"You're looking at me...?"

Someone in a suit with a tortoise covering his entire face is looking at him.

I think I'm the one at the end of the line of sight, but, hey, maybe it's her partner.

I don't know how long I've been watching it, but suppose they saw me dancing.

... You could be angry at me.

If you witness a partner dancing while talking to another man, there's no point in misunderstanding.

This should explain the circumstances and solve the misunderstanding.

"Stay with me a little longer"


But also because a new song started and the four of us were playing too much talk?

She got my hands on me for wanting to dance, and I couldn't talk to that person.

It's a different tune than earlier, and if you don't focus on the dance, you're going to step on it.

"Hey, isn't it fast tempo"

"Me too... I need to concentrate, because I was taught. I'll dance."

A novice dancer, we managed to dance without stepping on their feet.

Excellent accomplishment since the end of the song.

We sweat each other because we're too focused, but our expressions should be neat.

"Well, medium, good for you."

"Yes, I didn't think I could dance without making a mistake like this"

"If I could have danced with your partner, it would have been nice."

I think it would have been better to share such joy as accomplishment with my loved ones after all.

Did she have any thoughts about what I said, too, and I shut up.

I was having fun dancing and I said something to give you water, but this was good.

For whoever I was staring at earlier, or for her.

"... Still, I enjoyed dancing with you. We're not used to each other, working hard, dancing at the right time."

"Me too, thanks. If you hadn't invited me, I'd still be drinking alone on the wall."

"If I hadn't been brave enough to ask you out, I might still be looking for a partner I can't find."

She still hasn't found a partner.

... the man who was wearing the tortoise cover I was looking at earlier would be her partner.

Quick, if you don't lead the two of us to it, the party's over.

This is also my role I know, thanks for dancing.

"Wait a minute, please. I'll be right back."

I ran off without even hearing from her.

That cover is cracked and rare, so it should be easy to find.

"... there he is!

I guess I'm just looking for someone to walk around.

I pulled his arm and moved to a less popular place.

"You were looking at us earlier. I'm sorry, her partner, right?"

I confirm but I don't answer anything...... but I don't deny it either.

Let's consider silence an affirmation.

Probably a sign of intent that you're mad at me and have no words to exchange.

We should solve the misunderstanding, as it is, it annoys her too.

"I can't help being angry, but listen to me. She was having trouble finding you inside. You're the one who taught me to dance, right? As it is, I have been taught and it is in vain. So he called out to me, standing alone on the wall."

He keeps his mouth shut, but he listens properly.

From time to time, you're hammering, and this is going to solve a misunderstanding.

"I taught my loved ones to dance, too. He couldn't come today because of circumstances.... They taught each other, but they didn't dance, so they did. Because that's really all. She was talking about her partner too...... I was just messing with your story. Me too... you may be rude, but I have someone important. It feels strange when I talk about charm."

I don't know what I'm talking about to the first person I meet.

Well, if I told you this far, you'd know that I didn't approach your girlfriend in favor.

I liked it when we talked, but my best is Cecilia, so it doesn't change.

"For her, like you're the best, I already have the most important person."

Well, if I told you this far, you'd understand, and suppose I'd take you to her?

Again, I pulled my arm, but on the contrary, they grabbed my wrist a lot.

... That seems like a soft hand for a man.

"... it's me."

"... to?"

This familiar, tender-overflowing voice...

"I had no idea you were going to hear those words from Mr. Yowki in this way,"

"... eh?"

"I don't know if you're trying to escape reality or if your understanding hasn't kept up. … dressed like this, Cecilia Aqualein."

Wait, why not, what is this situation?

Cecilia had assured me that she would not attend the party.

But Mr. Turtle in the suit in front of him looks like Cecilia.

It's Cecilia, even if you check with your sense of smell, it's real, it's you.

But why are you in this outfit?

Why are you dressed like a turtle?

"Mr. Yowki, Happiness would have started these parties, so Mr. Raven was looking... up, and I'm worried, so I'm here to see how it goes. However, when someone I know who invited me, I thought, well, I'm sorry, so I've been dressed as a man. And then, to mislead my hair..."

"Oh, yeah, I was. Yeah, you know what? As far as it goes, as far as it goes. Understood, understood. It's okay, it's okay. Now that you're calm, you don't have to worry. Because that's normal, yeah."

"... you don't look all right at all"

Ha ha, I wonder what Cecilia is talking about.

I'm just the way I always am, yeah, normal mind, normal mind.

"I was purely happy with what I said earlier?"

"That's how I feel, frankly."

"I like you, Mr. Yowki."


If they say any more, I won't have it.

Wait, you're gonna calm down, it's me.

Given this situation from around you, you should be able to calm down.

The sight of a heavenly dog in a suit kneeling in front of a turtle in a suit as well.

What a surreal sight.

"Hey, that's a great picture."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's us now. That's a hell of a situation."

"What, ah!... hehe, right"

This is how we always laugh at each other.

But not if you're bickering about swallowing with all Cecilia on this occasion.

If I thought it was her partner, it was Cecilia.

I left her alone because I left her early.

It's a bit that I'm the only one who can see Cecilia and she can't.

Cecilia also understands me in an earlier explanation, so she'll be here.

In the meantime, we're both going back to where she was trying to talk about Cecilia.

"... hmm?"

Something caught my eye arguing.

A pair of couples and men...... I wonder.

Couple guys can't afford it, they seem to yell at men with bright red ears and a grin.

I wonder if I have a relationship with a woman... I try not to gaze that it's better for me to stay out of it and try to get through.

But it's like a man's voice sounds familiar.

"Ha-ha, that's a pitiful story. Why don't you be honest with your feelings and it'll be easier?"

"How come I don't know you or anything, I just had to tell you so much about something you just took a drink from the same table!

"Dear Fio, please calm down. Make a scene and you'll be in your husband's ear!

"Damn, sure, but don't you regret Zion"

What's tangled up in the couple is a man in a bat mask.

I can't believe that way of laughing...

"This should be a party where everyone joins their original self in a mask. Yes, this is a place where you can have fun with your loved ones without worrying about your normal self... you guys can't watch."

"It's up to us how we enjoy ourselves. I don't remember being instructed by a stranger."

"Have fun...? Doesn't look like I'm having fun. It felt like sadness was hidden beneath the mask."

When the man in the bat mask pointed out, the two couples showed upset bare gestures.

"Your attitude towards her was a little, awkward to care about your partner. Even though the manipulation is perfect. Meanwhile, she has a verse that cares too much for you. There seems to be an inequality in the clothes you wear... and the relationship is between nobility and the servants of the mansion."

Scared, can you tell that much with your bare hands and the clothes you are wearing?

You were hitting it, that's the look of surprise on both of the couples.

"... at the mercy of my father"

"I'm just passing through."

"Lie, what's the purpose? Money, or something else... whatever. If it's not my father's fault, if I can do it, I'll do it. Instead, don't lay your hands on Zion. She had nothing to do with it, she just had me hanging out with my plays."

"Dear Fio!

"Don't worry, I'll ask you...... no, there's only one thing I want to ask you guys, one thing. Why not!"

Two of the couples would have their eyes round.

All of a sudden, you're gonna feel like something's wrong.

"Don't you guys love each other? Play, that's what I used to say. I felt, how much you think of each other."

"Hey, what are you talking about? Say what you know about the habit you just met with us..."

"Well, if you don't love her, anyone could have come to the party. I wonder if she's to that extent for you."

"Become, Theon is... Theon is an important person!

You're about to regret that I told you.

She looks worried too.

"Well, with that enthusiasm, you won't need a mask for your love."

"... who the hell are you"

"Ha ha, I told you. Said it was just passing. It might have been a favor... but if a wall appeared in your love and you bothered me, I'd come here to talk to you. The Cupid of Brilliant Love."

The couple stares at the hindsight of him leaving with a high laugh.

... Really, you're free everywhere, Caius.