Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to attend a brave man's wedding.

Today will be a day in history in this country.

"Hey, is this day finally here"

Yuga and Mikana's wedding, there was a flash of cheating commotion, but when the truth is revealed, there's a public voice.

The brave man is drowning Master Mikana, he will never leave for the rest of his life, and if he does, he will follow him everywhere.

... Isn't that the last one?

"There was an excessive bend, but you felt it fit where it fit."

Children would be in the second reading phase...... oh my god.

"Whoa, not if you're thinking about this. Get ready, get ready."

I'll take the costume out of the tank.

There it is, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman Set.

"There's something wrong with that. It's an operation I thought of as Cecilia. I need to keep an eye on anyone who tries to disrupt the wedding."

As an invitee, Yuga sent me an invitation.

You can't stand out from my standpoint either, joining the Knights in the form of cooperation as the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder.

Anyway, you're gonna throw a party or something in your body after the wedding.

I'll make it up to you then, so this time I'm sorry but I'm not in.

"I have a meeting with Raven, and I need to get dressed soon..."

"Yoki, you're awake!?"


I heard Yuga, so I hid the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman set behind the tans.

I just heard voices, where the hell...

"Uh, I hadn't changed yet. Come on, come on!

"You, don't break into people's houses through windows!

It's all conspicuous, my house.

Why don't you stop it? It'll annoy the neighborhood.

"I'm sorry, but... I was hoping Yoki would be asleep. I'm here."

"You're here! Why is today's protagonist here? Just go home to Mikana!

"No, Mikana is wearing a wedding dress right now... you can't just go inside the room"

"Wait outside the room!

Mostly not if you're talking to me like this.

This is normal clothes. I have to get dressed myself, so what are you doing?

"If I waited outside my room, speaking of which, I was worried that Youki-kun would come properly..."


Unexpectedly, I hold my head.

What am I to you, make Mikana your first priority.

Forget about me today. Bless me, I'll be shady too.

"I get it. Then get Yoki ready, too. I'll send it."


If this happens, I'll just have to put on my suit now.

I'm just sorry to have you send me to a flying yuga.

I'm not in charge, I'm in charge.

As Yuga flew, I ran across the city in my suit.

Fast enough for Yuga not to wonder.

"Oh... that's magnificent"

The ceremony setting up in front of the church was amazing.

Knights are placed around the ceremony, and guests are carefully checked at the entrance gate.

The day before the meal, only the checked cook could enter the kitchen, and all his previous background is being looked into, apparently.

As a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman too, I was watching the venue because we stood together the day before... you're having a ceremony here.

I guess it's weird if Yuga doesn't pretend she's tired or something like that.

Wipe the sweat, I need to run out of breath.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, yuga. Ceremony... you're here..."

"Wow, Youki-kun's fine. So I sent it to you and I told you. Look, let's go into the venue. They've already prepared meals and stuff, so I keep water."

It was counterproductive, not to mention sudden from here.

Yuga leads me into the venue.

Show the invitation to the ceremony staff in front of the entrance gate and enter.

... I'm in.

"Oh... because I'm fine from here on my own. You should go now."

"Are you sure you're okay? I'll be with you till I feel better."

"It wouldn't be easier for you, the lead actor, to be seeing an invitee in a place like this. It's okay, go. Micah in a wedding dress is waiting for you."

If you fish in Mikana, Yuga moves too.

Yuga left without telling me not to.

Glad to hear the noise...... well, it was a normal suit, and no way, the invitees would think that the star of the day is wandering around here too.

Yuga is gone, and I need to get home early and be the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and go back.

... No, I'm here because of you, and let's just take a look at the invitees.

Pretend to eat and explore the area to avoid being suspicious.

Hmmm...... some guys are obviously rich, others are like uncles at weapons stores who are likely to say they are out of place.

Because he's a brave man, or still seems to have a wide relationship.

... Beauty, some pretty girls, Yuga's ex-harlem?

Sure, you said Yuga was settled.

The face says they've come to bless you purely... I don't think it's a problem.

I'm just saying that women don't know what they're thinking in their bellies, and you should make a careful decision.

Well, the invitees are still coming, so we should be vigilant.

I don't know, but I saw the venue and I thought I'd go home.

"Mr. Yowki...!?"


It was Cecilia who spoke up.

He's wearing a water-colored dress that suits Cecilia and his hair... what do you say?

I don't know if you mean hair...... up-style, I don't know.

Anyway, I guess you're stringing your hair together or something.

Did Mr. Sophia do it, or did Cecilia do it herself?

Either way...... so cute.

"Why are you here?"

"Ha, it wasn't if I could see it!

Move to the discreet part of the venue to explain the situation.

Yuga attacked and forcibly taken while preparing at home, that's it.

"You were. I didn't expect you to pick me up at home... it didn't seem like my consideration was enough"

I feel sorry for Cecilia...

"No, no, no! His behavior is unpredictable. I can't help it. I'll hurry home and do my job."

So, because you don't have to look like that.

If someone was looking at me, they'd mistake me.

There are so many people here, people who like information.

Some of them make that their job.

If you make a weird mistake, Cecilia's position is also unsavory.

"Right. You'd better make it feel like you're not close to Mr. Yoki."

"Oh, on my journey, I mean adventurers who happen to have their injuries fixed"

Improvised settings, but this would be good.

I didn't plan on coming to this ceremony as a yogi.

Well, I'm not gonna be around anymore, so I'm gonna waste my settings.

I just need to be the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and come back.

"Mr. Cecilia, it's been a while"

I should have broken up with Cecilia early, no way, I didn't know we could talk.

Well, it was Cecilia who was talked to, I just have to leave naturally like this.

Anyway, you're a part of a brave party I don't know.

"Long time no see. Mr. Soleil."

The steel arm with the pale flame is here.

Of course, it's a decent outfit, not that outfit.

He's a different type of handsome guy than Yuga, the next lord of a neighboring country.

Soleil, a superb property for marriage, made a scene with Minerva as a steel arm with pale flames.

I can't believe I'm meeting you here... with a brave connection?

I don't know, it's not my first meeting with Soleil, but it's my first meeting, isn't it?

Let's leave while Cecilia talks here.

If I don't... I have a feeling it's gonna be a hassle.

Come on, I can't even make the final meeting without going to Raven's as the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Mr. Cecilia, who you were talking to...?"

"Ah, yes. This one, right? I'm Youki, the adventurer who helped me on my journey as part of a brave party."

Soleil paid attention to me.

Since Cecilia gave me a difficult introduction, will I answer without difficulty?

"Hi Cecilia saved me where I was injured on the road... and I was lost in my way of life by then. I talked to Cecilia and she saved me."

Special, mix facts with lies.

What you're saying is almost an actual story, I don't have any suspicious connections.

Cecilia also had a soothing look on her face, did you think I was going to bolt or something?

... I guess I was just simply worried, Cecilia.

That's why I unconsciously saw the signal that this would be good.

My usual habits lead me to pinch, I rushed off my eyes, but I guess I was fine.

Cecilia made a face for a moment that you did it.

I don't know what to do, he didn't deceive the eyes of the brave party.

Soleil looks at me so much...