Sunny weather as a result of the weather.

I guess it's because of my good daily behavior, ha-ha.

"It's a beautiful day."

"Well, I guess it's because of Mr. Youki's good daily behavior"

"... was I speaking?"

"I looked up at the sky and was nibbling, so somehow, but I imagined"

Wow. I'm embarrassed, but you look like an idiot.

No, I'm floating because it's a long date.

... but you can't just have fun with me.

"Cecilia, it's my idea. You want to tell me it's a leak. But today, I'm gonna make sure Cecilia remembers."

"I believe that word, don't I?"

"Leave it to me!

Quickly where I'm in the mood, I take Cecilia's hand and walk out.

"Mr. Yowki, where are you headed?"

"That's a pleasure to have when you get there. If you want to know, I'll tell you."

"No, I decide to look forward to it. Because of this, Mr. Youki will escort you. I'm better off knowing nothing."

"... that sounds normal. Then let's head to our destination while we talk about the recent economic situation in Minerva"

I lightly bogged down, completely awaiting Cecilia's scratch.

Early on the date, we had a tough conversation.

From here, it's a routine conversation to stabilize the atmosphere.

"It would be good."

What, seriously.

"Firstly, thanks to all of the Knights, Minerva is now able to resolve the case quickly as well. The efficiency gains will be caused by Mr. Raven's changes."

"Uh, it's not a brush talk anymore. Well, sometimes I've been showing guys lately, and I guess I've got a fever for my job because I've set a life goal."

"That's what I think, too. Also, it looks like adventurers are getting less and less convulsive on the streets. This is Mr. Clayman, because he's cracking down on adventurers who go wild."

"Seriously, I'm working, Clayman"

I don't think that kind of thing is involved because it smells like trouble.

All I see is my reception.

"Mr. Sophia is delighted. He's motivated, so he seems to be being nice to you."

"... what are you doing"

I think the response was sweet even when someone was here.

Try to pry...... stop and like this, Mr. Sophia will erase me.

"That's the one called Couples Only Secret, right? Let's get down to business…"

From there, the current minerva economic situation began, with a good understanding, by Dr. Cecilia.

The impact on the market of price fluctuations due to the abundance of nearby villages as to which countries trade with them is of the highest priority.

Measures for stray children, thorough management of the town's hygiene...... your ears hurt.

The story of Cecilia was very easy to understand.

I might even talk about this in an orphanage.

Well... you don't look like a conversation on a date.

Now this is a picture of a teacher and student, not a boyfriend girlfriend...

I'll get it back where I'm going for the missed talk.

"Amazing, Mr. Yowki"

Cecilia, who is next door, doesn't usually feel like showing it.

All right, I picked this place and you were right.

I'm glad you got the information that a famous troupe is coming around here soon.

Thank God for the old man who taught me at the tavern.

"You can't do theatre to me. I can't even say that embarrassing dialogue. I don't know if it's a big move, but it seems difficult."


Seen with a very unexpected look from Cecilia.

No, no, it's true.

"Mr. Yowki, are you serious?"

"Yes, but... you don't have to open your eyes like that to say it"

You're too surprised, why this... Ah.

"... because mine comes naturally. Because I'm not trying to get it out. I'm not at liberty. That's what I'm saying."

I'm not playing, here's the thing... like the other me sealed.

No, because this statement situation is Kitchen II, the one you can't do if you absolutely put it in your mouth.

The troupe's play was amazing...... I felt Cecilia's gaze from time to time, maybe she wasn't satisfied with my response.

Seriously, it's separate from acting.

"Where are you going next?"

"I thought I'd go to a restaurant I recently had"

Of course, it's a shop I've checked out.

Women friendly and healthy dishes emerge.

Something seems to be using good ingredients for my skin.

When I went downstairs, I only had a female guest or a couple, so I went in alone, inside, it was a lot of hurdles.

Well, I went to the stomach shop to entertain Cecilia.

The gaze I get from around me is that I have a lover, and this is a look down, and I got through the comfort words in my head prolonged.

... No, that store is quite lined up, I guess.

"What is it, Mr. Yowki? Is it not in excellent physical condition as well? A little pale..."

"Oh, no, whatever..."

"I found it. Yo!

Oh...... trouble came from behind.

When I just turn my face, Mikana is coming this way with all the sickness she can get.

After all, they don't have peace with me.


Suddenly, the mikana in front of me disappeared.

I can't even tell you what an errand it was, leave a light trajectory.

... Yeah, you're my husband, right?

"Let's go"


Obviously, it seems boring, but it goes through.

No, no, I don't think that's the one that should go through.

"No, Cecilia. That's Mikana and Yuga. Something happened. I just have to go look. I have to look."

Follow the Yuga with Cecilia's hand.

There were a lot of people coming after them.

We're all gawking about whether something starts, what's wrong?

"Come on, brave man. There's Micah too."

"Oh, those two are fine."

"Brave man, you were cheating on me, didn't you, Micah?"

"It's a rumor."

"How do we settle for no cheaters?"

"Ha, uh, yuga cheating?"

What do you mean, what happened?

No, because there's absolutely nothing Yuga would do that.

That's Yuga, Mikana. How many times do you think he's done that?

Yuga holds Mikana and stops in the air.

I feel like some kind of apology meeting.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please don't let the rumors that there isn't. I never love a woman other than Mikana. By the Holy Sword, a testament to this brave man."

Wow, I swear by the Holy Sword.

I have to say that in this large crowd, you are a fine brave man screaming for love.

"It's a lie. I heard. Despite the fact that Master Mikana is leaving Minerva for work. You brought another woman to the love nest with Micah."

"I hear the clerk who went to the house of the brave man heard it."

"It's not just for one day."


"Please be quiet. I didn't bring anyone in. [M] … could you please listen to me?"

Yuga is about to appeal to the people with a serious look.

Mikana looks very anxious...... yeah, I feel the same way.

"I... I missed Mikana. From loneliness, it turned into anxiety and nightmares."


I've noticed, the whole story of this case.

"I talked to a friend and I got one pillow. When I slept with that pillow, I stopped having nightmares, and instead, I was able to dream comfortably.... In the meantime, I couldn't hold back and whispered love into my pillow."

I didn't know Yuga was going to be like that.

I guess it was that pillow failure, folk dong pull.

"On that pillow apparently..."

"You don't have to tell me anymore!

Finally, a penetration came in from Mikana.

Spreading the ingredients is unsavory, and if you say so much, you'll be a perverted brave man.

Perverted enough already, or you can't take this back.

How do you restore your image of Yuga's majesty as a brave man or something?

I was thinking about that, and Yuga with Micana fell.

Apparently Mikana lost her balance out of embarrassment or because she was tapping Yuga lightly.

That was quite a height... are you okay?

But he didn't have to worry about that.

When the earth and dust cleared, there was a yuga underneath Micana.

Apparently, he protected Mikana from the impact of the fall.

"Hey Yuga, I'm fine!?"

"Don't worry, Mikana.... I made you anxious, but no matter what, Mikana makes me happy. I won't let you get hurt. Of course, Mikana will be worried, so will I."

That's what I said, Yuga holding Mikana tight.

Those who were gathered to see such a sight boiled.

... what is this.

"Well, shall we go?"

"What, don't say hello or something..."

"Going now will end here today. The noise has been resolved."

"But hey..."

It's also the seed I sowed... hmm.

You told Cecilia to entertain you, me.

"Let's go. I'll apologize next time. Today, I'll give priority to my promise to Cecilia. And..."

"Nice to see you again, Mikana"

"Atashi, what should I do now when I travel? It bothers me..."

It feels like the same atmosphere, you don't have to interrupt.

I turned back the way I came with Cecilia.