"... is that good?"

"Oh. If I cooperate, it's easy to get Raven out of here without anyone."

Happiness should be called normally.

I'll be fine that day if I vacate the house, just the two of us perfectly.

You can use the kitchen too, it wouldn't be bad to try living together all day.

Raven was showing a bare gesture of thinking, but it broke quickly.

"... can you ask?"

"Leave it to me."

That's how my house was set up for the two of us.

Me and Duke will be the communicators on the schedule, and Happiness and Raven will talk about it and decide.

I left him to look forward to, and he went home.

Later, I heard a knock on the door as I was cleaning upstairs.

Set aside the chisels and head to the ground floor.

When I opened the door, Happiness was there.

"... Coming"

"Whoa. You've come to the right place. Up you go."

I have to report what I've decided.

Sit in a chair in the form of opposite each other.

Shall we start with Raven's condition?

"I went to see Raven, he seems pretty tough too"

"... fatigue?"

"No, I can't see you."

If Raven says you're tough about what you got wrong, it's up to you because you can't see Happiness.

There's no way Raven, who hasn't missed his daily workouts, throws up a weak sound about fatigue.

... Well, I wish they'd told me I wasn't too tough to see myself.

You turned your face to the side, you're lit.

Is there any reason why you're depressed with me?

Seeing this initial feeling makes me want to cooperate.

"That's why you have a suggestion from me. I was wondering if I should meet you at my house. Because this is how Happiness comes to the house, and Raven brings me in sneaky."

"... annoying"

"I was wondering if Raven would like that, too. It'll be hard for both of us. I don't mind if you use upstairs as much as you like. By the way, I'm cleaning up right now."

What's he shying away from now, too?

I've been watching your attitude the other day, but I really felt like I wanted to see you.

Come on, let's push it.

"I won't be home that day, so we'll be alone all day. I told Raven too, but the kitchen is good to use as well as I like. Raven thinks about his future with you. You know that, too. Practice living together now."

"… future cohabitation"

Happiness dyeing her cheeks and thinking about it.

That's too much, you look like you shouldn't have done it in front of me.

Let's try not to look at it, it's bad for Raven.

One, distracted from Happiness, who had traveled to another world, went upstairs and started cleaning.

They're up pretty good around me going upstairs and not noticing.

Everyone's changing consciousness.

Think as you peel the floor.

Yuga and Mikana got married and Raven and Happiness also started designing for the future.

Teal and Guy too...... those two are going to do well, yeah.

Duke's not the type to talk to.

If you notice, you're dating, and you and I are going to live in a secluded place.

Seek is getting busier around, and there's no problem...

"What should I do?"

When I get here, I won't talk to anyone.

It's good to ask for help, it's just that we both decide on our future policy.

I can't help worrying about it alone...... but I can't even say what I'm going to do with meeting Cecilia.

I have a few ideas... I have to tell you how I feel right now.

"We're at our pace... I don't know what to say"

Me and Cecilia won't shut up around me even if that's good.

I have a position.

We just like each other, but it doesn't work...

I can't stop cleaning my hands when I get heavy.

Looks like he's running from reality by cleaning something up.

Move your hands in a heartbeat, cleaning a paragraph...... whoops, slow!

After cleaning, I thought this would give me a better vibe, so I changed the pattern.

I was wondering if you had gone home on your own, and I heard you go up the stairs, and Happiness came into the room.

"Are you finally here? I thought you left because you weren't coming. You know, I panicked in my head thinking about staying alone, you know, right?"

"... Shut up"

My face is turning red while I say it's loud, Mr. Happiness.

Try being a little more mean, or even a good souvenir story to Raven.

"No, Raven's a man, too. I haven't seen you in a long time... yeah. Well, hang in there. Either way, if you're blushing, maybe Raven won't mind either. -?"

"... crush"

Happiness took out the fan.

Shit, you overstated it.

But I have a trump card.

"Bad, bad, overstated. Look, you can use this room freely. I only have one bed, so bear with me."

"... one!?"

Happiness is unusual and has a surprising look.

Enough to drop the fan I had set up on the floor.

Was it that shocking?

"Hey, because some of the items were disposed of with the original household belongings. I only have one bed."

Of course it is a lie.

I can't possibly have one bed or anything in a two-story house like this.

It's in the room I'm sleeping in, and there's a spare bed in the other room.

Just... huh?

"You can have one. If you put it on, you can sleep alone.... Yeah, Raven's in good shape, so I'm gonna have to stick with him. Well, it's been a while since I've seen you, so I don't care if you do that kind of service."

"… message"

"Message, to Raven? What do you say?"

Tell her it's a single bed.

"... lady"

"From Cecilia! What did you say to me?"

I have a message from me too, but I want to hear Cecilia's opinion first.

It should be in person and we should talk about it, and I just want to know when we're free.

It's just that Happiness, who saw my reaction, is smiling invincibly.

Shit, I played too much.

"... you want me to tell you, right?"

"Sorry to keep you up"

The man is the key to pulling it off.

I bowed my head at a beautiful angle.

"... letter"

"Oh, thank you."

Received a letter from Happiness and checked the contents...... many times.

"How are you, Mr. Yowki? Haven't you run wild? I am relieved that such information has not come through to me. Sophia seems to have told me that it's better not to see you for a while, but Mr. Yowki can come and see you without anyone noticing you, right? I have free basic time at night, so I'm glad you're talking to me. Honestly, I'm a little tired, so give me some time to distract myself. Because when you're with Mr. Yowki, you can put yourself out. Waiting......"

"... hiuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Happiness chills me in the face, but I don't care about that.

Cecilia wants to see me as much as she can.

I'd like to see Cecilia, too, if you two agree.

This is the only way I'm going to see you.

"Happiness, we're gonna solve each other's problems."

"… to be determined"

"Well, I still only promised to see you. But we... I guess it's clearer than before, my heart."

"… Agreed"

"I knew it was important to discuss it. You're in a hurry or something because you're trying to figure it out for yourself."

As a result, I get anxious and act poorly.

Even if we can't solve the problem, we can improve it.

"... Captain, I hit him in the head"

"Don't worry, it's normal. Well, I'll have to figure out a schedule. Happiness, tell me about your day off from work. I'd like you to write it on paper if you can, because I'll give it to Raven."

"… Copy"

I even ran a pen when I gave him the note and he gave it back to me.

"I did get it. I'll give it to Raven."

"...... Ro"

"Well, I'll give Cecilia a message from me, too."

"… Content"

"Tell him I'm going to see him today."

If you feel the same way about wanting to see me, you have to act immediately.