Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried talking to my ex-riversary candidate.

"Mr. Cecilia, I was looking for you over there. Anything with him. On his journey, he took care of me, and he wants to thank me. Shouldn't I go for you?"

It was a cold sweat, but Soleil sent me a help ship.

Sure, towards Cecilia, I see your lady with her head down.

Some of the girls are waving, maybe they treated her or something.

"Right. Okay, excuse me. Mr. Soleil, Mr. Yowki."

Cecilia bowed gently to us and left.

All right, I'll disperse, too.

Damn and I tried to get off the spot...


I'm stuck, I'm serious.

I knew it would be pursued and how it was cut out.

This is the only time you're gonna let Cecilia go, and you're gonna try to be alone with me.

Bring it naturally into the development you want...... have you set up brainplay as intelligent as you see it?

"Who are you? This is something that you can't do without looking ahead to and being close to. Very natural movement...... I saw it as an intimate pattern. Perhaps you considered Cecilia's position and pretended not to be very close?"

This guy's a detective or something.

Just eye contact, can you say it all with such certainty? Normal.

Fine. Fine. I'm gonna blow this one away.

"No, no, I guess it just seemed that way sometimes. As much as I've seen you several times with Cecilia... I think you care too much"

"First of all, your tone is unnatural. Why don't you talk to me the way you normally do. I feel like I'm making it obviously, and I can't deceive you."

Keep your glasses up and say it like you're winning.

Smart appeal or whatever, I was just pulling in at Demon King's Castle.

Soleil would be good at many pieces of knowledge and this kind of rush.

Then let me show you what I mean!

"Well, what do you say?"

I switched on Kitchen Two, Soleil said my atmosphere had changed all at once, but I just moved my eyebrows to show them.

Let's see how long that sober face will last.

"Soleil...... you were. I don't know what kind of answer you want from me, but I'm just an adventurer. I just happen to know the face of a brave party."

"It's not just Mr. Cecilia...... I can't believe you know all those brave parties where just adventurers defeated the Demon King. I'm getting more and more interested in you."

"Hmm, I'm not at all glad a man told me that. I didn't know you'd be interested in the interactive relationship of the first person you met... shouldn't you look more at something else"

"I do have a number of other things to prioritize over you. However, Mr. Cecilia is my savior. What kind of man is nearby? I'm intrigued. I wonder if you can keep your mouth shut if the woman you care about sees a shadow of a man you don't know."

"There's no way you can keep your mouth shut!


The look on Soleil's face changed for the first time since we were in conversation.

You gave me a slightly surprised look, only the next lord, and I went right back.

"However, if you really wish the happiness of the person you like...... sometimes it would be a hand not to show yourself. I can't say I think about them just because they get hot... that's what I'm talking about"

I turn my back on Soleil, lift one hand and shake only slightly off the spot.

"... Ha, wait. You tried to escape in the guise of the wind you put together."

Damn, did they notice?

Tongue-in-cheek in my heart, no way, I didn't think turning on Kitchen II would leave me alone.

I've never had the kitchen two switched on before and the field didn't solve it.

Soleil or... more formidable enemy than you can imagine.

I don't know what's wrong with you until you grab my arm, Cecilia's gone to ask for help, and you look around lightly and you don't know her.

I mean, I alone must scratch the prying of this mighty enemy, the next lord Soleil, and come to this ceremony as the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder.

This is also caused by the Yuga one, that bastard...... what will you do next time I see you?

... Oh, are you going to see him soon?

I guess it comes out with a happy smile, without knowing how hard people struggle.

Be happy, Leah, you brave man!

"Not saying anything means, after all, you were trying to deceive me. We need to get this far and make a fool of ourselves. I see deep circumstances that no one can talk to."

When I was thinking, Soleil was trying to stab me in the face.

Shake it off already and go home, no, that just makes me cram into Cecilia.

This guy's sharp eyes... couldn't just be momentum.

Then I'll put in more honesty than just momentum.

"... I'm sorry, but all I can say is that the man I just met has nothing. Besides, I have business to attend to. I have to go. Still... after I'm gone, I want you to stop pursuing her. It's a delightful day. You don't want to increase your worries, Cecilia..."

Say so and see Cecilia.

I was surrounded at some point even though I just kept my eyes open a little.

Look, Cecilia's busy.

You can see that Cecilia seems busy too, Soleil.

You wouldn't think to do anything that would be a burden to Cecilia if you saw that one.

"I'm very sorry to hear about your marriage to the brave and Mikana. What about the Virgin Mary? Is it up to you? If it's all right, home foolishness and once..."

"No, no, Virgin Mary. This is home and..."

"Virgin Mary, if you will…"

As long as it was done, I was surrounded by such a gathering of relationships, so - or so... let's remember the faces of all those guys.

"What's wrong? He looks terrified for a long time. Did I make you feel so uncomfortable? It's not, is it? You're obviously annoyed to see Mr. Cecilia."

... I did it, I can't believe my emotions are on my face in front of this guy.

I don't know what to do, I can't deceive you for the fact that I was causing it.

I don't care what you say, just momentum, honesty goes in... I can't deceive you.

I'm leaving appropriately... so it's like I admitted the relationship, did you take care of it?

"… let's see what kind of relationship you have with Cecilia. It doesn't seem meaningful to keep asking questions like this."

Why are you suddenly pulling back, this guy?

"That's a strange look to say. Let me tell you something, because it's written on your face. I don't want to talk about it. Now that I know I'm going to end up in jail, I'm going to back off. I'm not that free either."

It's a very annoying way to put it, but I'd appreciate it if you'd miss it.

I have to get dressed and meet with Raven.

If you'll let me go, I'll ask you any sarcasm.

"One thing, I'll give you some advice. She better give up."

"I don't know what you're saying."

I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

Why do I have to tell this guy to give up Cecilia?

You, what's with Cecilia? I want to beat you up by saying hello.

Because we made out, didn't we give up, did we, a rival statement?

I guess God wants to tell me not to be relieved by Yuga marriage.

Is that what you mean when you need a rival in love?

"Don't look so angry. No, and that's why you have strong feelings for Mr. Cecilia. Then it would be better to pass it on. What I'm about to say is not definitive information… swear I won't tell you anything without darkness"

"I just met him, and he said he could promise me that."

"You can. Because your feelings for Cecilia will be real. I don't think Cecilia would do anything to put you at a disadvantage."

This guy, why don't we do a love cupid with Caius?

You're too insightful, or you're so confident that you have eyes for people.

... or something about Cecilia that I can't tell anyone about.

No way, I don't know... information on when I was traveling.

"... talk to me"

"It would be good.... If you live in Minerva too, you must have heard the name. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, he's probably in a deep relationship with Mr. Cecilia."


"It's also natural that you won't be able to say anything. He appeared untouched before anything, made a more difficult request lightly and showed Minerva his name spread. Strength, of course, is an unidentified mysterious adventurer who is committed to perfectly fulfilling the request. Confidential information, but it looks like he and Cecilia are close."


"It's embarrassing, but I won't beat him. I wanted to walk the future with Cecilia too... but I realized I couldn't beat him. I have enough people to say so. [M]... I said rude that you should give up. It's just better to know they're mighty. … that's it, sorry for stopping, excuse me"

Soleil left when he said what he wanted to say.

I could only keep my mouth shut.

'Cause... it was the best thing I could do with a normal look on my face!

"All right, get dressed."

I'm glad I didn't get more worries.