Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get some advice from my ex-boyfriend.

The Yuga nightmare case is over and I can finally get my new home in full swing.

I couldn't finish Yuga's love story yesterday, and I fell asleep tired.

They told me to thank you for lunch. They finally accompanied me shopping and ended up eating dinner with me.

... I sank right into bed when I got home.

"I can see an obvious end to the installation of the furniture. I also need to buy household goods. I haven't even finished cleaning... Hmm?"

If I was working out a plan by myself, I would hear a knock on the door...... Also, Yuga?

Maybe I'm here to talk about the comfort of my pillow, I already figured it out.

Do you refuse to sell the visit? - Say so, and close it as soon as you open it?

"I'm sorry. Visiting sales are…"

"... oh"

It wasn't Yuga, it was Happiness.

What's going on all of a sudden since this morning, this guy?

You're going somewhere, you're fashionable... and you're on a date with Raven.

"What's going on? That outfit was before the date. Don't stop by the house of a man who's not your boyfriend before your date. Besides, early this morning. What if they misunderstand you?"

"... as long as you"

"Tell me to get out of here.... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

"... cheating"

"No, you're gonna be, too"

"... scream?"

"That's seriously coming Raven, so stop it!

Happiness and the usual interaction in front of the front door.

I'm going to do this, so you're going to keep getting out of line with the real deal.

"Explain what you came to me for, even before your date."

"... weird"

"Weird... me?"

I won't even have to confirm that now.

I'm just having a mix of cooks.

"... I know"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"... Captain, not. Raven."


Raven's weird... what happened to him.

No, wait, I don't even have any idea.

If Yuga's run had affected Raven......

"Is that brave man's ability to act even contagious to others..."

I sighed deeply.

I guess the reason Raven is weird is because he saw Yuga grow unexpectedly.

I was desperately making notes then, so that might have something to do with it too.

"Weird, what exactly is it like? From Happiness's point of view, can't that be?"

Raven doesn't do anything to offend Happiness.

Rather, it moves under the goal of making you happy or something.

Although it is possible that Happiness is not keeping up with the changes in Raven.

"... subtle"

"Uh, Raven, don't..."

Apparently Happiness's rating isn't very good.

I was taking all those notes and studying... what did I do to you?

"So what do you want me to do? Don't hesitate to beat me... if you want to beat me up and heal me."

I got my tibia kicked, he said he didn't want a solution like that.

"... serious"

"No, I'm not kidding. If you're blinded by something, sometimes you have to wake him up. Maybe that's the case this time."

"… Understanding"

Happiness also came up with something.

He said he'd haunt Happiness so far... Raven, how much stray he's showing.

You're trying to force me to flirt with you, and you should stop what you call it like Yuga.

I like Happiness because of the distance it takes to be a Raven, maybe.

Yuga is Yuga, so that's good, but if Raven does it... you know what?

"… Adoption"

"Oh, you're gonna hit me with one shot?"

"… Departure"

"Hey, dude. Me too."

They pull their arms and force them to take them.

Oh...... I wonder when I'll finish cleaning up my new home.

Happiness took me to the rendezvous with Raven.

"Happiness, it's a normal date today."

"... definitely"

Raven's one, I'm wearing a suit and I have a bouquet of flowers.

He sure seems to care about time, and he can't wait for Happiness to come.

... What influenced you, that guy?

"You, aren't you going to even propose today? And then we'll have a ring."


The Happiness one, rarely loose cheeks.

Sounds less than full, dude.

Raven is serious about Happiness too... and if you're serious about proposing, I should go home, right?

"Okay, Happiness, go...... hey!?"

Why are you pulling my arm, this guy?

Stay dragged, head under Happiness and Raven.

Raven noticed this one too.

Happy to see Happiness, but because I was there or gone, with the easy to understand change of expression...

"... why is Youki here"

"Hey, aren't you a little killer?"

You're being treated like a complete interrupter, and I feel angry.

I know it's actually disturbing, but it's not my intention.

So don't look at me like that.

"I've been consulted by Happiness lately that you're weird, and I've just been half-enforced to bring you here."

"... you think I'm weird?"

No, enough for Happiness to come and talk to you straight away.

And today's outfit...... check it just in case.

It's a whisper in Raven's ear, don't let Happiness hear you...... dude.

"You. Come on, I'm not gonna tell Happiness I'm getting married today."

"KEEP, MARRIAGE!? No, no, it'll be too soon. I'm not even living together, and I need to sort myself out. Happiness too... because it would be convenient for me to work, haha"

... Who is this? I don't know this Knights Commander who designs in the future with this light.

You know, Happiness usually listens, so it doesn't mean a whisper.

"... serious?"

"Oh, you bet. As a man, I think about the future of the two of us..."

"... the future"

What, this sweet space, you don't bother these two.

It's really getting in the way. I can see for myself.

Let's just keep moving and disperse, that's definitely better.

It's about time - I tried to leave this place in a relaxed motion.

"... in a hurry"

"... hey, no, is that why? I'll think about it and act on it."

"... weird, captain"

Happiness called, was it still no good?

I don't know what happened to Raven... I guess not, usually, but I don't know what it's like for the two of you to be on a date.

Yuga's influence... troublesome, but he can't even go home.

Again, do you hit me one shot, Raven isn't doing anything wrong, so I'm not moving on.

"... battle"

"You have no choice. I'll do it for a while. It's a nomination from Happiness, so let's go there for real."

"... hey, what a development this is. Why did you ask me to make arrangements with Yoki?"

Because Happiness adopted my proposal.

Extend your arms, Happiness is shaking your neck to the side as you're exercising prep, what's wrong?

"... with me"

"What, Happiness and Raven make up?"

"... Correct"

Happiness is a weapon, set up fans made of your own wings.

Motivation, Manya.

"No, wait. Happiness and me.... it will be decided for nothing. What will you do if you get hurt? Additions and subtractions are not intact. Can you do such a dangerous thing!

Raven vandalized his voice.

I guess I was worried that she might get hurt.

But isn't that a little too much?

Happiness hasn't grown that far overprotective.

I don't want you to taste my ex-boyfriend too much.

Most importantly... I don't seem to be the only one who got upset with the word right now.

"... out-of-heart"

He looks at Raven with the look on his face that Happiness doesn't seem funny.

Well, you will.

I guess Raven is too keen to protect him.

"... Happiness, I didn't mean to say that"

"... Captain"

"Hmm, what's up?"

"... moving, popular, unpopular places"

"Copy that. Look, Raven's on his way."

Let's find a place in the woods nearby, and then you can see if I have anybody nearby.

How did this really happen?

I took Happiness, who was motivated, and Raven, who shrugged why, to the woods.