"I don't know, this..."

This is Yuga and Mikana's wedding, okay?

Happiness stopped by if I was confused.

"... Captain"

"Whoa, Happiness. It's not easy."

Always, Happiness that doesn't really break your expression, but is it because you feel like you're looking anxious right now?

I know how you feel, too, but...

"Let's not get upset at times like this. If you panic to us. It's gonna be tough for both of us like that, so don't get upset and chill out for us to support you."


Happiness silently pointed to Cecilia's row.

Hey, at some point, you're not in a row, you're in a circle around Cecilia.

Though there are many good-looking men, I didn't know we would put Cecilia at the center of such a murky and painful circle.

I guess I'll be transparent and electrocute each and every one of them and stun them.

"... Captain, calm down"

"Mm-hmm. You looked bad, me. I told Happiness to calm down. But you can't. After all, it's tough watching your lover shut up when he's told you that way. Though I do have a position."

"… Agreed"

"The king gave me an extra remark, too."

"… Agreed"

As much as I want to darken you, I won't.

"It's going to be tough for both of us."

It's going to come like a marriage story or a mountain, it's not unlimited, so it's going to come out with the one that's ready to smash balls.

I may be too busy to see you for a while.

"Yuga, I wonder if it's okay to leave that alone. Cecilia and the swordsman are going to suck."

"Right. But you two will be fine. Neither Raven nor Cecilia would bend their feelings. They're not like me, they're solid..."

"What are you talking about?... I'm going to need you to hold on to this because we're going to start our lives together."

"Oh well... right. My life isn't just mine anymore. I'll be happy with Mikana."

Those guys are in big trouble, too.

Let's not talk for a while, I'm sure they'll make us listen to love stories.

I wish I had a sweet honeymoon full of water for a couple.

"... mmm"

Happiness looks like Raven cares.

A slightly swollen cheek, a soggy look.

Raven is surrounded by beautiful girls, too.

Now that Yuga is married, the only excellent property in this country is Raven.

Yeah, and I can't help being surrounded.

"Um... sorry. I need to ask you something."

It was the girl in the dress who talked to me.

Guess it's noble because of who you are, an invitee.

Why are you calling me?

... No way, it's an invitation.

"I just walked in through the entrance, didn't I? Didn't you see the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman? He's wearing a black outfit and an unusual helmet."

You're looking for the Black Thunder Swordsman!

I guess I did something earlier, me.

What did you do with flag architecture with a girl?

You must have just been fighting, I don't remember doing anything.

"Hey, you don't get it. Is something wrong?"

"No... I thought I'd like to talk to you a little bit. With those who fought each other against the brave men of the Empire and struggled to defend the wedding of the brave men. There are a few other people out there who think the same thing, and they're looking for it."

You're looking in a group, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Popular, dude.

There's no way I can tell you who I am, and I'll tell you I don't know this place.

"Uh, really? I'm sorry, I was helped by him, but I think he passed out."

"What... ah! You're the one who protected Master Mikana from the attacks of the Empire's brave men, aren't you? Are you okay with the injury?"

"No... well, it looks like the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman even treated me"

Show me your bandaged arm.

I just wound it, I'm not hurt.

You're hurting me, and I got wrapped up before I came back to the ceremony to mislead you.

"You went valiantly to protect Master Mikana, didn't you?... Well, I looked good. I hope the injury heals soon."

Well, then, I left word with this and she left.

Is this a hot time for me too...?

"... cheating"

"You just talked. I don't want you to make any misleading remarks."

"... evil... air!

Happiness's gaze at me is harsh.

... Sure, I don't know what a hot period would be like, but my feelings don't shake.

A man is a sad creature, as much as a girl told me to look good, what's floating around.

"Right. I'm in a bit of a hurry. Cecilia said that's the situation, but we need to reflect."

"... miserable, way of life, no choice, maybe.... Phew."

"Mr. Happiness. That's because I've been living a miserable life, so I guess I can't help feeling better when a girl tells me I'm looking good?"

You laugh with your nose so you can hear me firmly, or something malicious.

"… Captain, correct"

It's not the right answer.

The usual mundane interactions with Happiness.

This is routine, so when you say calm down, calm down.

Happiness is in a hurry... or there must be anxiety, with me.

So this is how we're gonna have to talk, because I don't want to see that sight.

Still, Happiness has a job and she can't be comic genius with me forever.

Fortunately, the disturbance subsided once Yuga called me to say it was time.

I didn't know Yuga, who is always making a commotion, would pay for the commotion... it shows me what a brave man looks like.

Well, still, it seemed inevitable that my gaze would go to Raven or Cecilia.

Nothing else special happened, and the wedding ended safely.

Soreille said that one day you will face the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and you will be gone.

Let's not come forever.

In Soleil, they say the best rival for me is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Keep it up, you should be mistaken all the time, already...

More important or troublesome than that, so I thought I couldn't bust the king anymore.

"It's forbidden to see you for a while..."

Why should I be heard such a sad reality by Clayman when I have just come to the Alliance for a favor?

I imagined it, but I can't believe it's going to be real.

"Oh. That's awesome enough for Sophia to say. There are people here who can't refuse to get engaged. Looks like the lady's in trouble too. You keep saying you care about them and say no to them easily. He wants to get information around the lady, but he's sticking around."

It's a paparazzi.

Is that how you grab the information and sprinkle rumors on Minerva?

"You can pass information on to the one who's after the lady, or you can install it if the other is noble if you cooperate... but some of you might want to confuse this country. You can tell me it's getting the most attention in Minerva right now."

"I mean, in the meantime, if I go to the Mansion about this..."

"The one who's after the lady will be intrigued by you. I guess I'm gonna feel signs from behind for a while."

When I get a ton of stalkers.

I guess I'm going to be all over my bloody jealous gaze.

"I don't like it."

"That's what's gonna happen. It's a treatment for you. If you have any message for the lady, write it. I'll make sure you give it to Sophia."

"Ah, oh. Right..."

I miss you, I want to discuss what I'm going to do, so I wrote that I can't make some time.

As long as the time is right, it's easy to be alone with Cecilia without anyone.

You just have to be transparent and jump around the roof.

I'm good at perimeter alert and checking.

"But, well... the king said something troublesome, too. When will it fit...... no, I have no idea how it will fit. I don't want to think about it. Sophia will find it hard to see the tired lady's face every day, too. When I think about what I'm going to do, I'm going to move on."

"I wonder if I'll have to wait for Cecilia to say no and most of it to cool down"

"Well, if I think about you, I guess so."


Sigh, the situation doesn't change, the job has to be done.

Still, I didn't feel comfortable riding, and I chose a request that would end easily and I ended it fast.

"It's good to accomplish today's work..."

Sometimes it's not bad to hang out alone.

It's just that trouble comes with it at times like this.

But you could leave that to the Icharab couple who were shopping for Happy Aura Full Speed earlier.

Newlyweds? That's why I don't care!

I thought so, why in front of me? Come on.

"Ma'am. Looks like I've been here forever since just now, but I wonder if they might have made my date look sooo good. Wouldn't you rather have a day with us than such a terrible man?"

I wonder if this will happen.

No, if it's a normal numb, it might still be......

"… Rejected"

It's happiness!

It's tangled from two guys like Chara.

You're going on a date with Raven, you're stuck in your outfit.

"Don't say that. See, a coffee shop or something? Luxury."

"… Rejected"

"Well, how about a new clothing store? He said he was buying exotic clothes, and he had a bad reputation. I'll give you a choice of clothes that look good on you."

"… Rejected"


"... refuse!

"... chip! You haven't said anything yet. Hey, keep up the good work because you're cute."

"You're the ones on it."

They were friendly with the fist bones.