Why are you asking me that now?

I almost broke my heart in a situation that made me want to hold my head anymore, in a reality where I can't see the landing point.

Where the hell did you let the Seek guy slip your mouth?

... Occasionally when I was talking to someone, they would have asked me.

I think it sucks, but I can't be depressed forever.

Pull here, it'll end a lot.

"It's good to switch the past. But the crux is whether I am who I am right now. If I live with my chest stretched right now... even if I used to be a hippo, it would be good."

"Don't be ridiculous!

"Because you can't change what you've done. Tell him how he lives now... and he'll understand."

"Don't say anything unsolicited. Look, give Teal's boss a look! I don't care how you explain it anymore, you don't get credit."

Guy's right, Mr. Sophia's eyes on us are totally the same as those on the suspicious.

From now on, I don't think you'll be able to get me into the mansion.

My credibility is at stake, and the position of the cooperating Happiness sucks, and a double sermon awaits later.

... It sucks in real life.

So much so that I wish for a miracle that Cecilia would show up conveniently.

Only Seek has an innocent looking grin in this bitter air.

If I'm allowed to, I want to laugh, really.

"Guys, what's wrong with you suddenly shutting up?... Ahhh, I didn't get the herb I was drying. Bye, Captain. Bubba ~ i"

Drop the bomb and get out of here.

Against Seek leaving with a backhanded bye, I wanted to scream.

"... work"

"Right. I guess there's still cleaning left, Happiness. The break is over, Master Youki. I'll listen to you."

"... Captain, again"

Happiness also disappeared into the mansion to get back to work.

... Seeking help made the conversation extra easy.

"I'm going back to work, too"


"... I have heard many stories from Teal, so I have some understanding. I was wondering if I should refrain from making mistakes in the future."

If you'll excuse me, I was a beautiful uncle and Mr. Sophia went back to the mansion.

... you mean we were being played after all?

Or I wonder if you missed it.

"Hey, kid, let's hurry. Teal went out, which means he might already be in the Adventurer's Guild. You have to convince them before you sign up."

"Ah, oh. Right. Let's go."

While thanking Mr. Sophia, we head with Guy to the guild.

"It doesn't taste good. If you have already completed your registration…"

"It's not that hard to chase. We can get to the guild about the time we're in the registration process."

Once I've convinced him to explain the situation, he'll be able to cancel it, maybe.

I entered the guild with such anticipation and discovered Teal at reception......

"Oh, no matter what, it's your own fault. You wrote your name on the consent form."

"Yes...... that's my adventurer registration, isn't it? I thought I had more explanations and confirmations."

"Uh... the detailed terms and conditions are that. Ask the beautiful lady next door."

"Uh, do I have to be next door?"

"Yeah, sure, I can explain that, too. It's just that even if I look like this, I'm a deputy guild master, and all I do is pile up. Besides, the lady next door is still immature as an employee of the Alliance. I want to see if I can explain the terms and conditions and such stories to beginners clearly..."

"For a reason, I'm not trying to get my job back!

The one from Clayman, he said he was trying to push Mr. Ciel to work.

Either that, Teal, or more importantly, you went to Clayman's reception... now it's too late.

"Oh, patron god!...... and Mr. Youki. What's the matter, are you two going to make a request? Then I want to go, too. Look, my guild card. Now I'm the same adventurer as the god of protection."

Teal is happily showing Guy his guild card.

... hidden in a mask, but don't know what Guy looks like so you can take it.

I can assure you you look absolutely complicated.

Teal can't handle it in an evil way because it makes you look happy, and that's why I have to be honest with you.

"... good luck"

"Hey, don't say it like it's too late anymore. You should unsubscribe immediately."

"Ah? I just signed up and it's canceled immediately. I did it right away. This is me. I won't forgive you, that's not true. Don't get any more jobs."

Clayman rejected me, and I can't do anything about it.

In fact, it's rude to unsubscribe as soon as possible.

"Come on, patron god. Everywhere I get there. Let's both do our best from now on."

"... um, yeah, it's Teal"

Guy's one, you're fast to take root.

If we go this far, did you realize we had to give up?

Or maybe when I saw Teal's sparkling eyes, I couldn't say no.

"I know you're worried, but you can't take dangerous requests at first, and you're gonna be fine. I'll give you a heads up so you don't turn that job around."

"It would help if you did. Not yet, because it'll be tough. But is it good? We're gonna get more jobs."

It would be inconvenient to get more work done from Clayman.

"Oh... it seems Sophia's taking care of something. You're a maid of honor, I heard. You've never even had a weapon, but you have a Spartan education from Sofia."

And I know someone who works with me.

"Apparently.... Your strength doesn't extend that rapidly. He just said he was very motivated. The driving force..."

Clayman still turns his gaze to Patron God, Patron God and Teal approaching Guy.

Well... guess what.

"Yeah, that's what I mean"

"Whoa. It's good to be young. I'm totally focused. Still, the guys aren't going to say much. Sometimes I have a troublesome stopover."

When Guy's gone, I hear there's a raw guy trying to go... well, you can't, it's Teal.

The conversation between the two of us is getting suspicious, so it's time...

"Guardian God, now I'm a safe adventurer too. My power is insignificant right now, but I will try to help a little."

"Ugh, um"

"My lady, Mr. Youki opposed me before. Think of the god of guardianship. I know how sick I am, too. Still, I want to stand next to the Patron God to help. Of course, to the extent that you don't force it. Because if you fall, you'll be annoyed by the extra, patron god."

"And naturally."

"I was also prepared to be angry. I honestly apologize for acting in confidence. I'm sorry. … I, in proper consultation with my body, support the patron god"

"Oh, oh."

"I'll take care of it. Because I will crush the guardian god's obstacle.... those who do extra things, everything"

When Teal said it in her true face, she felt the air in her guild cool all at once.

Usually, it's unusual for a gay guild to be so quiet.

I'm used to it now, so I don't care, but I feel more compelling than before.

Was this also Mr. Sophia's Spartan education or what she accomplished?

I didn't expect the inflexible adventurers who have accomplished numerous requests to be overwhelmed by the words of the girl who became an adventurer.

"... he's in trouble too"

My eyes were tender watching Clayman's Guy.

"It's not like they're swinging, and those two are happy with that, so it's good."

"Is that so?... Well, it's not like me to think deeply about other people's relationships. I worked, and I'm gonna take a break."

Clayman said so, disappearing from the reception to the back of the standing guild.

Mr. Sierra also went to the back on the fast track and pulled Clayman, though.

"Why are you trying to go back if there's a gap? We still have a lot of work to do."

"Uh, I know. Oops, this document has been processed, processed, processed... I also have a summary of the survey you said yesterday. I made a request list for beginner adventurers. Also, the claims from my client are in order of importance, so process them in order."

"What, wait..."

"Look, there's no reception lined up. Respond, Sierra."

"... I wish that motivation was constant"

Clayman who works a lot, if you can, you should do it from the beginning.

No, maybe when Clayman gets serious, he won't be able to get around.