Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to break into my lover's mansion.

Happiness returned and I was well prepared.

Tonight, I'm breaking into the Aqua Rain mansion.

Black outfit, smoke balls, chains with hooks... I don't need anything.

What's in there are tea treats, souvenir stories, and... it's me.

"No, it's creepy just to think of myself or something. Let's go in a normal way without straining too much. To Cecilia. Now, what I need is not me for nothing. I'm the one who can laugh while I drink tea."

Cecilia's tired, too, and let's not turn it around to the scratch.

Bokeh forbids himself to be what he is... well, can't he be overwhelmed?

Keep yourself to a point where you don't lose sight of yourself.

I care too much, Cecilia's forgiving me.

Is it normal?

"Well, keep the door tight. Do you want to go"

I headed to the Aqualein mansion.

I walked normally on my way.

From the distance that it will take enough to get to the mansion, enter alert.

Once I've enhanced my sense of smell and hearing, I can tell you, there are several people around the mansion.

You're not a gatekeeper, you're an informant for scandals.

With those guys around, if I approached the mansion with dignity, I'd be absolutely suspicious.

Totally... just go to the mansion. This is it.

Can't you rely on the Knights for something like what?

I wonder if I can't because I'm away from the mansion.

Let's talk to Raven.

"Now, do you want to find a hole"

These guys aren't working together to be on guard around the mansion.

Some of them will be grouping, but there won't be enough people to surround the mansion.

The information wins early, and there are quite a few people on the road to the gate.

That kind of place doesn't go through, you pick where there are no people for sure, and you move on.

Then I approached the mansion without seeing anyone.

"And then... Banish Wave"

Just use the magic of becoming transparent and infiltrate.

I sent out that letter, and Cecilia would have expected me to come, too.

So I chose to break into Cecilia's room.

Sneak a peek into the room through the window.

Is Cecilia sitting in a chair reading... no one by her side.

This looks fine, let's have the windows open.

"Open, open, open."

I knocked lightly on the window three times and then said it with a high voice.

I wondered what the reaction would be, and Cecilia rose out of her chair and opened the window without any hesitation.

"You're here, aren't you, Mr. Yowki?"

"Evening, long time no see"

"Go ahead."

Quickly enter the room.

Cecilia closed the window and released the transparency where she curtained.

"Please sit down. I'll make you some tea now."


Cecilia to prepare thoroughly.

Normally, I guess there should be more scratches and stuff.

Because these things are still a routine sight for me and Cecilia.

Satisfied tea and bickering...... it would have been easy if it had been before.

Well, I can't believe this much of a handicap comes from me.

That's why Cecilia sent you those letters, too.

"Go ahead."

"Yeah. Yes, this is a tea treat"

"Thank you. Mr. Yowki, it's a tea treat from the store where you're going."

"Yes, yes. That's my favorite."

It's Mr. Amy's and Mr. Muscle Patiencer's and Mr. Andrei's.

He's a regular, and he took Happiness before this.

You're getting more and more customers in that store, me.

In fact, it's delicious and fashionable.

"Because in our current situation, it's difficult to just go to a cake shop."

"Uh... right"

"Restrictions seem to be placed on your actions even on days off...... in the first place, there are no rest occasions. Because we've been seeing each other all these days, and I feel my gaze at work. Really... will you listen to me?

Rarely does Cecilia look weak.

This is an occasion on which I am relied upon as a lover.

Is there any reason to say no, no, you don't, never.

I had a sip of the tea Cecilia put in for me, after all, it's delicious.

"It's the usual thing with Cecilia to make a joke like this. I'll ask you as much as I want."

"... thank you, Mr. Yowki"

Cecilia gave me a relieved look... from which I felt my eyes glistened.

Oh, this is pretty...

"From what the king said at the wedding venue, the pageant is coming like a mountain. Those who arrived on that occasion were not only from the Kingdom of Clariness, but also from other countries, so they could not refuse without reason. With my mother's help, I couldn't do anything I couldn't. While I work, I cut my plans and cut them... that's how I make time to talk to you."

"Oh, yeah, I get it."

That's what Raven looked like.

He said he was sewing and messing around between jobs.

... Yeah, something.

"Cecilia, calm down for a second..."

"I'm calm, Mr. Yowki."

"Oh, my God."

Isn't that a bad time when you're smiling at me?

It's not like Cecilia's tender smile......

No, what are you gonna do with suspecting your lover, me?

I don't have any experience dating, so you can't keep looking at me like that.

Cecilia is... Cecilia.

"Until I was in contact with the children in the orphanage, there was a man who spoke to me. Even if you talk about how it would be great to marry yourself in front of your children. Sounds like some of the children didn't have a good impression of being disgusted or alert to the man. It's hard not to be disrespectful..."

"Oh... that sucks"

"The most flimsy moment was the orphanage I had been to with Mr. Yowki, so it was when the kids started leaking the truth. My brother who played with me before is good...... and. He asked me what it was about."

Speaking of which, you went to an orphanage when you were on a date.

Duke, when you were on a tail date?

... the kids mostly went to Cecilia's and I only remember being comforted by the girls.

"Did I play with the kids so much that I was compared?"

"What are you talking about? Mr. Yowki was good with the kids. We all met for the first time, and because we were nervous, there were a lot of kids who came to me back then, but there were a lot of kids who said they wanted to play with Mr. Yowki again."

"I'm glad to hear that..."

"If you came to me, all you talk about is telling your own story or not seeing me again the day. Are the children in the orphanage not in sight? You didn't have any kids trying to get involved, either, did you? Oh, of course, don't worry, I've deceived you about Mr. Yowki"

There's no way Cecilia's gonna talk about me, so I'm not worried about anything.

Instead, my concern is...

"Not only did you come to work, but some of you were waiting for your return in front of the mansion. Suddenly, when I was proposed, I almost dropped the wand I had. Did I say yes?"

"Hey, that's true, though.... See, that's what I did to the meeting, too, so whatever."

"Speaking of which, you did"

The two of us laugh face-to-face.

Because I'm in a position where I can't say anything about people.

I laugh bitterly, but Cecilia laughs normally.

I'm glad you laughed even at the masochistic stuff.

Much of it feels like listening, and it seems to be accumulating.

"I miss you...... but this is how Mr. Youki hangs out with you. Hi if you've asked me to marry you on the spot... you can tell just by talking, can't you? He said he had an idea to take a ride in this noise and get a little connection. How many times have I wanted to tell you that I have a lover..."

"Oh, well. Right...... yeah, I'd love to say it, it's"

I'm glad you have a lover.

It's me, lover.

I put up with it quite a bit to keep it out of my face.

'Cause right now, that's not the atmosphere.

"Am I considered a light woman who easily decides to get engaged to the first person I meet?"

"No, no, no, that's not true! Cecilia is kind, as two names say, because she has an image she can rely on. I don't treat you like an evil person at any time."

"Do I have a limit?"

"It was..."

Me and Yuga were looking beyond that limit.

"I'd say it's tough when it's tough, and sometimes I don't think I can do what I can't do."

"Heh, that's unusual for Cecilia to say that. He usually takes care of me."

"It's just getting to an unacceptable point. You don't think so?"

"Oh, why?"

Well, no matter how much Cecilia is sacred in the bake... yeah, well, that's how they call it.

There are limits, and it's odd that I don't think so.

"I hate and say things I don't like. I have a position in Cecilia's case, so it could be difficult."

"This is how I feel in front of Mr. Yowki, even if I'm being silly"

"Not at all, I don't mind. You also wrote your own message from Happiness in the first place. He said he could get himself out in front of me. Don't worry about it."

I have been consulted and cooperated with a number of things.

If I were alive, there would be times when I'd look like a fool.

It's bad for your health not to accumulate and dissipate.

"If Cecilia says so, it will come sooner, truly, in no time at all, sooner,"

"What are you going to do"

So, let's do it.

"Look, Cecilia's in trouble. I'm in here. I just thought I should do it."

"... just come to the mansion carefully and listen to me in the middle of the night and I'll be there to help."

"Well, will we hang out as long as time permits?"

"I told you, I'm going to ask you to go out with me."

Prepare yourself, and you're smiling.

When it was going to be a long night, I decided to be ready, as Cecilia put it.

Even I taste the spiciness of not seeing you.

I hope so. I have to enjoy this situation.

In the end, the story of Cecilia continued until quite late.

I'll tell you tomorrow, so I suggested it from me and the conversation is over, but Cecilia doesn't seem to be talking enough yet.

It is also likely to break into the mansion in the near future.