Sensei Cecilia's relentless dance instruction has allowed me to dance this way.

No, I can't even flatter you for being good, but at least enough not to bother them.

Cecilia accompanied me to practice until the night before the ball.

It's good to have fun... but she told me because I believe her.

Yeah, I can dance now, but let's be friends with the wall with one hand of food.

I make up my mind and turn to the venue.

Are the Ravens here already?

"Um, customer. We were required to wear masks at this party."

"You're wearing it properly."

"Yes, did you mean that… you will participate in your mask?"

"What are you talking about? I wouldn't bother replacing it."

"Yes, I'm very sorry. Enjoy your stay tonight…"


I really thought I'd get into the venue.

Ask Cecilia what kind of mask she should go with.

In the meantime, I made my mouth visible, but I wonder if the theme tasted bad.

I made it a masculine finish inspired by eye-catching eyes, long stretched noses, and red colors.

After all, maybe Tengu couldn't do it.

When the gaze is done, it's the end of what they're talking about.

This should be friends with the wall early.

Grab a drink, take it to the wall and start human observation.

I guess the circumstances vary with the nobility who is coming with patience, the forbidden love with the servant, the affair, and the cheater.

Enjoying the ball must be something you do and dance to.

Can you tell me I'm enjoying drinking and pinching my knobs?

"Excuse me."

"Yeah, me, is it?"

I was enjoying the booze by myself, but I didn't think I could talk to you.

It was a woman wearing a purple dress who had spoken to me.

No, you look like you're small and you can call yourself a girl... but you're here in a place like this, so you must be old enough to drink.

"Yes, it seems to be leaning against the wall all the time, but could it be, are you alone?"

"Well, you don't have a partner"

Cecilia hasn't come either, because the two of us I know would be having fun dancing.

I wonder if this woman doesn't have a partner either, she's hiding in a mask and I don't know her face, but she has beautiful hair.

I can only see the mouth, but if I take the mask, it's a beautiful girl, for sure.

"Would you like to dance with me if you don't mind?"

"What, with me? Don't you have a partner?"

"Yeah, I'm here. I don't know where you are in this venue."


I asked her what was going on, and her partner is probably an asshole.

You promised to go into the venue and reunite at separate times, not knowing each other's outfits, and you took part in this ball?

"The venue is bigger than I expected, and I can't find it inside because of the large number of participants. Because I don't have time to go on like this. Will you dance for this reason?"

Should I answer the request of the girl in front of me?

If I dance, I'll betray Cecilia.

But if you spend the ball staying friends with the wall without dancing like this, the dance lesson with Cecilia will no longer make sense.

That would be a betrayal...... what should I do?

Looks like she's got a decent partner, and if we're just gonna deal with her for a little while, okay?

"I'm not very good at dancing, but I guess it's good"

"Yes. I've just been taught recently, too. I'll be careful not to step on it."

"So am I."

"We're alike, aren't we?"

I could see the mouth laughing all the time.

Perhaps the situation is similar.

There seems to be something else in common, but let's not pry too much.

Because we won't even be very intimate in our relationship tonight...

Mostly, you can't if you get intimate.

That's not it, absolutely not.

I just occasionally dance with unidentified girls I know.

Keep up with the music and try not to make mistakes.

"I started and attended these parties, but it's more fun than I thought"

"I wasn't planning on coming either. I have a lot of fun."

"You really have a partner too, don't you?"

Dancing, being questioned.

How did you know, no, they just asked me a question.

There's nothing to hide. I heard about her having a partner.

"I couldn't make it today, and I couldn't come. And they told me to come. She taught me how to dance."

"Really? It's tough on each other. When I told him I wanted to go out too, I brought him this party story... and it was really hard to learn to dance."

"I started dancing too..."

As a result of the public discourse playing more than I thought, I propose to take a break and bicker the drink with one hand at the wall.

Even though it's a masquerade, it still seems fitting for me to talk like this.

The sight of a heavenly dog in a suit speaking amicably with a girl would be surreal, but we are entering our own world without caring around.

You mean you're the only one who cares about people.

We're all here to have fun.

Well, there are still people approaching us...

"... hey"


It's Raven in a mask who's been speaking up.

My face is hidden, but if you hear my voice, you know what I mean.

Happiness is also wearing a light pink dress that was at her height and a mask.

You must have just arrived now, I didn't see you while you were dancing.

"Well, you've noticed."

"... no matter what you think,"

"... weird"

"Oh, my God, no, this mask."

I didn't know you didn't know how good Tengu is... No, you can't.

Because I picked this mask for half the joke, too, yeah.

Well, I made it myself.

"... Whatever the mask, what about the woman next door?"

"... cheating"

"Hey, you're rude. We met at a party. So, we talked to each other. I danced a song and we were talking."

Shall I weigh myself in on cheating and other misleading remarks, Happiness?

This wasn't the ballroom, so we're just making an iron claw decision without asking questions.

"Oh, thank you, here we go. You know him, don't you? Actually, you spoke from me. My partner..."

Raven and Happiness were also explained what I heard.

"... I'm so relieved if that's the case."

"... suspicious"

"You, seriously, shut up already."

You're gonna be rude, so stop it.

Because I was just having a dance opponent.

She has a partner, too.

"Uh, you're close."

"Uh, well, it's like we're on a rotten edge over here. I like jokes and I'm mentally still a kid, so I might say something rude. I'm sorry."

I'll follow Happiness's head with Tengu's nose.

A little reflection.

I'd like Raven to pay attention at times like this.

There's no way I'm turning my head around.

So when it sticks with Tengu's nose.

You were upset, but I was immediately paid off with one hand.

"You're really close."

Watching me and Happiness interact, laughing.

It's a routine tea meal, like this.

... I think it's time for my gaze from Raven to hurt, so I'll stop.

"Ha, well, it's always like this. Can't you find a partner?"

It's about time we plugged the party into the middle.

Exactly. I think her partner's in.

I looked around and discovered someone dressed prominently.