Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went around the ceremony at Kitchen Two.

"You kept me waiting. I'm here. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman!

"... it's too late"

I was going to rush here.

After breaking up with Soleil, he disappeared and returned to the house just in case, getting dressed and jumping to the rendezvous point.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, even though the request was a motto to do it for sure.

My background was scratched...... but there is no excuse.

Raven is not the only one on this occasion, there are regular Knights.

"... excuse me, everyone go to your quarters. I'm late for a meeting with the Devil's Swordsman."

Thanks to a word from the Knights Commander, the knights rushed to their positions.

"Oh, thank God. Now we can talk in peace."

"... what happened. I wouldn't have been wrong about the time I promised. Have you been attacked by someone?"

"That's great, you know. You're right, it's a mess. I managed to solve it and get here."

"I'll ask. Cecilia related?"

Raven asks with a strange look.

You know me well.

But unfortunately......

"Half right."

"... and half Yuga"

Now that's a slightly less sober look.

... You also know about Yuga.

"Correct. Exactly."

"... it can't be without Yoki taking so long to rendezvous"

"You know me.... I just want to say one thing. Now I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman!

"... you did. Let's have a meeting with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman about security."

We've been talking about this for a long time, so we don't have that much to talk about.

What I'm going to do is investigate if there's a suspicious one at the ceremony.

The knights guard a predetermined location in pairs, but I'm allowed to move around independently.

So, as soon as we find the suspicious one, we tie him up, report him to Raven.

"I'm near Yuga and Mikana. If you need anything, Duke, let me know. Disappear as much as you can when you move in the ceremony... No, come in as a yogi."

"Why? Now I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Two faces for manipulation, questioning, etc."

"... You said that half the reason for the delay was Yuga. I guess I picked him up at home anyway. And once you came to the ceremony, something related to Cecilia happened."

It's the kind of reasoning that makes you want to suspect you've been watching it all.

"The Knights Commander seems to be not only insightful, but also reasoning"

"... I was watching Cecilia and Yoki, and Lord Soleil talking. Yuga, well... I guess that's the place."

He seemed to be watching a little.

Imagine without any information, after all, it seemed impossible.

Well, it seems like you could have easily imagined Yuga.

I guess there's a length of dating, I can count on it.

"Well, let's say it's time to start. Find not one fool nestled in this ceremony and let him bathe in the hammer. Those who do not deserve a sunny stage should be guided to the right place."

"Sounds like you're in a good mood. In particular, incidents are unlikely to occur. Strong escorts are coming from all over the country as well as our security. Including Lord Soleil, there are plans to be brave parties from other countries.... and the brave."

You mean you can't think of any of those things that can do stupid things?

... The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has to turn up.

"As I've said before, it's best that nothing happens. It would help if you understood where it was and hit the guard."

You've got a disgruntled look on your face... No, you're wearing a helmet so you shouldn't be seeing it.

Did Raven realize I let that air out unconsciously?

It seems I'm still here, too, to do any request quickly and perfectly, that's the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

It would be nice if this wedding ended safely, even if there was a show.

I declare with a clenched and closed fist.

"Use all my power to make this ceremony a success"

"... I asked for it. As the Knights Commander, I'll be escorting you to the most troublesome place."

"I didn't expect to put myself in a dangerous place. And where is it?"

"... it's Yuga"

You're a pain in the ass.

I can't escort you there without strength, judgment and patience.

Yuga doesn't know what's going to happen, so she has to be careful all the time, and she can't make it if she doesn't make an instant decision about what's going on.

Worst of all, it's a tough place to think about when exercising your strengths is also unavoidable.

"... it's natural to protect the bride and groom, but thank you for your concern. If you're not in my sight, it's an honest story."

"So much so that I understood. I'll take care of this outside."

"... don't stand out"

"Naturally. The stars today are those two. I will gladly be a shadow..."

That's what I left Raven with. I magically disappeared.

This would be cooler.

However, Raven went to the ceremony without changing his expression.

... Do I look around seriously too?

Assassins, assassins, intelligence agents, I will destroy the darkness in this ceremony.

"That's what happened to me when you said that..."

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman about me whining lonely on the roof of the ceremony.

I checked this ceremony venue by fully operating my abilities.

Well, obviously there are some belly-black guys who are looking for this guy's daughter-in-law or something.

But that's not so when asked if it's acceptable, case-friendly.

"Mmmm...... what's up. There's no place for this."

I'm the only black one in the ceremony, and I'm the only one out of place.

Come to think of it, how about a black outfit for a wedding?

I guess there's a grand wedding going on in the ceremony.

It's a good thing nothing happens.


You need to be vigilant inside, too, Raven.

"Ho ho."

He returned to Youki from the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, but disappeared just in case and entered the ceremony.

Next to Mikana in the bride is Yuga in the bridegroom, who both look happy.

I don't know if you're a great guy from some country around, but there are plenty of people dressed up in expensive clothes and accessories.

Not everyone knows Yuga or Mikana, right?

I wonder how many people are really blessing these two.

I wouldn't like it if most of the people who came here for political ends.

Well, is that good because you two seem happy?

Raven's obvious that Yuga might do something wrong, but he's got no vision.

... Oh, Yuga wasn't the reason, were you watching Happiness?

For once, I asked Cecilia to infiltrate me as a member of the ceremony staff.

Raven was supposed to be checking human movements at the ceremony, too, but are you worried?

Happiness is being planted by Mr. Sophia, so don't worry, I won't make a mistake.

By the way, Seek can also be here with Mr. Celia.

There are many of my breathtaking ex-members at this ceremony.

Well, it's a good idea to do something at this ceremony.

Whatever you do in this rocky formation is useless.

Yes... Whatever happens, I'll take care of it.

If you have a child who suddenly cried out that his stomach hurts.

"Ha ~ i"

Give the medicine Seek has and recover from rest in a separate room.

I didn't miss the fact that some of your ladies were glaring at you.

Happiness of the ceremony staff would have been appreciated.

"... today is the sunny stage for the brave Yuga and Mikana. I want you to refrain from acting like you are referring to water. Lead us to the separate room."

Raven, who left Yuga to Duke, took the man.

All I can say is that one that quietly cleans up, or the one that numbed Happiness.

Now a woman who admired Yuga.

My fiancée points out that I'm still untrained to Yuga, and I cry.

The subtlety of the reaction was that I had taken care of the area.

"Ha ha, the lambs who get lost in love. It's a wedding now. A wedding is the end of love, the place where two new paths begin. I'll hear your troubles in the other room. Let's go!"

It's good to have Caius.

Yuga said it was settled, but I don't know where love trouble comes from.

I couldn't help it, I took them both, but Caius would pay them round.

This is our power, we'll take any problems to a solution in a separate room.

My turn hasn't come yet, but Yuga is moving her gaze and asking Mikana something.

This could be the time, explore the conversation?

"Mikana, I didn't see Yoki"

"Oh, I didn't see you."

"Funny, I should have picked you up at home and come with you"

"Ha!? I can't believe I went to see another guy on ceremony day... that's terrible"

"No, no, no, look, it's about Youki-kun, so I thought he was sleeping or something. It's just Mikana for me, so heal your mood."

"... you idiot, I didn't mean it"


I listened to the conversation between the newlyweds enthusiastically.

I regret so much that I shouldn't have asked.

You were just looking for me, you're a pain in the ass.

For once, show up in front of Yuga?

And let's make it feel like it disappears naturally.

Because this ceremony is huge, and I wouldn't think Yuga would be weird if I showed up once.