Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get on guardian god's advice.

The day after Cecilia's intense, tough dance lessons.

Even though I was working out, I wasn't out of fatigue because of an unfamiliar move, and I was lying down, even though I wasn't cleaning up my new home perfectly.

"Ahhh, it's over. I need to get some trinkets, but I have to go outside. Why is this happening?"

The reality of not getting the work done inside, although it's good to have moved.

Only at times like this, talk about a lot of people coming to visit.

I don't know, I have a feeling someone's going to count on me today...

"No, no, no... Yuga and Happiness had a problem knowing what my powers were."

Saying that, I heard a knock on the door.

No way...... no, that's it, that.

"I'm sorry. Don't hesitate to sell visits."

"It's me, kid!

Oh, did I know you after all?

Guy took care of me before this... well, it just turned out I went to tear it up.

Maybe it's urgent business, you seem in a hurry.

Raise your heavy hips and open the door.

"What's going on?"

"Something terrible happened. Teal..."

"Teal said... what happened!

"Teal... told me he was going to be an adventurer"

Be flattered by Guy's words.

An adventurer has a teal who seems weak and never had a weapon...... you can't.

"That's impossible, difficult, adventurer. Don't taste it, if only you would explain it properly. Guy, you're gonna crush the choices that make one girl die, okay? Bye."

"Hey, wait. Don't try to get me home. I came to see the kid because I thought it would be difficult for us to solve it alone."

I tried to close the door, and they put my foot in it, you poor quality salesman.

I know it sounds easy to convince you, but it's Teal, 'cause you're acting awesome, that girl.

I'll do anything for Guy, why don't you stop for a second?

"... ok. Let's hear more about it."

Get your hands off the door you were about to close and let Guy in the house.

I sat on the couch of my choice with a focus on sitting comfort and listened.

Seems like he's been getting ready steadily lately so Guy can't bust him if he thinks he's quiet.

He told Seek that he had given permission, worked out his body as far as he could, and was also studying magic.

"No, no, I can tell you I'll work out, I'll study. It's not going to be that easy. If you were weak and often slept in bed, you'd have no physical strength, no magical upbringing."

"That's what the kid would think. But there are people in that mansion who are helping Teal.... Everyone knows the kid."

"Oh, no way..."

Is Seek and Happiness wearing an archery?

If those guys are cooperating, it depends on Teal's efforts...

"Was it a maid buddy and a gardener apprentice child, and a maid chief...... Seems to be trained to the point where there is no obstacle to work or body."

"You're working with Mr. Sophia!

I can't believe that guy's overseeing you, Teal. Are you okay?

Mr. Sophia is the strongest of all, so the scratch would be considerable.

"But...... hey. You're tough, still."

"Oh, you're right. Makes Teal look like a dangerous adventurer. But the adventurer registration is basic, anyone will be able to do it"

"If he dies, he blames himself."

"Can you take Teal for a favor or something? I don't know what kind of danger there is. Depending on the content, there may also be wild lodging. Sometimes I have trouble eating. Another problem occurs during the request, which puts you in danger…"


"It's annoying, overprotective or whatever. If the kid thinks he can't do it either, help persuade him. I can't handle it alone."

I know how Teal feels without having to listen.

However, we should cooperate fully with Guy this time.

'Cause I absolutely can't.

If you have guts for Guy, you can't beat anyone, Teal, but that's not all you can do.

"Let's go. You can't just send Teal to a dead place."

"Helpful. Let's go. If we hurry, it's too late."

I left the house with Guy.

I ran, as I was rushed, at an exquisite speed not to outrun Guy.

Guy so desperate...... watch it over and over again.

But I don't know how to say it's too late.

I wonder if the Alliance staff would mind registering with a guardian or something like that.

"What, you went out!?"

"Yes, because Teal is on vacation today"

When I asked Mr. Sophia, it was after he had already gone out.

Well, if you're off, no wonder you're out.

Why is Guy so surprised?

"Noooo, I should have put him to sleep before I went to the kid's house..."

"What are you doing?"

This guy already exercised his strength.

You must have used Nightmare Sleep.

You know how desperate Guy is.

"... if you went to the maid of the mansion for anything, how much do you know Yoki, but you can't miss it"

"Heh... no, no, I know this guy Teal. Something tells me Teal's so connected, he's gonna fall asleep as soon as he gives up."

"... this should be my first visit to the Mansion today"


Cold sweating and desperate excuses totally behind my back.

I don't know what to do, this.

As it is, Guy breaks into the mansion and becomes the bastard who took Teal's consciousness.

Happiness and Seek are here just in time if you're wondering if you have any hands... All right.

"Hey, Happiness, Seek"

I sent a gaze to call the two of you to talk to each other.

We've been dating a long time, we can work together on eye signals only.

Once we've successfully aligned our mouths, we can break this situation.

"You just got this big guy here. I stumbled upon Teal, who was about to go out, and I was talking to him around there, and Teal fell asleep, and you guys who occasionally went through there carried Teal to the mansion."

Happiness narrows her eyes and asks me for my expression.

I laughed at the signal that I understood.

I was upset, but if you understood, you'd say it, and you'd match your mouth.

And then there's Seek...

"Wow, come on. You know this guy, the captain?"

Quickly, something went wrong.

It's an obvious first meeting. I'm flattered by the statement.

Mr. Sophia's eyes grew more and more, and he saw the suspicious.

It's hard to follow all of a sudden, isn't it?

"... Seek"

Sister Happiness.

"... hissing"

I'm blowing it into Seek's ear somehow if it was a signal to whisper it into his mouth.

I just have to believe in Happiness here.

"... ahhh, yeah. You know Teal."

"... outfit"

"Oh, yeah. You were in a different outfit earlier, so you mistook Seek's one. You don't have to remember people's faces properly, Seek. Be careful, you'll be rude."

"... although this one is wearing a mask"

"Oh, that's a complicated situation. I'm dressed like this for a reason..."

And if you show Guy's birth story from my work, he should be fine.

"Speaking of which, the captain said Teal's hippo before, didn't he? What do you mean?"

I could hear the air freezing on this spot pissy.