I crossed my hands and reinforced them so the damage wasn't that much.

Still, what hurts hurts.

Damn...... you're kidding me, don't shoot me at a wedding place like that, are you stupid?

Well, thanks to you busting me, I got a chance to go back to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, so let's be good.

Escape from the rubble and quickly change to Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

In the meantime, it took five minutes.

Raven will be keeping it under control while I'm gone.

Appear like a real strike, and let's get him out of here early if he's not calling for a wedding like that.

With all intent, I entered the ceremony.

"My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman! He who lays down an iron hammer on a man who seeks to ruin the ceremony of the brave. Come on, this is who I'm dealing with..."

I wanted to appear refreshed and deal with Miller, but I had an unexpected appointment.

It wasn't Raven, Duke, or Yuga.

"Fight with pale flames in your hands... isn't that the steel arm of pale flames that used to make Minerva noise"

"Why have you disappeared for so long..."

"Was the rumor true that there was a connection with the Knights behind the crime?"

Why, you're fighting Miller.

I didn't know you'd change faster than me... you'd instantly judge the situation over me and go get dressed.

I can't believe I lost early.

"Look, you can't beat me with that pale flame alone. I can't be satisfied if you don't give me more!

"Damn... my pale flame will be absorbed. You have troublesome things, the brave men of the Empire."

"Ha ha, I lost before with too much magic to absorb. That demon tribe! Now once it absorbed the magic, it was modified to release immediately. There's no way I'm gonna lose again!

You're in great shape, that guy.

If you know what you're capable of, why don't you just leave now?

There would be no reason to stay at the ceremony.

"Damn, why are you doing this..."

"Look, look, you have to deal with him quickly, brave man. I defeated the Demon King. If I defeat you. Come on. I'm relieved. If I can defeat you, I can beat that demon."

So are you sticking to Yuga?

Nothing. Mine was stronger than the Demon King's, I was just pulling it off.

I guess they interrupted the wedding for such selfish and misguided reasons. Bye. You won't forgive Yuga, either, but the groom has to be grown up.

You can't let them pull out their swords.

And it makes me sad that no one noticed, even though the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman appeared.

We're all obsessed with the battle between Miller and the Ethereal Fire Steel Arm.

Cecilia... I don't think she's hiding in the crowd from where she is... I can't help it.

So shall we go flashy here?

I decided to act fast, jump and stir up yuga, and release a drop kick from Miller's blind spot confronting his ethereal steel arm.


It was a perfectly void blow, but I was defended with my arms as I turned around.

"I don't know who it is, but you shouldn't go anywhere!

I'm sorry to lose my beam anymore, so I use recoil to land in a remote position.

"Someone...? My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. He who performs the request quickly and perfectly. This request is to end the brave man's wedding without delay... for which you are in the way. The groom can't sign up for a duel. Learn your manners before you come to the wedding properly, manners!

That said, I was slashed again, but everything was guarded.

I only had the title of brave man. Don't do it inside.

If you mean it, you can win, but now you have too many eyes.

How about showing too much extraneous power?

Though I can quickly put this place away, Cecilia would say no.

"Just my mouth. Hey, my sword is light!

Because you haven't met the sword moves, they don't go through the mirror by the looks of it.

Once, retreat and work out the operation.

Is it still tough if you don't use the weapon you are used to?

All right, let's give him a turn on the ethereal steel arm.

"Heh, the title of brave man is not Dada. They've read this battle pattern in this short time. Why don't we fight together here, Steel Arm of the Palm Flame?"

"It would be good. But how? I'll explain to you that I just got here, but the magic won't work on him. My flesh... how could it have been so modified?"

Set aside the scratch about whether that's what this world is all about.

A troublesome opponent...... if that's all you can interpret it is enough.

"Hmm, so what's up? No matter how many enemies are modifying their flesh, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman performs the request quickly and perfectly. This request is to end the wedding of the brave without delay. A handicap for that would be brave, but whatever it is, it doesn't matter."

"As long as it takes... I just admired it. You can't refuse to fight with someone you admire like that!

You know what a flaming steel arm is, too.

Cecilia feels like... whatever you want, okay?

I've got clearance, and I'm gonna get this over with.

"I wonder if the operation meeting is over. It's about time you got tired of it, so you want to do it with Yuga."

"Are you getting tired of... right. I wasn't even asked to do this. I was just thinking we should end the event. Nothing gets in the way of the ceremony..."

While I say so, I take off the gauntlet on my ethereal steel arm and put it on.

This is it, this is it, it sticks.

I gave my sword to the ethereal steel arm that I wouldn't complain about.

"Do you understand? This grand ceremony is a collection of what the brave Yuga and the wizard Mikana have been building. The journey I've taken would never have been easy. Sometimes they must have made a mistake and shed tears."

I was at the crime scene where it was resolved, so it's definitive information.

"A lot of difficulties, the two of you stand there through the trials. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman tries not to pinch too much personal feelings on the request... but I just want to congratulate him this time. I'll tell you what, fight for someone, not for yourself!

Activate "Instant Thunder" and hit it all at once.

If you strengthen your flesh, you won't be absorbed, and then you'll even blur and stun them.

Of course, Miller will be defending himself... slow and slow!

"Huh, what's that move!? I can see it stopping, Miller, the brave man of the Empire."

Obviously not this about my movements.

If we keep this up, we're done beating him down.

"Shit, what are you. You just moved completely differently."

"Well, of course. I'm not fighting alone. This fist has the thought of an ethereal steel arm. I don't think it's going to be easy to prevent."

This statement gives the impression that the steel arm of the pale flame has been hit, but I don't care.

But if you don't say so, melee fighting is stronger, because it's going to be about you.

This isn't just my fist, so make this much power... and so on.

This is my operation, which I thought would keep me from feeling uncomfortable.

In the future, sword moves will be taught by Raven or Duke, so now I want you to forgive me for this.

It's my usual style of combat, so I can do everything I can without feeling uncomfortable.

This is the true power of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Now don't blow it up!

Something is charging around my chest...... hey you are willing to beam not only out of your hand but out of my chest too, you messed up.

But you think he's a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman who hits such a sparse attack.

"... cum!

"I don't know!

Inevitable, there are many invitees behind.

... Cecilia is just within beam bounds.

Then there's only a head-on battle.

"Superior. Thunder. Stay. My fist, it is time to show you the power to crush the enemy in front of you..."

Activates Lightning Class Intermediate Magic, Lightning Arm on the right arm.

That alone lacks impact, so gently unfold the wind and thunder around me.

To show around that this is the true meaning of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Flesh enhancement also sneaks out, beaming straight across the body.


"I wish I hadn't disappeared!

Again, it's more powerful than the beam coming out of your hand.

Some of our guests are screaming. Well, don't worry.

I will soon turn you into a cheer.

The silent, straight right release, too much leeway is also unsavory, so he wiped out the beam whilst showing some struggling bareback.

"... hey, not enough to smash my fist. Come back out."

"Damn, who are you? I didn't hear there was a guy like you in the kingdom of clariness."

"My name is the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder. I belong to the Adventurer Alliance.... that would be enough. I will not forgive those who become my handicap. It shouldn't matter who it is. It's simpler and you don't have to think."

"Hmm... That's a good idea, I like it. Then I'll fight because I want to! This is what I think. It's simple."

The brave Miller laughs at.

You're not going to get through the discussion or anything, this guy.

Even though you're a brave man, I want you to stop being a combat addict or something.

This annoying guy is talking about going back to the country immediately.

I'm just saving my powers and fighting, and it can't be settled right away.

Can two people do it even if it's tough on their own?

Try to get some help from the steel arm of the pale flame as well.