Either way, we were supposed to come to the park. We were sitting on the bench.

No, what kind of atmosphere is this?

Fortunately, I appreciate the small number of people, because the children are walking to church.

"... well, I thought it was weird."

"Where are you from"

I wanted to lean my neck because of Yuga's great work.

... That's not such a coincidence, on good terms.

You're sure in Mr. Sophia, you didn't have a few more ways of doing it.

... did you deliberately do such an understandable thing to make me realize?

No, it was a great early start.

"Hmmm...... I came to be sure in Mr. Sophia, but after all, it's Yuga. Always, even though you're in trouble, you'll be the one to solve it again and again. I couldn't help but feel something artificial."

"I didn't expect a lot of things to happen on the road so far. No way, this..."

Cecilia's holding her forehead.

About once or twice would have been done by chance.

Because that went on and on... it's my fault, isn't it?

I haven't been spending time alone lately.

Absolutely no one, or leave right away for a purpose... you can't, me.

"You've all cooperated..."

"Yes, I asked if you could help me because I... want to have a peaceful day with Mr. Yowki without anything. Gentlemen, you took it on with pleasure. Because I usually take care of Mr. Yowki."

"I'm not the only one."

Even Cecilia asked for a favor or helped me with it with me.

Cecilia is more popular than I am.

"... Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, you have told me that you will cooperate not only for Mr Yowki, but also for me. So here's the thing today..."

"Uh, I see."

And silence.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't know how to take it.

I didn't even think Cecilia would do this, and I didn't think of the shards.

I guess Cecilia sees my reaction.

Then I'll have to say something, yeah.

"I'm sorry about that..."

Why are you apologizing?

"No, here's the thing... I think I got him worried"

"I'm the one...... sorry. Shut up about this to Mr. Yowki..."

"Yeah, I haven't been able to make enough time alone lately either. Well, you're making Cecilia nervous... and I'm sorry that I acted like this."

Cecilia was always so good, she took on my support.

Don't act around Cecilia, because I was even just helping someone.

"No. Again, it's me.... It's not like Mr. Yowki was messing with me. Mr. Yowki's always in trouble. He was acting for someone. I didn't keep you away from me."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

"You can't do that."


Can't we put Cecilia, our lover, first?

Isn't boyfriend what puts her first?

Though it might be a different story if I thought about the order I promised.

"... someone's in trouble and I don't want to see Mr. Yowki prioritize me until he ignores it"


"Still, you can want to have peace for a day or so, right? I've thought about it many times. Until I rely on you all like this..."

"I wish I had a day like this. No, you have to. Even I spent the day with Cecilia. Because I'm just unusually busy these days!

He's also the protagonist of the story, and he's not in trouble every day.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to have some fun and laugh while I drink Cecilia's tea peacefully.

"This is what Mr. Yowki looks like to me... and I wondered if there was a force or something working that would attract him"

"What's that scary? Am I cursed?"

"If it's a curse, I'll curse you."

"Oh, well. Cecilia is a monk chosen for a brave party."

"Yes, I am."

"It was."

We both laughed.

From there, as usual, it's a conversation.

Cecilia laughs bitterly when she talks about the Yuga pillow case.

You think I'll tell Mikana later that I used old clothes on my own?

It wasn't cheating, and it's like a sign you're loved, so you'll be fine...... yeah.

Raven seems to be doing well with Happiness, too.

Apparently Happiness was talking at the mansion.

I boast of my boyfriend while Happiness deletes... I've never seen him like that.

If it's not between women, there are things we can't talk about.

Also, Quinn seems to be coming to the mansion a lot with Fiora's escort......

Seek pulls from two of Fiora and Teal.

That guy's in trouble, too.

"With that said, I haven't seen Mr. Duke in a while."

"If you're Duke, you can solve your misunderstanding with Misaki and work with Mr. Irene on the Knights."

He had a head about how he told the story, but he could handle it.

How you convinced Mr. Irene is a mystery.

"Hmm... sounds like we talked quite a bit"

It's getting dark if you notice.

It's about time we don't have dinner or we're going to have tight time to go home.

"Really? It's already that time..."

"You've been concentrating on us talking more than I thought."

"Not really, you weren't aware"

"Almost, we're not talking about ourselves."

"Yes...... but I think we're good with this"

"That rhetoric always makes us a couple laughing about people."

"That's a little..."

"Right.... before we go out for dinner. There's something I'd like to stop by, I guess."

"It's good."

With Cecilia's approval, we got up off the bench.

I've been deciding where I'm going from now on since I had plans.

It is a place where we must definitely head today.

There was a shop there.

I want to make it feel like a surprise, so I ask Cecilia to wait just because it's coming right away.

I paid the store owner to pick up the stuff and go back to the meeting place.

"What store have you been to?"

"Oh, I was ordering. I went to pick this up. No, they said I couldn't do it today."

I gave Cecilia what I had ordered at the store.

... You're gonna be okay, aren't you?

"… key, is it"

"Key to my house."

It was the key that I gave Cecilia.

I was told I couldn't make it right away, and it was a critical date for date day, but it was good in time.

"I'm not interested in giving you a key to the house easily, though."

"No, no, I trust you....... Cecilia and the day I chose furniture and other small items. I'll miss you so much when I get home. You might think I look like a kid.... you can come anytime, so take it."

I bow my head at the same time as I finish saying it.

Seriously, one person is hard every day in such a big house.

Just come visit me, I'll treat you as much as I can, absolutely.

"... then I'll take this. Dinner... shall we eat at Mr. Yowki's house without eating out? Quick, because I want to use this key."

Okay. Ahhh!

The voice of the heart does not speak, if it does, it is annoying.

I wonder if there was food in the house, I need to buy it from a store that's still open.

"Ingredients, let's buy them. There must still be a store open."

"What, you make it?"

"Because I had enough fun today, and I got a gift like this. Leave it to me. I'm sure it will satisfy Mr. Yoki's stomach."

"... Regards"

The hand food Cecilia cooked for me that day was badly delicious.