Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried talking to my vampire girlfriend.

"Sounds satisfying, dude"

Speak up a couple away.

"Hey, you guys were here."

"Oh, well, there's a lot coming. Don't mention your name because you're here with patience.... so you're going to a romantic consultation even here. Besides, like that."

Instead of talking to you, I was going to cut in from myself.

It's not a sale, and is there such a thing?

"Thank you for this masquerade, I feel so many lost couples. That was the fourth couple I talked to earlier."

"Are you serious?"

Are you in on this dance meeting with so many troubled people?

Cecilia would be surprised too just not to speak up.

I wonder how many people have lids on their feelings just because they're wearing masks.

I know things are different, but still, all of a sudden you're cutting in, so Caius is amazing.

"No, thanks to you, I was making a promise, and I'm a lot behind. I hope she's not angry."

"She... isn't she in a coffin"

"He told me he wanted to go outside. I couldn't help but notice this masquerade. It just so happens that the counselor who came to the castle told me. I was lucky."

"You mean you want to go outside..."

Not from home, but from a coffin.

… that means let's make a final confirmation.

"Did she just teach you how to dance?"

"Oh, because you weren't my daughter who grew up in an environment where I had to learn to dance. I took care of it and taught it to you gently. When I'm a little, mean and suddenly tempered to dance, you swoop your cheeks and get angry. Hey, it's hard to forgive then..."

"Ooh, let's go. The other guy waits with his neck long."

Don't fall in love, pull your arms hard with the thought of walking straight.

You didn't notice, only once I saw you, when you weren't awake yet.

And then he was in the coffin, and there was no conversation.

But really no way... right?

Earlier, when I went for a parting place, I saw her leaning against the wall with a drink in one hand.

I told you to give me a minute, but you've been waiting for me without moving.

"Hey, you kept me waiting."

Caius approaches her without looking bad.

Hey, if you think I made you wait... there will be some more... Huh!?

"You're so naturally hugging me."

I gently put her in my arms without even asking her back.

Are you used to her too, without too much surprise, turning your arms around Caius's back...... it's a natural move.

"I've been... waiting. But it was too late to ask other men to dance with you."

"Hey, I'm sorry. There's a bunch of couples who aren't very, but can't watch. I'm late while we're talking.... will you forgive me?"

"You listened to me as much as I could... I forgive you for that. Besides, I also enjoyed the dance Caius taught me because I could dance with people who weren't Caius."

"Oh, no, that's cheating. You're in trouble, I can't believe my own lover cheated on me, even though I call him Cupid of Love. It's sad, I wonder if you can comfort me."

"There's no way I'm going to cheat. Caius is too worrying. I often say that you want comfort. Totally, how long I waited..."

"Ha ha, don't worry. Let's make it up to you tonight. When we're alone..."

You don't know there's me and Cecilia at Caius'.

If I keep listening to the conversation, it's like I'm sorry to her.

Really...... it's the two of us and I think we should make sure we love each other as much as we like.

Seriously, shouldn't we be together?

Because of the ball, thank you, but I don't know what it is, but the people here are having an important moment with their loved ones.

If you're done here, you'll always be the same.

I gently pulled Cecilia's hand and moved to the center of the party venue.

Let's dance.

"That's abrupt. I'm dressed as a man."

Are you whispering to hide who you are?

You won't have to worry about men's clothing.

"It's a party because of me. Both Caius and Raven seem to be dancing so much fun with their lovers. I can't believe I'm the only one keeping it... hey. Or you can't hang out with me anymore when you danced with another woman."

"That's not true!...... ok. The party's almost over, but let's dance. I'm not going to bother you, if you don't follow me... are you ready?"

My back is soggy, what the hell am I going to do?

Well, I hope I didn't fail, yeah.

"I won't make mistakes because the person who taught me told me so."

"Well, thank you for your time"

I took Cecilia's hand and we started dancing.

They think it's two strange outfits, heavenly dogs and turtle masks in suits.

The look on Cecilia's face I can't see in the mask, I thought it would be nice if she was laughing, and I made mistakes twice.

... Yeah, absolutely, I think Cecilia laughed.

I looked like I'd done it.

The masquerade was fine... well, I've had some surprises, but it's over.

Because of this, after leaving the venue, we all move to an unpopular place, face to face.

"Always, Caius takes care of you. My name is Shea, from inside the coffin, but I was wondering if I'd seen you guys several times."

"Oh, hi, it's Yoki. I can't believe you were dancing with Caius' girlfriend without knowing it."

Totally, coincidences are scary.

Well, there's more horrible things waiting for me now in many ways than by chance.

I have a kind of smile on my face that I don't see much of Cecilia next door.

Not the usual smile full of charity... similar to the smile that floats when Seek is having so much fun.

I've never done this before, so I'm surprised at what's going to happen.

"... Satisfied?"

"Oh.... sorry to have let you hang out with me so much today, Happiness"

"... Guru, you can come."

"... then why don't you come back here?"

"... come batch"

"... Happiness is sweet"

I'm flirting on my own.

You didn't have to talk to me, but those two were fine, weren't they?

Raven's rampage would be temporary...... shouldn't we taste the influence of the brave?

"Oh, wow, you look so hot, the two of them. It's good to love each other."

"You can't, Caius, to tear it up. Let me know what you were doing while you were meeting me. If I'm bothering you, I need to go make a proper apology."

"Ha ha, I just showed the lost lambs the way. It's up to them to go that way. Also, you might be happy or unhappy to wait ahead..."

"You're not bothering me by saying irresponsible things, are you?"

"Absolutely, my dear lover seems very suspicious. I'm a love cupid. I don't imitate people without darkness. You'll understand there, too."

"... right? I know Caius has personally listened to a lot of people and helped. But I'm late for my meeting..."

"I'm so sorry. The Cupid of Love is on the side of the troubled.... but I, Caius, will only love you. It's still a long night."

"... I'll hope so"

Over there and over here, flirting, flirting.

What the hell is this situation, I don't have half the peach air.

If it feels like face-to-face, shouldn't it be more solid?

Even I know, Cecilia must have noticed.

It's falling, there's thunder coming from Cecilia.

If I had thought of that, Cecilia grabbed my arm disappointingly.

"You've made mistakes twice. I'll be there."

"Where are you going..."

"Mr. Yowki, I want to try something called staying up late."

Does that mean we should hang out until morning?

It doesn't suit a serious Cecilia to stay up late, get up early and get healthy.

This grasp does not allow you to escape completely.

I've failed in leaps...

"You're going out with me, aren't you?"

"... Yes"

With Celia's permission, dance lessons until Cecilia is satisfied.

Hey... Mr. Cecilia, that was Spartan.