"Is the Raven one okay? I guess I'm not good at that. Happiness and Duke didn't see each other, and are you all right on your own...?"

I've overcome the voice for a long time.

"Mr. Raven will be fine. I heard you talk about how you're pretty much cracking it down with the Knights now. Happiness doesn't have a lot of people."

"Uh... well, I guess so"

Fine, I'm with you, and you don't even look too sneaky.

Though it would fit to the extent of the rumors.

There's Duke, and I think we can handle that there.

"Mr. Yowki, I know you're worried about Mr. Raven..."

"Mm-hmm, yeah. If Raven can't do it, he won't leave himself like that, and he's worried too much. Is that rude, like that?"

Talk about worrying about a little thing like this, or what kind of relationship you guys have.

No, no, Raven is Happiness and I'm Cecilia.

There is no shaking in this relationship.

"I believe in Mr. Yowki, and I understand Mr. Yowki. Rest assured."

"That's quite a relief, thank you."

Here, I'm in the most hurry to get a face like, uh...

Thank you, Cecilia, for your kind words.

"In the first place, I don't really want to imagine Mr. Yowki having the same feelings for me and Mr. Raven"

"Well, you're right."

Cecilia, you have a serious look and a powerful tail.

No, I don't cheat or anything, women or men.


"Ah, haha..."

Something... angry?

I laughed bitterly like a deception, but something sucks.

You mean you should declare it right to reassure me?

All right, let's not kid ourselves with a serious face.

"Me and Raven are just friends, so I want you to rest assured"

"... Yes, I understand. Thank you."


You chose the wrong choice, this.

The look on Cecilia's face is going through an ice age, what are we gonna do?

It's a cold sweat situation, Cecilia first.

Hmm, Cecilia comes first...... Ah!

"You're a little tired of walking, aren't you? Take a break at a nearby store."

I have a date today, so Cecilia needs to come first.

Some happenings are through, through.

I don't know, but Yuga and Raven are taking it on for me, and I need to enjoy my eyes once in a while.

When I said a break at the store, it was the only place there.

The place you headed with Cecilia said.

"Welcome. Thank you for using our store."

It's about the struggling Ami and the muscle pastry chef, and it's Andrei's cake shop.

No, Mr. Ami has a dazzling customer service smile, he is a boulder.

By contrast, Mr. Andrei said.

"Welcome, take your time today..."

I can show off my biceps, where my greetings have been worked up.

Oh, come on.

Just the customer service smile is fine, because I don't need a customer service muscle.

"If you decide to place an order, please let us know.... brother, hey"

Slipping, Mr. Andrei was dragged into the kitchen.

... Ami might be stronger.

Well, these things are everyday tea, and it's hard to make sweets.

I guess I'll be trained naturally.

"Mr. Ami, it's tough"

"No, that one's famous for that one, this shop"

The customers are laughing, and they're becoming something of a specialty.

Looks like Ami is wondering how to sell that name.


"Yeah. But the cake here is usually delicious"

"I agree with that,"

I was able to spend some time talking in a near-atmosphere.

Well, don't worry, there's no happening in this store.

"What, it's made of this cake vegetable?"

"Now sweets are evolving every day for sweets lovers."

"Amazing. It's a happy evolution for women."

"My brother makes cakes seriously too..."

Mr. Hiraki turns around.

Then Mr. Andrei was showing off his prized muscles to his guests.

I'm also asking what you think of the cake, I'm sure it's your destiny.

"It seems like you can do whatever your brother wants now. Fortunately, the customer hasn't complained. There are ideas that I can't give, ingredients that I can't get and my brother's strengths are emerging. I'm in danger, too."

"Mr. Andrei doesn't seem to think he should go up there or anything. So does Cecilia."

"Yes, as far as I'm concerned, I want you to keep up the store with your brothers and sisters. Because this is a place to go."

"Oh, thank you. We will work hard with your brother to meet your needs, so please keep us company."

You heard the story, and Mr. Andrei looked at this one, and he let his teeth shine white teeth, thumbs up.

... Yeah, we'll come back this time.

"Well, how are things with orphanages these days? Kids are fine, and it's tough."

The children will call Cecilia the Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary.

"It doesn't take that much effort because they're just good kids. Some kids are too much."

"Right.... you don't get tangled up by children today, speaking of which"

I don't know what you're talking about because Cecilia's in disguise. I...

The Virgin Aura is seeping out... what a story, and you can't spot the disguise.

But I'm on a date today and I haven't seen an orphanage child.

Do you usually try not to leave the orphanage?

"Right. I don't even go out every day, so I guess I play near the orphanage."

This is what Cecilia, who usually has a face in the orphanage, says, and I guess that's what it is.

Having fully enjoyed the cake, we left the cake shop.

Well, where shall we go next......

"Oh, come on, come on, come on"

"Don't make it up to me, Lore. What's wrong with wanting to go to church all of a sudden?"

"Nally from the bakery told me. The Virgin Mary hasn't come today, but she's got a really big one and she's gonna read me pictures and she's gonna be wearing a shoulder car."

Look, hurry up - and the boy will blame the father.

You're in trouble for getting your arm pulled...... not!

"Old man and old man...?"

I don't know how big it is, but the kid said it was really big.

Because of my mind, I know someone I know...

Cecilia, that's what the kids are saying right now.

"... Looks like you have something going on in church today"

No, no, no, no, Cecilia's got a guess, too, right?

Why, it's like that.

Absolutely. Protect the church. God and the faithful are at work.

This is still... No way, I don't think so.

'Cause it's Cecilia, that Cecilia's for a date with me or something.

"Captain ~"

"Hmm, Seek.... Uh, Fiora's chasing me again. You're still close, not at all."

There was also a figure of Fiora behind the Seek coming this way.

Truth is, Fiora's perfect for Seek.

Quinn doesn't seem to be here... but if we keep rendezvous, the child protection pattern will be the same as last time.

Well, there's no choice.

Do you want to reschedule and go to the park and play?

There was a time when I was thinking about that too... I didn't think the time would come to use it.

I was just thinking, and the two of you that were running this way are disappearing.

The cause is the familiar maid length who held two children and bounced off like the wind.

Not even active adventurers can make that move.

You can always go back to that guy, adventurer, though I don't think my husband will allow it.

... so this is weird as much as it takes, right?

"Mr. Cecilia?"

"... let's change places, Mr. Yowki"

I may never have seen such a shunned Cecilia.

No, because I don't blame you.