Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've seen the battle between my ex-boyfriend and my friend.

Without taking the time to do so, I was able to find the perfect place for my purpose.

Burning me and Happiness, it looks like Raven hasn't convinced me yet.

I'll be the director and Happiness will be the athlete.

I'd love to have Raven's nasal column snapped, which is extremely likely to be in good shape.

"Hey, do you really want to do it? You're lying. Wouldn't that be Happiness, and Yoki would be my opponent?"

You can afford to wear a suit and set up a sword with a bouquet of one-handed flowers or something.

If you're a Happiness opponent, do you want to say you need a Hande?

"Happiness, apparently Raven wants to say that one hand is enough for you. It's totally tasted."

"... hot"

Happiness with fans is on fire, Max with temper and motivation.

"Wait, wait. That's not what I meant. However, Happiness and the pairing..."

"I didn't say anything, here we go.... Yes, here we go!

Happiness ran out toward Raven skinning my signal.

He launches an attack like he dances with a fan, but Raven is beautifully flushed with his sword.

"Happiness...... damn, sorry"

Raven was calmer than I thought.

Play the Happiness fan and stick your sword tip to your neck.

That's a relieved look somewhere, you think you're satisfied with the battle decided.

"Now that's full...... come on!?"

There's no way it's that easy to decide.

That fan is made of Happiness blades, which can be hardened, of course, by ejection and eyesight.

"... not yet"

"Raven, there's no way Happiness is that weak. They were my men."

I was pulling it off at Demon King's Castle, so when it comes to doing things, there's only training.

I wouldn't be the only one desperate to train, I had three people involved.

Seek was free to play and read books, but Duke and Happiness were different.

Well, I guess the one I was training most was Duke, think physically.

Still, Happiness is strong enough though.

"Damn... you're a pain in the ass fan"

"That's not all."

Happiness is good at mid-range combat.

Because I can use a lot of magic, and my wings can be a flying tool.

You can also do things like wings, glare by wind magic, and restrictions on movement by earthly magic so that they are not approached by close range swordsman opponents.

Raven won't be able to stand around freely. He'll be teething... just.

"... surrender"

Still can't beat Raven.

Happiness and Duke, strong can be Duke.

Raven defeated Duke like that, you can't win in Happiness.

Raven deflects all attacks, bounces the fan, and then pushes down Happiness.

I'm done being a horse rider and suppressing both hands with one hand.

"After all, can't Happiness beat Raven, who defeated Duke? It's not incompatible, and I'm sure you're not using the wrong methods of warfare. Raven moves too fast."

"Naturally. Still, I'm the Knights leader and one of the brave parties.... I was unconscious of Yoki, but I can't lose to Happiness. And what a cool boyfriend weaker than her."

"No, no, you shouldn't say why"

"But it's true. I will protect Happiness with this sword."

I think it would have been better if I didn't have a bouquet of flowers in my suit in one hand, but that dialogue was settled.

"Raven, you better pick the words that were in your outfit. I know how you feel, but it's weird no matter what you think."

"Yowki, I'm just bumping my honest feelings"

"... right"

Come to think of it, this is between Happiness and Raven.

I don't deserve to say anything in the field.

When we got here, we decided between ourselves, which is what we thought again and again.

"It's bad for Happiness, but can't you help..."

"… advice"

"I don't care if they say so."

Raven has come to act aggressively.

I don't suppose Happiness hates that, but I suppose he cares.

"Why not, Happiness. I want Happiness to be happy."

"That's a tough way to say it, so stop it."

You were so shocked that Happiness wasn't a good reception.

It's not an exaggeration to say character collapse, this.

For once, you'd better calm down and discuss it.

"Raven and Happiness will have something to talk about. So... it's time to figure that out?"

From now on, Raven is riding over Happiness and talking in the form of a restrained arm.

The battle is over, so make it normal.

It just seems like Raven is forced to attack Happiness, the truth is.

That's not aggressive.

Raven jumped up in a hurry and said sorry.

I guess the usual is finally happening.

Happiness wasn't even full, by the way, while getting her clothes done, she was smiling lightly.

... Still, it's rare to honestly smile like this.

Maybe it also has something to do with Raven getting somewhat back on track.

Because it's only a little bit, I was asked for some advice. Will you try hard in a while?

"It feels good. What are you in a hurry for? It's not like Raven, so Happiness is confused, too. Anyway, Yuga is growing more than I thought, and I... what a thought and action. I'll be honest with you, it doesn't fit."

I'm determined to shake the sky that I approached Happiness with the same momentum as Yuga.

"I'm not imitating Yuga. It's just... I felt like I shouldn't be doing this, so I just took action."

"The real deal?"

"I told you now"

"No, no, you've got something more to think about from the bottom of your heart. Spit it it out. I don't usually say that. If you give me desire."

"That's why I'm going!

I was angry at the response and laughed bitterly.

Sometimes Raven could be honest with himself.

Happiness will be forgiven.

I'll... I'll do something I never saw.

Off my face from the looming Raven, I don't know if I can do it.

"... no"

"Oh, I hear Raven's shy away from Happiness."


"... come batch"

"Look. He's saying this, too, so I need you to borrow my breasts. Come on, be a beast true to your desires."

"... eat?"

It may be too bad for you two, but it's fun, this is it again.

Happiness doesn't stop you, and it's good, right?

Stay on track, Raven also has the limit of patience if he keeps messing around in cooperative play.

"... come on. This is too much bullshit."

"No, it could have been bad indeed. It's just that we're not totally kidding either. Happiness."

"... acknowledge"

"... Still, it's different to be a beast"

Inside, you're not breaking.

If I can't say this far, let me use my final weapon.

Tell Happiness to whisper the operation and execute it instantly.

Jumps into Raven's chest, uppercut.

The point is to put your hands on the other person's chest.

And then I don't know what to say...


Happiness said nothing and closed her eyes softly when she stared at each other for a little while... what!?

Raven is solidifying with Happiness staring, that's what this is all about.

Read the air, just turn around your neck, and hand signal Raven to do it fast.

I wouldn't be a man if I pulled it here.

About a minute later, Happiness called me to look forward.

"Okay, well, let's just say with that momentum"

"... dude"

"... that's good"

Has Raven finally decided to be ready, too?

"... no, no"

"... ok. Don't pull it.... I want to flirt with Happiness in public."

... I looked Happiness in the eye and said it without any agitation.

But I wonder if this aspiration is hard for me.

I'll rent a vacant room in my new home, so I don't know if I can be fully flirty and satisfied there... Can't I?