is complete.

Guy also took him on the road and calmed Yuga down with hypnotherapy... to the point where Teal wouldn't stand behind him.

Well, be patient like that for a week.

Finally, there's the news that the final weapon is complete.

I ran, to the mansion.

And he received the object of interest from the faceless Happiness.

"Happiness, well done"

I get my thumbs up all the time.

"... spare"

"If anything happens again, please."

"… Rewards"

"Oops. It means you can have it.... If you ever have a problem, I won't hesitate to talk to you. After Raven, of course."

The first is to talk to your boyfriend.

Lovers have a higher priority than captain and subordinate relationships.

"... common sense"

"If you don't know, yes. Bye. Thanks for your time."

I said goodbye to Happiness. I picked up Guy along the way and headed to Yuga and Mikana's Nest of Love.

"Hey, Youki. What's going on today?"

"Whoa, I brought you an item today under this hypnotherapist idea that will allow you to sleep without having nightmares."

"Item… is this it?"

"Oh... a pillow is the one. You should just take this and go to sleep."

I gave Yuga the pillow I had been carrying.

Yuga I take in confusion, you seem to suspect something.

Just hold it and sleep...... how incredible.

But I can assure you this works best for you right now.

"Look, start sleeping with that today. So you'll stop having nightmares."

"Ugh, yeah. Ok..."


I didn't want to talk long, so I dispersed early.

"That's all you got."

"Hey, kid. Will the insomnia of that man really heal just by holding his pillow and sleeping? I don't think I can do this to you. His nightmare is powerful. I didn't know you had to do magic all the time... it's like a curse."

A grudge from a shaken woman said she was tormenting Yuga.

... Yuga is not the enemy of a woman.

And I don't know what form it's in, but he said he put it on, so the line is thin.

"In the first place, it's hard for Yuga to do magic. Guy's Nightmare Sleep has slowly expired. If Yuga's having a nightmare with magic, she can fix it herself."

"Hmmm... is that true too? So what the hell is the reason for the nightmare..."

"No, an extremely simple reason. Because Mikana's not home."

"... what do you mean"

Speaking of which, Guy didn't know much about Yuga and Mikana.

"Well...... you missed your fiancée at home. That's what caused the nightmare."


That would be such a reaction.

I sighed when I checked to see if I might.

"It's crazy at the time you came to talk to me. When I told Mikana to talk to you, I explained my dream. Later, I thought that was it."

When I asked Cecilia, Micah said she was on a business trip.

Besides, if you're getting married, you can move within, which means it's a long trip.

"You put it plainly. Guy gets the request away from Minerva. Meanwhile, Teal can't see Guy. What will happen to Teal then..."

"It's a realistic story, but if it's teal, wait properly..."

You came up with it, he can't say he would be there.

If you're Teal, you're gonna show up at the requested location.

"Let's talk about analogy.... so that Yuga was in that state"

"Hmm, then that one...... was a brave man, if my fiancée returns, it will be resolved"

"Well, yes. Guy, suppose Teal had a nightmare. Can you say that's because Guy's not here? What happens if I tell you I'll be cured when I get back?"

"... more and more, Teal don't snuggle up on me"


If I got that far, I'd be dependent or something like that.

Or Yandere, I don't want Yuga to do that.

It's my heart to tell you to the point of flirting.

"Not that Yuga will... well, if you haven't noticed. It's better to solve it in a different way."

"So, is that the pillow"

"Yes, I am."

That pillow isn't just a pillow.

"On the surface, I asked Seek. It has the effect of calming my mind. It contains medicinal herbs, relaxing pillows"

Well, I don't smell as good as I say.

If you say you're in there, I hope you think it's because of that.

"Apparent means…"

"You shouldn't tell Yuga about your destiny, it's a secret.... Actually, I'm obsessed with that pillow, the material"


"Oh. That pillow, it's made out of Mikana's old clothes"


"Hey, it was tough when I asked Cecilia"

I thought Cecilia could ask Mikana's parents to procure it.

But when I told him everything, Cecilia was going to disagree with me, so I only told him that it was for Yuga and Mikana and asked him to cooperate.

Happiness perfects the workmanship if you get the material, so there's no problem.

That's right, Happiness, that was a brilliant finish.

"I guess by now, when I'm asleep"

"Would it work so well"

I know what Guy's worried about. Okay, I know.

Because they're that yuga, the pillow should definitely work great.

"Tomorrow, you'll see. If you're so suspicious, you can stay today. Yuga will be here first thing in the morning, never."

"... we've worked together so far. Until his nightmare is resolved, I'll have to see it through."

Thus, Guy stayed at my home, which was not cleaned up enough.

And the next morning.

"Youki-kun, Youki-kun!

As you can imagine, our doors are making noises with dongs in the morning.

I knew you'd be here first thing in the morning, not awake.

So I opened the door calmly.

"Oh, my God, what's happening this morning?"

"Youki-kun, this pillow is amazing. Instead of a nightmare, I had a very good dream. I can't take this anymore when I go to bed. The hell, I don't know why... but this pillow is really amazing. I wonder if I don't have to pay for it or something. I'm sorry I had to ask you to do that!

I've been nervous all morning, I should have been calm, but I'm going to cancer, so I'm getting frustrated.

As much as I don't have time to talk about this one, I'm going to talk about it.

There's Guy in the back, too, but does Yuga realize that?

"I missed Mikana so much, because I met her in my dreams and even dated her. I'm so sorry it's a dream, I couldn't help it, but when Mikana gets back, you just have to go. Mikana's working hard, so I have to work hard too. From now on, we're going to be a couple, so I need to hang on. But if I try too hard, that's why Micah's worried. You've been worried about it for a long time, haven't you? Since I was a little girl, Mikana..."

"Yeah, well..."

Guy who was behind me stopped looking at the gaps.

I'm not quite finished talking about Yuga with a dazzling smile.

After Yuga left with a neat face, I very much regretted that I should have had breakfast.