"... a place of memories between me and the Patron God"

"Oh, hey, Teal"

"It's obviously an artificial way to get destroyed, isn't it? If you're a demon, you won't do it this far."

"Ugh... right"

Guy's gonna look at me like he wants help, and he's gonna tell me what to do.

Well, it's as easy as fixing it up a little bit, but the story is whether that'll put Teal's anger away.

"If this were a true patron god..."

"No, no, with me, I'll resist! You don't have to do that."

"... I won't"


Oh, didn't Guy hear you very well?

It sounded clear to me, I won't forgive you, okay?

"I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you..."

The light goes out of my eyes, and I call out that I won't even forgive you.

Shit, I don't know who did this, but I want the killer to get away with it as soon as possible.

Even Guy has reached an unstoppable level.

So much so that I wonder if there will be dead people if I do poorly.

Teal in full aura doesn't seem to be seeing around, so I invite him and call Guy.

"What are we going to do, this? I haven't been home in a long time, and I'm mad that you're not going to destroy the inside."

"You don't even listen to me. Do you want me to sleep?"

If there is any inconvenience, can you only think of an immediate attempt to take away consciousness, this patron god?

"Hmmm...... is that better? Given the safety of the village...... hey?"

I came to the conclusion that I had no choice, and quickly, Guy approached Teal to magically put her to sleep.

"Hehe... I'm not going to sleep until I catch the killer. Seek-kun gave me some medicine to find out. Even without it, I will resist, and even if I fall asleep, I will not give up."

"Ti, teal......"


More than you think. No, I'm as determined as I expected.

Seems harsh to quell my anger...... then.

"Do you catch it"

"Hey, are you insane, kid!?"

"Well, destroying a shrine is actually a bad thing. I broke something I managed in the village."

Then find the killer and follow the village vigilante, and we'll work it out.

I just need to keep an eye out so Teal doesn't go after you more than he needs to.

Yeah...... I really need to stop it. It tastes bad.

The Seek one, you gave him something else besides the drugs.

Teal's powerless, so I have to think of a way of warfare quite a bit.

Maybe, but I think Seek gave him drugs to cause symptoms like poison or paralysis, or he gave him knowledge...

"Let's work with Teal within our sight. Let's stop them if we think they're in danger... their lives. I don't know if I can force you to take me home here."

"So what happens at a later date..."

"That's what I'm talking about"

Guy seems to have convinced me of my thoughts, too, and let's just find the killer.

Quickly, the three of us interviewed the villagers.

"I can't believe I broke both the temple and the statue. Well, there was a guy who did something unpunished.... but I don't know because nobody approached that temple except Teal. They said God of Guardianship, but I didn't believe it."

"Really? Now I ask others, thank you."

"Oh, was that a bad way of saying it? I'm sorry if I offended you."

"No, never mind"

I wonder what it's like to talk to an uncle I know, with the light out of his eyes and a bar reading.

I apologized so much when I left, and I'm sorry about this one.

"Teal, how to listen, how to listen!

"What is it, I'm normal. Mr. Yowki exaggerates too much.... The Guardian God is on my side, isn't he?"

If I told you it wasn't here, this village would perish.

Depending on your choices, you're gonna have to ask the Bad End a whole lot of questions.

"Teal, they're deliberately trying to take the time to work together. Oh, my God, I don't think it's a good response."

Bad end, I made a choice.

If Guy does anything to deny Teal in her current state......

"... right. Guardian God is right, isn't he? I'll listen in properly and carefully from now on. Thank you, Patronus. Oh, I have a forty year old motorcycle who loves to hunt. I haven't heard from you yet, so I'll ask you."

Teal, who gave her usual smile, ran for a hunter named Bike.

... Let's remember will Guy also be Teal's tranquilizer?

"But can you find it? I don't even know when they broke it. Isn't it a little early to be stuck?"

"I didn't know it was going to strengthen my sense of smell."

I could do it myself. I tried my hand, but I couldn't because there wasn't any of the killer's stuff left.

"... Kid, do me a favor"

"What is it, a good idea?"

"I'll do the listening with my senior year and teal. However, you probably won't find it. I want the kid to make a new temple and statue."

"I don't know if that'll put Teal's anger away, but it's better than leaving it that way."

I don't like the land of memories. It's just a wreckage.

If I fix it perfectly, Teal might be in a better mood.

"Okay, I'll take care of it. I'll rebuild the statue, including Guy's. Guy's right... I hope you're having fun with your date."

Mumble an extra word and then I'll go back the way I came.

I heard you don't kid around from behind, but it would be a lightning up.

Teal, I think it's a good thing that you and I walk in the village together.

Even the villagers should have been worried that Teal, who was weak, suddenly left.

Now you'll need an appeal that you have a better and more difficult lover.

"Well, it's been a while since I've shown off my artistry."

It goes without saying that Teal, who saw the statue I had created, chased me around as a result.

... It's been a long time, so I totally forgot about myself.

In the end, the killer was not found, but the temple and statue were rebuilt, so Teal's mood also healed somewhat.

Yeah, now I congratulate you... I thought.

The next day, before I go home, I head back to the land of memories.

"... I will never forgive you"

Also, the temple and statue had been destroyed.

He said he just fixed it yesterday, but it's too soon.

I felt angry about this, too.

Whatever the temple is, the statue has been rebuilt many times until Teal convinces you, but give me back my hard work.

But there are more angry girls beside me...

"... I didn't think you were going to use the moves you worked out for the request in your hometown"

Teal took the knife, thread, needle, and box out of the bag.

... I don't know, it smells so dangerous.

"Hey, Teal. What the hell is that?"

"Is this it? The knife is for work. Threads and needles are used to create traps. And this box."

When I opened the box, there were powders, tablets, liquids and various medicines inside.

This is no way......

"I talked to Seek-kun about it, and it's a medicine with various potencies that I've created. It's my weapon. This time I will use this liquid medicine. Start by checking the killer's identity and trap him like a drugged needle will stab him when activated around..."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait!

I hope you don't give me a pale and scary explanation with a straight face.

Medicine is in a vial, the dull, dark yellow one, right?

Obviously, it's the one you do.

"It's okay, Mr. Yowki. Because I don't have the ability to kill. I just can't stop itching, tears and runny nose in my body for about three days and start liking the sour stuff so much."

"If I don't die, I don't know what to do!?"

The Seek one, don't give him a dangerous set of medicines.

You can't let him have it, this.

There are plenty of other medicines that would work but... let's not ask.

"Teal, isn't it too much of anything"

"What are you talking about, patron god? It's the second time, and the day after Mr. Yowki fixed it for me because of it. This is what I did entirely for it. It's malicious! They did a lot of things, so we have to pay them back..."

I thought it was Guy's word, but I think I totally bumped into him on this one.

If you let me do it alone, it's gonna be hard, this.

Anyway, it looks like you should protect the killer first.

If it was yesterday or this morning, we can squeeze the killer.

I went to the village after Guy told me I left this place to myself.