"Raven... is that what I wish for?"

I use nerves to disguise myself as a date.

Even if I were you, I'd like to go on a date with Cecilia.

I think it's a little bit of a date with a blatant flirt like Yuga though.

"... Again, is it difficult? Then, even if you're in disguise, I want to show you that it feels good with Happiness."

"What are you talking about, this Knight Commander?"

You want to show off how flirtatious you are, or something like buying a lot of grudge from without her.

"... show off"

Happiness tangles his own arm in Raven's arm and puts his head on his shoulder.

When do you do that in public?

Raven pounded his head off.

"You're already showing off in front of me, so it's good."

"... No, I'm more different. I know it's good anywhere with Happiness. But if you look at Yuga before this,"


Though people will feel distance and happiness in their own way.

That being said, I'm not convinced of the Knights captain with his eyes that cemented this determination.

Happiness has a cool expression, too, but she seems happy inside and agrees with Raven.

What are you going to do to me...

"Why don't you and I take a trip to a country outside the country?"

"... It's the mountains I want to do that, but I can't take a vacation like I can go out of the country right now. Yuga and Mikana's wedding security system will be laid down. We have to look around to see if Minerva has any suspicious moves and investigate."

"Uh... well"

You can't take a long vacation, can you?

Traveling around here doesn't make me feel like I'm impatient...

"Do you even make foolish noises at home? I'll lend you a room."

"... then it won't be the same as usual"

After all, this proposal was no good either.

... I don't think I can find a way to open it.

"I guess I'll have to rely on this already..."

I felt sorry for you. I said ahead.

"Is there somewhere good?"

If you are in trouble, it is Cecilia. This is another normal pattern.

"I didn't think Mr. Raven would have that problem."

"... let me count on you"

I'm willing to rely on Cecilia, Raven.

I guess I'm the only one who seems sorry.

It's not my problem.

"... excited"

"Happiness, please don't put your expectations in words.... Oh, wait a minute now"

What did Cecilia take out of her drawer... what is it, a letter?

"This is an invitation to one of the parties I got at work, what do you think"

That's an invitation to the masquerade.

It seems that the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a party, but it seems that the nobility is also attending.

Wouldn't that be perfect for the Ravens as long as it takes?

"... hmm? Cecilia, how did you get this invitation?"

"Well, that's... well, I was invited."

"To whom?"

"I used to know a man in relation to work..."

"Ho. I wonder how noble you are."


"Raven, I've got a little errand to run, so I'm going home. And then ask Cecilia."

I pampered my fist and tried to leave the room, and Raven seized me.

"Thank you, Mr. Raven. That's why I didn't want to tell Mr. Yowki. Please calm down because I have properly declined."

"Oh, yeah. Then I'm relieved.... I mean, you're not really going. It's a sign of Cecilia's annoyance. Ha ha, it's a joke, a joke"

In the first place, you're not going to shut up about Cecilia being invited.

I need to show some room here, as a boyfriend.

"... Captain"

"Hey, Happiness."

"... adult"

"I'm usually an adult. What are you talking about?"

"... Phew."

This guy laughed with his nose.

I thought you weren't an adult, so you can take that as meaning.

"You said, get on the surface. If you're sure you're going to the ball, you'll solve your problem. I'll put an archery on you in a while."

"... superior"

Jump out the window in Cecilia's room and start the fight.

And the battle ends less than five minutes after the start.

I didn't win, Cecilia and Raven stopped me, why.

"Hey, this is like a normal pair of hands. Even Raven made out with Happiness earlier."

"… rematch, request"

"... sorry but suppress me today. No, I want you to keep it down today."

"Please refrain from being here, too, Mr. Yowki. I also know what you want to do archery...... you will have complex thoughts as well as Mr. Raven. And... the battle is too intense."

Cecilia told me to give you a hard look, and I look around.

I did it...... Happiness looks desperate too.

We need to hurry up and clean before Mr. Sophia sprays us.

"Happiness, work together to clean up. Me and you can do it!

"... I understand!

Soon, we will develop a garden transformed into a battlefield.

Fortunately, no harm has been done to the flowers.

I sent a signal with just my gaze without showing any futile movements to finish the cleaning.

"Well, this is what it would be like if it were on us."

"... perfect"

When we both hi-touched each other, we realized that there was a gaze outside of Raven, Cecilia.

"Yes, I watched everything, but it was a very great move. As much as I want it to be a sample for the other maids."

... I didn't realize you were focused, you were there from the beginning, Mr. Sophia.

Cecilia and Raven are shaking their heads beside each other, you mean give up.

"... thanks for the compliment"

"... frightened"

"No, never mind. I just wish I could show you that stunning sweep all over the mansion...... would you mind, Master Youki, Happiness?"

This is, yes, roger, a pattern where you only have three choices: shake your head vertically.

Happiness, who is beside him, also holds his fist tight, seems ready.

"Yes, I'll take care of it, Mr. Sophia. Look, Happiness, let's go!

"... Blood!

Fully motivated, we ran around the mansion without a neighborhood.

Sophia's gaze, which pierces us sometimes, has become the driving force, and we have a wind that does not scatter dust...

"Good luck. It seems to have been a good stimulus to the maids as well. You may also have the opportunity to ask, thank you then"

Don't sweat it. Give us a hand and Mr. Sophia's gone.

... I can't resist that guy, I knew it.

"Go ahead."

"Ah, thank you"

He gave me cold tea from Cecilia.

Drink up all at once and feel your body come back to life.

Looks like Happiness got it from Raven too, but unlike me, he's taking his time drinking it.

"... thanks"

"... oh. If you drink that, why don't you go to town? Let's go buy masks and clothes to wear to the masquerade."

"… settled"

My gaze flew in on me.

It's true that the battle is over in a half-way form.

Still, it's not even time for dinner, so even if I'm a little late to go shopping.

Are you all right?

"... I know how Happiness feels. I'm supposed to be here as a result of my selfish moves. But why don't you just spend some time with me today?"

What are you talking about? I almost screamed at the Knights Commander.

Me and Cecilia looked at each other.

No, that's not the dialogue we say when we're alone, is it?

Are you after that hug and saying it in your ear, or did you do it with momentum, tell me, Raven.

Looks like I didn't need a word from there.

Happiness and Raven left the mansion amicably with their lovers.

What was the point of the consultation?

"... Mr. Yowki"

"Mm, what?"

"Masquerade, would you like to join Mr. Yowki?"


"I refused to invite you, so I can't go, but I think I should go to one of these parties."

Cecilia, what am I supposed to do if I don't get out of the ball?

In the first place, you can't dance like that, me.

"No, no, no, no, I can't, I can't! People step on their feet, absolutely."

"Rest assured. I'll tell you what to do. We don't have much time until the ball, so we'll be tough."

"Oh, hey, I mean it. It's definite."

"I'll be there, Mr. Yowki"

Me being taken to the hall when my arm is pulled and sloppy.

I miss this feeling...... I can't afford to think.

"Cecilia, are you angry or something?"

"No, I'm as usual. Come on, be prepared."

Oh, this, I might have done something.

Look for the idea, but there's nothing to pinch it on.

When I started practicing leaping, I completely ran out of room and stuff.

Really, why are you mad...