"... I'm not convinced. The reason is a selfish mistake, even a mystery as to whether you are really reflecting. I can't forgive myself for being helpless, so I thought I'd change? You should also take the liberty of training. Only eight strikes seem to have broken the temple and statue. I knew I would take this medicine..."

It's time to stop.

Looks like we're still after an opportunity for revenge, what do we do?

When I leave like this, I'm going to set up a trap around Satya.

These eyes are killing eyes, for sure.

"Hey, Guy. Do something. You'll be back here later. … as an important reference person"

Crime starts in my hometown, and no, it doesn't have to be hometown to taste good.

"Um, that man was to be officially judged in this village. It's not a good idea to blame him any more.... Kid's right, Teal's position gets worse too"

"I know, I know, Patron God. I couldn't forgive him for what he did..."


How do you convince Teal that Guy is thinking of something?

Yeah...... looks like we should be alone.

I'll fix the temple and the statue.

"Okay, please.... I'm sorry, but I'm asking Teal to be satisfied."

"I know, how many times did you think I rebuilt it yesterday?"

I've been asked many times to fix things that are too detailed.

I'll make it look like Teal's thanking you in one shot.

"I'll meet you when we're done discussing this, then I'll be there."

Say goodbye to the two of you, one, to repair the temple and statue.

What matters is the image, not mine, but how can Teal be satisfied?

It's not like you need to take the time, just focus.

"I could do it, I'd do it."

A little bit, although the kitchen two switch was on, I did my job responsibly.

Yes... I believed in Guy and waited for Teal to come here.

"Whoa, why is this time!?"

It's already sundown and I'll wait without even eating.

It's coming soon, it's coming soon... this is what I would have thought.


Guy seems very sorry to bow his head, while......

"Excuse me, Mr. Yowki."

Are you willing to apologize, Teal's cheek is much looser.

What's the matter, this kid, what happened?

"Did Teal take some weird pills by mistake?"

"Stuff, su, sorry, kid. It would help if you didn't ask me about it..."

"The Goddess of Guardianship told me to walk the future with me ~"

"Oh, hey, Teal!

Guy hurried and blocked Teal's mouth, but it's too late.

When we were doing some serious repair work, these two seemed to be designing their lives.

Looking at the current state, it seems that there is no resentment towards Satya.

Guy could say he did his job...... but.


I was staring at Guy with dead eyes, no emotions put in there, complete nothing.

"Oh, hey, kid"

"... happy for a long time."

"Wait, wait, it's a misunderstanding. Be my age."

"Don't worry, it's a subtle joke"

"Isn't that pretty much serious"

"Ha ha... why don't we go home first thing tomorrow morning?"

Guy seemed to be able to only shake his neck vertically when he was pushed by unspoken force.

The next day I got back in the carriage to Minerva and I went home early and went straight to bed.

It was still evening, I hadn't even had dinner, but I wanted to go to bed.

"Oh... when is the move going to end perfectly..."

I whined softly about one word with a genuine wish. I followed my drowsiness and stayed...

"... Huh?"

Wake up with the sound of knocking on the door.

You run errands on me, now who, I don't care who's here anymore.

I'm a trusted consultant, I guess.

My head is getting high because I've been busy asking for things day after day.

I can't help but turn on the kitchen two switch, and I know you'll be visiting anyway.

"Who, I'm sorry, but it just happened. Somewhat, it would help if you gave me some time. Hold on till then!

What's the situation, the kind of dialogue you want to scratch, come on... what kind of return will you give me?

"I don't know how to hold out...... ok"


Oh, no, no, I'm visiting. It was Cecilia.

Hurry up and get up to speed and open the door.

"Good Morning"

"Yeah, good morning......"

When I opened the door, it was Cecilia, I couldn't possibly have misheard her, so it's obvious.

You were making a promise or something today, I can't remember... No, I didn't.

"Sorry for the sudden visit"

"No, that's nothing... because I was just asleep"

"Really? Mr. Yowki, do you have business today?"

"No, but I guess"

There is a great deal of potential that we can do from now on.

Lately, it's been a fool to move.

"So why don't you go out with me? Mr. Yowki, you haven't finished moving because of all the errands."

"You know perfectly well. Seems like everyone's putting in a lot of things, and if you realize it, you haven't cleaned up at all, you haven't finished shopping, you're halfway through cleaning..."

Organizing two floors by yourself is tough, except.

I shared it with the Dukes at Demon King Castle.

... I get worried that I can live and manage alone.

"So I'll help. Shopping for missing accessories, furniture, and cleaning won't be all done yet."

"What, no, that's fine. It's not over because I'm not handy."

"Mr. Yowki has been working for someone lately, hasn't he? Then why don't you take someone's hand?"

How about being told so far to say no?

My lover is asking me to help, so should I honestly accept it?

In fact, if Cecilia were here, shopping and cleaning would help.

... because you're firmer than me.

"... please"

"Well, shall we go?"

I took Cecilia out of my new home.

But soon you discover that I'm the one being taken.

"Mr. Yowki, this store has a lot of products and is affordable"

"Oh, yes."

"This cup, don't you think, is good"

"Oh, I think so too"

"The curtains... I think the things around here are good. What about Mr. Yowki?"

"All right, let's decide from here"

Me, you live alone, you don't live with Cecilia, do you?

Cecilia sounds like she's having so much fun... well, she lives in a mansion, she doesn't have the edge to move.

Cecilia, I'm counting on you, but I'm convinced of what you chose, too.

... I don't want to think he's a bad guy.

That's how I shopped faster than I thought, went back to my house and cleaned.

I thought Cecilia wouldn't clean the mansion, lady.

There was a time when I was thinking about that.

"What is it, Mr. Yowki? Your hands are stopped."

"No, yeah."

Cecilia was moving very tightly, wearing a triangular scarf on her head, wrapping around the sleeves of the clothes she had worn, and holding a rag and a scuff.

I stand with a gibbon and marvel at the unexpected appearance of my lover.

"Cecilia doesn't clean the mansion, does she?"

"Enough to lighten up your own room, huh? If I had cleaned myself before, Mr. Sophia would scold me. It's our job to confiscate the cleaning tools."

"I guess it was about getting involved with the face of the maid.... Then why are you so used to it"

"I do a lot of cleaning with kids in orphanages."

"Uh, enough to be. So you're used to it."

"Yes.... come on, I'll do my best, Mr. Yowki. Let's finish it all today, including sorting out what we bought."

"Are you serious?"

Fine, there's something I can do to help, but are you okay?

My cleaning was sweet, so I cleaned the whole house, and everything I bought ranged from dishes to shelves.

It's like I've reset what I've found time to do, isn't it?

Yet you think you're gonna finish it all in one day... seriously.

"I won't lie. Here we go."

Working with a starting lover...... Cecilia, quick, polite, sure move.

I can't just stand there with a stick forever, either.

Yes, this is my only castle I got after all the hard work.

"If we put together, we're invincible... we'll try to overcome any difficulties, let's go!

I held the pigeon in one hand and worked on the move.