Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to work with the Patronus and the girl.

"Well, don't go home..."

I've already signed up, so it's too late.

Come on, I want to finish the move completely, I...

It was there and towards the entrance to the guild, but it grabbed my shoulder.


"No, wait... there's nothing more I can do"

"Dear Patron, will you not change my mind?"

See, that's what Teal says, too.

I want you two to discuss the rest and work it out, and I'll go home and finish the move.

"... noooo, my son, I'm not convinced. As I've said many times, adventurers are dangerous. Imagine what Teal's grandmother would look like if she saw her become an adventurer. I'm sure you'll be worried."


Guy, don't even think about it.

I can't believe I even talk about my late Teal's grandmother.

Exactly, Teal is also thinking a little bit, did you react to the word worrying?

No way, does this break...

"... ok"

"Um, rethink..."

"I'll take you home and report you to Grandma"


"I will live hard with the Patron God," I report. I haven't been home since. "

"Oh, man. Teal"

"The Goddess of Guardianship will arrive too, won't he?"


I don't want you to look at me here.

I don't see the option of not getting to me.

Look at you, Teal, you're looking at Guy with so many sparkling eyes.

He said if he saw me like this, he couldn't refuse.

"Guardian God?"

Guy nodded slowly after taking a stubborn blow: lovingly leaning his neck by Teal.

"Then let's go. It's actually a vacation I took to go ask for with the Patronus, but it's been a long time since I've been back home"

Guy understands, but why is he even grabbing my arm?

I've been grabbed by both of you, and I can't get away with it.

"Teal, feel like I'm going too?"

"... I think the villagers will say something that it's just the Patron God and me. I want Mr. Youki to explain to the villagers about the goddess of guardianship."

If I do suddenly return home with a man who has covered his whole body with a masked coat, will I be suspected?

I guess I'll be convinced if I put in my explanation...

"Okay. Guy means I know him, so let's talk to the villagers."

"Thank you! Good, patron god. Now you can walk in grandeur from the villagers without getting weird eyes on you."

"Ugh, um, right. Explain it to me, kid..."

Guy, you gave up, you got no tension in your voice.

I want the two of us to talk and decide about the adventurer in the future.

I'll explain to the villagers... I'm not going to go out with them this far.

"Again... it's gonna be a stretch."

When will the move be completely over?

While I was rocked by the ride carriage, I had been thinking about it looking at the view.

"I haven't been home in a long time"

On the road, he arrived safely in the village of Dagaz without being attacked by demons.

It's been a long time indeed...... what if I'm saying.

"It's night. Get some rest today. Let's report to Teal's old lady tomorrow. You'll be tired of riding a carriage we're both unfamiliar with."

"Um, right. I couldn't sleep more shaken and satisfied than I imagined. I want to take the day off already."

Guy's in favor of taking the day off already, and then Teal...

"That's right. Looks like I got a little tired riding a carriage I'm not used to either. You're with the Patron God. Come on, let's go to my house and get some rest."

It's natural for you to come along with all your strength.

In such a way that he was pushed by the momentum, Guy was pulled on his arm and left with Teal.

"Well, let's find the inn"

I picked up a room at the inn and revealed it overnight.

The next day, I joined Guy and Teal properly... after noon.

"It's late."

"I could have been slower"

Teal, you didn't bring me here to explain.

If we keep this up, we won't follow the village, but it's still good.

... I know you and Guy want to be alone.

"There's a good reason I'm late."

We both said something selfish, so I'll explain how it went until Teal came to her house.

I woke up at the usual time, so I'm not sleeping.

It wasn't until I left the inn that I finished getting ready and the problem arose.

Apparently, most of the villagers remember me and have been speaking up.

Well, most of what we talked about was a thank you for the bandit crusade.

"The Virgin Mary is not here today, is she? I missed you......"

"Hasn't the Virgin come? Too bad."

"Oh, no, no Virgin Mary, too bad. I promised I'd have a nice glass of wine next time I came."

It was quite frustrating to see how much Cecilia wanted to do.

Especially to the one who said he promised or something, so much so that I thought I'd set him up for the dark on his way home.

Also, not just for Cecilia.

"Oh, you don't have Seek."

"Isn't that cute girl here today?"

"Oh, Seek, you're not here!

Seek was liked not only by young girls, but even by his wife.

Why do I have to bow my head like I'm sorry that I didn't come today?

I tried pretty hard to crusade the bandits that time, too, and I helped treat them.

Well, some of you remembered me properly and thanked me.

"Yoki, it's been a long time."

"Oh... that's your brother who helped me then"

"Thanks to you, Grandpa, I'm still fine. I never forgot to thank you."

Ultimately surrounded by elderly people from the village.

I'm sure it was because I was the one treating the older people.

He said he couldn't get through the enclosure, let alone eat lunch, so he didn't hesitate to treat him.

"... that's why it's past noon"

"Then we'll have no choice."

"I agree with the Patron God. If I had come all the way down here to thank everyone in the village, I would have been disappointed in Mr. Yowki."

"No, no, because I, I wouldn't do that. Instead, I even got souvenirs, and I have to thank them."

I received the dried meat when they told me to bring the dried vegetables.

When I said I would also give it to Cecilia and Seek, she dropped me off with a gentle smile asking for it, which is new to my memory.

I feel good, it's good to be here.

I was in such a good mood to be pulled a little from Teal, that the three of us went around the village to introduce Guy.

A lot of people were wary of Guy at first, but you got less and less.

If you see Guy confused by Teal's deep love......

"The protection...... please don't say Mr. Guy badly. This man is a benefactor to my life. It's so important that I don't really want to leave for a moment. I have so much fun spending time with Mr. Guy, every day shines, enough to say that. So if you suspect Mr. Guy, I... I won't forgive you. Because Mr. Guy..."

"Enough, stop it already, Teal. I don't need any more."

"Why, my protection... Mr. Guy. Wouldn't it be troublesome if the villagers didn't understand? So until the villagers understand my love for Mr. Guy, we need to talk all the time, all the time."

"No, we don't need to talk that far. And then the two of us talk, so Teal hasn't walked home alone in a long time..."

"No, you can't. What will you do if something happens to Mr. Guy? Is there any basis for the villagers not doing anything to Mr. Guy? You can never say that.... Of course, I trust you about Guy. But I don't like it. It's been a long time since I've been home. I'd like to walk with Guy."

"Nah, nah..."

"Um... I want to explain the rest, don't you mind? Well, who still thinks anything of this situation..."

Yeah, he wasn't there.

Everyone looks happy forever.

I don't get upset because it's a sight I always watch.

Afterwards, although someone had asked me about Guy's birth, he was relieved that he convinced me to tell the story I had made.

Some of them were having a rough time, you know, tears, and Guy was in trouble.

I feel terribly sorry for myself.

That's how I proposed to go say hello to Teal's grandmother when I got an understanding of the villagers.

"I'm already there. It was too late for Mr. Youki to come... and protect him early in the morning, alone with God."

"Early in the morning... you're not going to wait for me."

"I'm sorry, kid"

"No, it's not like I'm apologizing, it's nothing good. I don't know what to do... yes, I'll even go to Guy's temple"

"That's a good idea. That's where I and the Patron God meet and it's a very thoughtful place. Patronus, let's go."

Teal taking Guy's arm and pulling it around.

Lover...... I don't know, I don't even look like a father swinging by my daughter on holiday.

If I say it in front of Teal, it's going to be absolutely nasty, so let's just think about it.

I just have to get to the two of you at my pace, this time.

There are times when I thought about it...

I got to Guy's shrine... unfortunately it's destroyed, not only the statue I made, but even the shrine.

Teal's got an aura you shouldn't see.

This won't end peacefully.