"... I wanted to be there"

I was searching the whole village relying on the smell that was left at the scene... finally found it.

The young man in the village, the same age as Teal, or a little above.

You're one of the vigilantes, I don't care what you're doing.

You seem to be seriously training, and it doesn't look like you would do that from what I've seen.

Listen to me and grab the evidence, and you're done.

Since we fixed the statue and shrine yesterday and left, there shouldn't be an alibi for him until this morning.

Let's hear if anyone saw him heading for the temple.

Guy was holding me back about Teal, so I could concentrate on the investigation.

As a result, we get a sighting that we saw you on the road leading to the shrine.

I'm going to go to the vigilante... let's ask him why he did this before.

"... so why did you destroy the temple and statue?"

"What, you. Suddenly call it in. He's not from the village. The rest of us are."

I had someone like the leader of the vigilante explain the situation to me and call me in.

It was good until I brought you a little further away from where you were training.

That's a long time ago, at this age, I don't know what else to do.

Let's keep asking questions.

"I've already looked into your destruction of the shrine and statue. Adult, reflective, I want you to offer."

"Well, you have no idea what you're talking about. Enough? I'm going back to training."

"Wait, if you're bad, it's gonna be life-threatening"

He returns to the vigilante without even hearing my stillness.

I was forced to think it was a good thing to hold back, and I was late to walk out.

"Come and get me."

"No, so he said we weren't done talking yet."

I don't have anything to talk about.

I don't know what to do without hearing.

Eventually, I went back to the vigilante, and they all seem to be resting, lowering their hips.

"Hey, Satya. I got a plug for you."

"Plug me in?"

Was the name Satya?

A fellow vigilante hands him a basket.

"I wonder who it's from, my mother"

He doesn't seem to know Satya.

... I have a bad feeling, and the moment Satya opens the lid, she grabs the root and pulls it forcefully back.

"Wow!? Damn, what all of a sudden..."

When Satya tried to be evil against me, the needle jumped out of the basket with momentum.

They were rigged to pop out when they opened the lid.

If I hadn't pulled it, I would have stabbed Satya in the hand or in the forehead.

Me, Satya, all three of my vigilante buddies who brought him a basket are utterly outrageous.

"... this."

"... you, I'm going to borrow Satya for a moment, so tell the leader of the vigilante."

It's dangerous to leave Satya alone, and I'm pretty upset that I've been targeted.

Somehow, Teal seems to have come to the conclusion that Satya is already the killer.

What's Guy doing, at all?

Placing an unknown vigilante young man, I took him to drag Satya to Teal's place.

"You can't do that"

As a result of detecting their whereabouts with enhanced olfactory sensation, they were both close.

I guess it's because I haven't had that much time since I gave you the basket.

Quickly, it's time for a sermon.

"That's not true. I'm not using that medicine. Man... Guy stopped me, so I only applied mild paralysis poison."

"Ma, ma, paralysis poison...!?"

I'm upset just by the word paralysis poison, pathetically.

"Ti, did Teal really set this up!

You know the name, it's a small village, and I don't think everyone feels like a neighbor.

Hmmm...... I would have said Patronus, Patronus, but in Satya, Teal must have been under the impression that she was a weak reader-loving girl.

When I first got back in a long time, he said I was evolving into a Yandere girl using traps and poisons.

"That's right. Sure, Mr. Satya, son of a hunter."

"Sure... we've been talking a lot."

"I remember you speaking to me unilaterally"

Teal, you look familiar to me, Satya.

Villages of this size could all be the same age.

Teal's neighborhood is strong and Satya seems pathetic.

I guess the temple thing has something to do with it... more than that.

"Guy, why didn't you stop talking about Teal? That basket trap, if I hadn't noticed, I'd have hit it straight."

"... sorry. I stopped him for life, but I didn't ask. I tried to put him to sleep, but Teal said he understood my hand, and if I put him to sleep, he would inject himself with a very powerful medicine..."


Isn't that just dangerous medicine in that box?

No, I know it doesn't mean it's a half-effect medicine if you're going to use it as a weapon.

"Well... let's have a chat around here and make amends for breaking the temple and statue of the Protector God twice."

"Ha... hey, what are you doing"

I'm scared I really don't know what I'm willing to do.

But if you know, you'll avoid needles, and you won't be putting drugs directly on them.

The knife said it was for work, and even if you swing it, it's no match for Satya, who's training in the vigilante.

"I, Mr. Happiness, also taught me magic. But that's all I could use now."

A blister appears at Teal's fingertips.

Water Attribute Primary Magic, "Aquavalet"?

It's a magic that really makes it easier to use for primary use, and less powerful for that matter.

What are you going to do with that?

"Mix this chemical with this blister… it's done"

The color of the blister floating at your fingertips has changed to purple.

No, no... No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

"All you have to do is fire at the target."


Even if I didn't tell you, Satya was already running out.

You sensed it was bad, I think it's a wise decision.

"It's no use."

Teal relentlessly shot "Aquavalet" into Satya's back running away.

It's my back that hit me, it's not in my mouth, so the medicine shouldn't work.

If I thought so, Satya suddenly coughed up and stopped her legs and sat down on the ground.


"Even if you don't go directly into your mouth, that water bullet affects your surroundings when it lands. It has a narrow range of effects and doesn't last very long, but it's great for holding back."

Now, which way did you take it out to restrain me, I approached Satya with a rope and tied it up a lot.

"Guy... educate yourself properly"

"What am I supposed to do with my life?"

"Do something."

"Isn't it too late?"

Guy told me I couldn't give anything back.

Then Satya, who was terrified of Teal, admitted lightly what she had done.

"I mean, even though the village was attacked by bandits, he said he was angry with the patron saint who did nothing"

"... that's right. I just didn't think the village needed a creepy monster statue."

"As far as it goes.... Teal, I'm interrogating you right now. I'm sorry, but I wonder if the needle and box will go away. Well, I'll do the interrogation alone, so, yeah, that's better, absolutely. Guy, take Teal and explain it to the vigilante."

"Um, I asked you to."

"Please let go, patron god. That fool still needs a heavenly punishment. I just gave it to the vigilante. Anyway, no great punishment should be carried out. Then I will now give you maximum pain to the extent that there will be no sequelae...... let go, let go, Guardian God!

"Absolutely. Here we go."

Lifting a poorly heard teal, Guy headed to the vigilante.

Oh, come on, Teal, you were so excited to call me a god of guardianship about Guy, are you okay?

"Teal's eyes...... you meant it. I don't know what I was about to do... yay, yay."

Apparently Satya wasn't if she cared about that.

He is shaking with his face blue while tied to a rope.

... Is it not lightly traumatized, this?

"Well, that's it. I have to get some words of apology and put them down. I can't do anything, I'm sorry."

"... I like this village. There are only mountains and rivers, and this village is full of fields. I want to protect you, that's why I joined the vigilante.... I remember. You're the one who was with the Virgin Mary."

"You didn't remember..."

I don't remember Satya either, do I?

The young man had almost gone to Cecilia, so maybe he had no choice.

... bandit exorcism, I tried my best.

"Oh, su, I'm sorry. I was badly ill and unconscious in a bandit raid before the Virgin Mary and you came. When I woke up, I looked like I was taking a carriage home."

You mean you only saw me for a little while?

"Then there's no choice."

"... hey, is Teal still possessed by the Patron God? I thought if I broke that shrine and statue, I'd be free. But when I thought I was back, I knew I was guardian, guardian. So..."

"Don't take possession..."

I think it's the other way around.

Teal's a good guy. That's why.

Because I haven't gone into possession.

Well, I can't tell you the truth, so why don't I wrap it up for you?

"Whatever it is, it doesn't change that I destroyed Teal's land of memories. Reflect firmly."

... who, me.

Then the vigilante arrived and Satya was picked up.

According to the leader of the vigilante, the punishment will be imposed.

Teal was blinking her eyes and talking to me about it, but it was stopped by Guy.

Really, I don't know what I'm gonna do.