I go into a private room in the bathroom while no one is there so I don't feel uncomfortable and leave with a face that doesn't eat anything.

What's unusual is whether you see it from around you or not.

And then if he shows up in front of Yuga appropriately, he'll be able to calm down and think about Mikana and his future honeymoon.

"... Whew."

"I was just seen in the face and that reaction. I think you hated me a lot."

I ran into Soleil as soon as I got out of the bathroom, and I guess this guy's turn just ended.

Do I have to deal with this mighty enemy on my own, even once again, while the people I can rely on are dealing with the separate rooms?

If they give me the name of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, I'm done.

Detective, I'm not sure I'll put up with this if they expose the air again.

Well, hey, I'm not gonna let it end and leave.

"Don't be so vigilant. No more bizarre prying. I told you what I wanted to tell you. The rest is up to you. In the end, I don't care who Cecilia gets along with, but she doesn't deserve to tell me anyway."

"Heh, Mr. Soleil is a lot lighter. You thought about walking the future once. I guess it's a little peeling."

"I have a position, too. I'm afraid I don't have the time to be obsessed with one woman forever. You have to move on for those who believe in me."

Dazzling...... is this guy the same type of protagonist as Yuga?

Unlike Yuga, he has common sense, so he's a troublesome opponent.

The disgust was recirculated, and it's lucky to leave.

"Nevertheless, Mr. Cecilia is in trouble. Just because you don't have a fiancée, you weren't able to move around properly surrounded by men. Hey, won't someone knight show up to help her?"

"I'm not riding provocation."

"I'm not saying anything to you.... I read that he is coming to this ceremony. This ceremony is an important one. Something is likely to happen. The Knights are looking around...... he will be in this ceremony too. Just in case there's a crisis."

Oh, my God, who is this guy?

If you can read that much, you know who I am.

I guess you don't even think about fine dust around talking to me with your face.

It's convenient this way, but unfortunately, something...

"Please don't look like that. I've already given up on Mr. Cecilia."

I didn't give you a look that's pathetic about it, but let's just say that.

"Ha, is that right? Well, now I'm rude..."

I have to show Yuga my face.

And I need to cut into the belt of those pants that are leaning on Cecilia.

"Mr. Cecilia would have interacted more with Mr. Galfos. I'll show you around. This way."

Damn, if I run away here, it's unnatural, or I'll have to be guided by an adult.

Well, there's Yuga ahead of us, and I'm wondering how Cecilia is doing, okay?

I suppressed the killing of Galfoss, and when I asked him, he said he had two names.

You think Soleil's people say he's a wise old man?

He would be a grandfather with two sounding canes.

I'm supposed to be having a conversation with a smart guy that I can't get inside.

"Miss Cecilia is as beautiful as ever. What do you say we meet again tonight for dinner?"

"It's my invitation, but I had an appointment tonight."

"What, were you getting ahead of me? Miss Cecilia doesn't promise. I wonder if he's more colorful than me."

"Can that be heard today by my friend in the bridesmaid costume"

"This is rude, is that what you mean? You should have noticed. I don't care. Don't let the man hate you. Apologies for your rudeness... I'll be in Minerva for a few days, if I have a free day."

Cecilia is talking to a tall, charming man.

It doesn't feel like Old Hyun at all, what's going on?

"After the battle, you haven't lost your tough body. I made the most of his flesh. It was well helped when I was traveling to protect him. Well, Mr. Cecilia seems to have a stronger guard than the robust Galfos."

You're not old Hyun, you're robust, you're kidding!

Cecilia refuses to ask you out, but it's not funny to watch what you're told.

You said Soleil was watching, so that's what you're looking at.

Let's act like I'm an avid Cecilian fan.

Look at me like I'm looking at you.

"Isn't that Cecilia, it's been a long time. I didn't forget I was helped that day. It's an honor to meet you in such a glorious seat."

"Who are you? Miss Cecilia is talking to me right now."

Suddenly, Galfos looked grumpy at me for appearing rubbing both hands.

Cecilia has a face about why she's here, naturally.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't stand it, I'll listen to you later.

"Aren't you a robust galfos? Sorry to bother you."

"Pfft, if you know what I mean. Get out of here right away..."

"But whether I will have the opportunity to see Cecilia in the future. If you are as well-known as Mr. Galfos, you will have every chance to meet him. Will you give me the opportunity?"

"Well, you don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, from this very spot."

"Are you sure?"

I whispered in Galfos's ear.

"If I show you the depth of my nostalgia as a two-named man here, you might find Cecilia too, right? Also, since the conversation is over on the way, I was wondering if we could set up a place to talk later. It's more natural to ask."

"... ho ho. Miss Cecilia, we're going to give him this opportunity. Continue later."

Thus my persuasion led the robust Galfos to leave.

Well, Soleil was tough, but robust.

"... Mr. Yowki"

"Can't you just shut up and watch your lover come over?"

You don't, all this.

He whispered to the extent that only Cecilia could hear him and fled the scene.

All you have to do is show Yuga your face.

I don't know Soleil anymore, let's get back to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

... So Yuga's got a crowd, and now what?

"Hey, that's good. I came all the way here. Fight."

"That's not the place to do that today. Today will be an unforgettable day for me and Mikana. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to turn you down."

Yuga standing to shelter Mikana.

The other guy... whoever he is, I've seen him somewhere.

"You're one of the brave guys, so stay close. I came to celebrate because of you. Please, will you listen to me?"

"... As I was saying, I'm not going to pull out my sword today. I'm sorry, but I want you to do it later. Miller the Brave of the Gaius Empire."

Miller...... oh, that's him.

You're an empire brave man and you're going to use strange weapons.

He abused Guy and Seek, so he took a pretty tough payback and threw it in the river.

You're alive, you're like Yuga, and I'm convinced you don't have half your life force.

He should have been the one with the flirtatious desire to kill demons rather than fight madness.

Why are you insisting on Yuga fighting?

"I've been experimented with by the country at the price of what I've done. It's not enough to slaughter damned weak demons anymore. Rumor has it that the Holy Sword has awakened further. Good, the Holy Sword can be strong with such readiness or something. I was hoping I wasn't a figment too. That kind of weapon... now it's such a body!

Miller makes his clothes fall apart.

Wow, something's embedded... the Gaius Empire sucks.

You're experimenting with the human body, don't apply it to the brave man, if you fail, what will you do?

... No, I don't know what kind of performance you would be proud of, but isn't it a failure to see how Miller is doing?

Better than when we met before.

Better get dressed early, this.

"If you won't deal with me, come on, let me show you. My power. Then you'll think about it a little bit."

Your arms are glowing red, you're not shooting beams or anything from your palms, you're not supposed to be in a different world where there's stuff like that.

Obviously, it feels like five seconds before beam launch.

I don't know, Micah, but Yuga isn't the target.

"I'm kidding!

I immediately ran out and kicked Miller in the ass.

Yuga also came out to shelter Mikana, so could I leave it to you?

It would have been the cause of the gap that made me feel safe like this.

Miller was turning his aim on me, dude... I should have kicked it off. Is that so?

I was hit directly by the beam and forced out of the ceremony.