"Duke and Mr. Irene were supposed to be training grounds for a while."


"Well, he can work it out on his own, no matter what happens, like us. I don't come here to talk to you."


"I know Duke has no offense. I mean, Duke's not natural."


"Stop eating once."

"... what"

"You, so how many?"

"... unknown"

"Don't eat until you don't know how many you ate!

It's the earliest you can eat.

I broke up with Duke, and I've been eating cake ever since I got to the cake shop.

Are you listening to me or are you hammering me from time to time?

I just can't stop carrying the cake to my mouth.

Are women's bellies connected to different dimensions as well?

You can't surprisingly eat so much sweet food, normal.

About Raven and Duke, both of them would cause it.

"This is the new cake"

"... delicious"

Mr. Andrei brings more and more cakes, and Happiness eats the cake.

You didn't say you ordered it, Happiness's just giving you a plate, but they're bringing you a different cake.

"No way... I can't believe you can communicate without talking to your brother..."

It is Mr. Ami who is more surprised than me to see such a sight.

No, no, that can't be... That look is a bit daunting.

"It does seem a little breathtaking, though."

"It's not a bit, Mr. Yowki. Those two eye-openers, handing over plates...... perfect. If she stood in the kitchen with her brother, she would do a good job, no doubt."

"Sorry, Happiness is a maid of honor, so the pullout is a bit..."

I won't allow you to pull out the mansion's maid, Mr. Sophia would say.

Because I spotted Happiness's talent at a glance, and I won't let you go.

"Maid... you mean working in some mansion, too bad"

You don't have to be so serious and sorry.

I think it's too soon to judge just by looking at this sight.

"How many? Seriously!?"

One plate at a time, Mr. Andrei brought it down, so I don't know the exact number.

I don't know, but instead of two hands, you're eating as much as you can without enough toes.

"End, end!

I'll take the last cake Mr. Andrei brought me right now and account for it.

Well, it was about as expensive as I expected.

I don't make enough money to pinch my wallet money after eating a lot of cake.

Just... huh?

I said, "I don't remember eating that much."

"... Ochi"

"It's not your home. Think and eat. … and what will you do after that?"

I was acting like I was going to, but I had cake, and I couldn't stop by.

I don't know what to ask you about shopping with me, I'll be tenacious.

Watch Happiness so that he doesn't notice.

I knew you were dressed in a temperament.

I used to wear the hair decorations Raven gave me...

You must have been looking forward to it, oh, Happiness is pathetic.

"... gaze"

"Oh, bad, bad. Kind of."

I missed looking at it on the side.

You're not deluded, we've known each other a long time.

"I was wondering if I could do something about it..."

Happiness had a look that looked complicated.

Look, I don't know why this is happening.

It's supposed to be a long relationship, but I can't read what you think.

Until just now it was easy to understand...... why not.

In the end, I didn't have anything to do, so I broke up.

But I decided to take it off for Happiness.

At night, I jumped out of the house.

Make your body transparent and run through town at night.

The place to aim is the Knights dormitory, breaking in unnoticed by anyone.

It's not even a nobleman's house, so security is that much... it's easy for me.

The key to the room is... closed, this is the time and I can't help it.

There's no point in breaking it by force.

Then let the lord of the room open it, I knocked on the door.

I didn't get a response, I thought you were away, and Knock returned it twice.

Is this a signal, then let's call it a name.

"Sorry to be late at night, Raven. Yoki."

The key is unlocked and the door opens.

There were eyes dead, hair blurred, ravens with notes saying what could I do for you.

"In the meantime, we're going into the room. He seems pretty tired, but he'll listen to me. No veto."

I don't know why you're back in the brush talk, but maybe it's a women's relationship.

I wonder if they said anything that bothered me.

Well, let's hear that story after what I do.

"You don't need to talk to me."

"... oh"

"You were walking with a woman in town today."

"... were you watching? Youki wouldn't have to ask what was going on. That's not what I meant."

Or you're sloppy, aren't you pretty sick, this?

Happiness wasn't the only one looking forward to a date.

Well, we're going to do something like chase after Raven like that.

"I wasn't the only one watching, and so was Happiness."

Raven opened his eyes wide, but remained silent.

Talk about what happened today so that you don't have too many words in shock or fold into such a raven.

"Happiness was so stylish with her eyes, she was getting numbed."

"I was sad to see you walking with a beautiful woman."

"I ended up eating more than ten cakes."

Tell us more about today's Happiness.

Raven was listening to me in silence.

I felt a nagging glance of jealousy at me for being with Happiness all day, but I wouldn't stick around.

"Hey, what should I do? I'm worried about Happiness as a family. Can't you do something about it?"

"... Yoki will know too. Getting close to me now is dangerous. I don't know when or where anyone is thinking about purchasing my information. It's better for you not to see each other until it's almost cold. If Happiness isn't convinced, I'll write you a letter, through Duke..."

"Are you good with that?"

Conversation without speaking directly and over the letter.

Will it be a mutually agreeable result in such a way?

As far as Happiness is concerned today, I'm not convinced of that.

Well, what I'm not convinced of is that I'm working out a plan. So is Raven.

I can see you're patient, it's a visible strength.

"You should have a close meeting. You have a collaborator in front of you. Come on."

"... Youki has Cecilia. Even Cecilia is in trouble. Not if it's up to us."

"That's right..."

"I appreciate the feeling. Let's get some help. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of seeing Happiness. However, Youki will also want to see Cecilia. You can do some things, and if people have troubles, you have an irresistible personality. But Cecilia must be the top priority."

"... here we go. Exactly."

The same thing happened, I trust Cecilia, I'm fine.

... it was my only decision, I haven't talked to Cecilia about anything.

If you want to do it, you can break into the mansion like this without anyone knowing.

You may be complacent, but you may also be wondering if Cecilia won't even show you the bareback she's coming to see you in this situation.

Seems like you'll notice when they tell you, I haven't either...

"I'll ask Happiness to give me a message. When is it okay to break into a room?"

"... I guess I should tie you up if I'm in a position as a knight, but now I'm going to close my eyes as a friend"

"I'm sorry.... So, what does Happiness do after all?"

"... I wish I had a place to see you in secret. Public facilities really get into the eyes of third parties. Even if they enter the inn, they write down the customer list. I guess I'll have to meet you in a magical place with dangerous demons flying around?"

"If I meet you there, you'll be thrilled in a different way - but!

Where did Raven go when he was telling me something decent earlier?

Does it not work when it comes to you, or do you really think that means is the only way to do it?

"Meet me at the magic world and do what?"

You hunt monsters together?

"... right. I want to talk to you alone. I want to slow down. I haven't seen him lately, so I'm not doing anything special, if I have time for two..."

"If we can have some time together, it's good to be in a magic world?"

"... all demons trying to touch Happiness will be fine because I'll kill them"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Don't try to pull out the sword.

The Raven one, you're serious, I've never heard of a date in a demonic realm.

Because you can never slow down.

You know, bickering... you can't have a demonic voice.

I can't help it, let Happiness help me.

Will I take my skin off too?

"There's a place that's not on the record. My cooperation is essential."

"Is that true!?"

Raven's been sneaking around pretty good.

After all, you don't like magical dates.


"... where is it?"

"My house."

The second floor is empty. You can use it if you like.