"Those guys, I don't think I care anymore"

You just have to get married, have kids, and be happy with your family.

If that's the case, he said he could be the best couple in the country.

"I was rooting for Mikana, so... it would be harder than before, but you look happy"

"Sure, but..."

"By the way, Mr. Youki, the friend the brave man was talking about is Mr. Youki, right? What is that pillow made of?"

Absolutely, you know and you're asking, this.

It was Cecilia who procured Mikana's old clothes.

The Yuga one, the material is from the mouth, damn it.

This is a sermon pattern, at least since we got to the store...

"May I say that story is in the form of a sneak talk in the store? Seriously, I'm sorry, please."

"It's a joke. You don't have to be in such a hurry. You should talk to Mikana properly at a later date. Just leave it to the brave... because Mr. Youki is involved."

That's not the same response I expected.

You mean if I explain to Yuga and Mikana later on how the pillow went, right?

No further pursuits today... Huh?

"Come on, let's go, Mr. Yowki. I'm hungry."

"Oh, yeah. If I'm relieved, I'm hungry at once."

Now let's concentrate on the date, concentrate.

I arrived at your store with Cecilia.

I predicted that I would be able to queue for sure, but I don't have it.

There are only so many customers in the store, and what's going on?

Still, I'm pretty sure it's lunchtime after noon.

"It's supposed to be here..."

"Okay, let's go in"

Cecilia pulls my hand and enters the store.

Definitely, right here.

"Why, like this..."

I was wondering if I was free, and I could hear the conversation between the couples in the other seat.

"There were a lot of people just now."

"Everyone went to see the brave men. Look, he wanted to make sure the rumors of the brave man were true."

"Uh, he cheated on me."

"If you are a brave man, you are handsome, handsome, handsome..."

"Here, stop being so obstinate. You're my best, right?"

... Everyone went to see Yuga and Mikana and this is what happened.

Their influence is amazing.

The daughter-in-law of the brave and the brave is certain, and it's impossible.

Well, then we had a good lunch in a good atmosphere.

Unlike the last time I came, this time with Cecilia.

The food I ate was the best, something like this... I didn't hesitate to eat it.

... I guess it was tough when I came alone when I looked down.

I was the only one with a man, and I felt like I'd been made to meet you.

"Satisfied. I'd love to come with you again."

"Yeah, you're welcome with Cecilia"

Please spare me alone.

I will finish accounting and leave the store, after this I plan to look around the shopping district......

"Whoa, whoa, get out of the way, yeah!

Rear car coming down downhill at a high speed.

You're carrying vegetables, you're in the middle of a shipment. No, why this situation?

"Ahhh, who is it, the one I pushed from behind? Ooh."

"Uh, I was walking carefully, and you were pushed from behind"

There is an adventurer staring at the rear car with a blue face inside the gallery.

I don't know if he hit me drunk, but he must have done something.

Catastrophic as it is, it will be my turn here.

"Cecilia, go..."

Ru, I tried to jump out and a familiar light trajectory passed right next to me.

"Come on, it's okay now"

"Wow, thank you, brave man. What would have happened if you hadn't stopped me"

The man who was blasting in the rear car has bowed his head many times.

I thought it was my turn, but wasn't it over because Yuga's turn just now?

Oh, you heard the noise, the knight is coming this way.

The rest seems to be over when I hear the circumstances.

"Shall we go? Let Yuga handle it."

It would be good to leave it to the brave men who work well.

"... hmm"

"What's wrong?"

"No, something..."

It's been going on since it was just too convenient for me, hasn't it?

Yuga to the housewife screaming that her pet is gone, yuga to the old lady whose luggage is heavy and in trouble, yuga to the girl who is sobbing away with her mother.

Usually, he worked so hard.

Besides, it's crushing the trouble between me and Cecilia right now.

What the hell, today.

Well, it's fine because I can date Cecilia without a thing.

"You're doing a great job today, brave man."

"... right"

Cecilia feels a little strange, too.

Normally, if anyone is in trouble with us first, I can't believe I'm going to go help them, but I'm going to allow Yuga to make fun of me for that.

Are you telling me that Yuga's brave skills work here?

"This is how I'm just walking around the mall, and it's so much fun. When I was traveling, I was shopping for drugs, food, consumables, money."

"I had a hard time..."

"I'll never forget what happened back then."

I guess Cecilia is the Virgin Mary because she also has that experience.

It seems that Yuga originated it, but even if Yuga didn't say it, it probably had two names: the Virgin Mary.

"... what's wrong"

"Uh, no, no, it's nothing"

I was able to see my face.

I can't tell you what I was thinking about Cecilia's mines.

When I say it, it won't be until the end of the date... but I think they'll take me to a small room somewhere.

"Well, there's some kind of crowd."

You have people gathered in the square, what are you doing?

Cheering, is anyone a celebrity too?

It could be yuga...... peeking into the center of the crowd while thinking about it.

A match with a wooden knife...... no, a betting match.

Come on, can we play games in this country?

"Cecilia, are you okay with gambling?"

"Of course, it's forbidden. However, you can apply and get permission. Place limits on pensions and conduct thorough investigations into whether fraud will be committed."

"Hmm, so this is good"

Some people are jumping in and out of the audience if they look good.

Some patterns appear to be nominated by the organizers.

... unpleasant feeling, it seems better to stay away from here.

"The next challenger... is your man!

Don't nominate me. Ooh.

I thought you were definitely coming, that organizer, Cecilia and I alternately looked at each other, and you didn't look good.

Are you jealous or jealous?

You're going to be exposed to these eyes when you can have a lover.

Voice to get out of the people around you - quickly.

Yeah...... they have a few enemies besides the organizers.

"I don't have a choice, go"

If I tell him I won't answer and let him whitewash me, he gets unpleasant attention.

You can call me a coward or something, but I don't want to bother Cecilia.

"Come on, the other guys are the tough guys prepared by this one. Attention, ladies and gentlemen, including your beautiful girlfriend, on how many people you can defeat in a row!

Are you kidding me, why are you acting like a hundred men?

This is the one you're gonna do at the end of the event, why me?

Damn, I'll make them all kiss the ground on the fast track.

"Wait, I'll do it"

This voice can't be......

On purpose, there's a hole in the crowd.

"... Inside, that sounds exciting. I heard it was an event with the intention of enlivening the town... I'll work with you."

It was Raven, no, why!?

Don't you hate these ravens?

Well, this isn't going to be a betting match. They're definitely going to hang it on Raven.

"Ki, Raven the Knight Commander... Well, when Raven joins us, the project..."

"... from the time it was written in the documents applied for, the event would still be midway. Let me give you a hand to cheer you up. Or am I dissatisfied...?"

"Yes, no, that's not true. Ladies and gentlemen, Lady Raven, the Knight Commander, is jumping in and joining us. For the convenience of the operator, this match will be a game without wagers, please understand."

Well, that'll happen.

I have eyes on Raven walking away, I thought he was telling me to leave the rest to go.

Raven, thank you, I'll pay you back this debt next time.

With the advent of Raven, me and Cecilia snuck out of a huge crowd.